The Window of Happiness

Dear Reader:

Aren’t windows happy items by nature? Simply because they let the light in? I read the other day a quote that I liked…(I think it was from a window retail outfit…still the message rang true) that I can only paraphrase but the concept was ….“The bigger the window…the more happiness pours in.”

Since yesterday was cloudy and rainy in intervals…the house seemed extra dark…so I threw open the “shutters and the blinds” and let the natural light come in…my spirits were lifted immediately.

I think John Greenleaf Whittier was right when he said, ” The windows of my soul throw wide open to the sun.” My soul craves the light too.

Today I am finishing with the last excerpt from Small Graces by Kent Nerburn (that I will share with you) so any of you potential buyers will still have lots of vignettes of faith and hope left to read and enjoy. This excerpt touched my heart profoundly…but then all  twenty vignettes did the same thing.

In this vignette Nerburn talks about his love of windows and how he always finds just the right home with the right window for him when traveling and moving from place to place. At his current home he says “From my window the day arrives like the distant chanting of a prayer.”

One day during this sacred time watching the sun rise from his window he remembers Alice. He was doing research on nursing homes and had become so upset and disillusioned by so many of them and the shells of people left living…but no longer in the shell. They had escaped mentally to another place to wait for the end.

He was supposed to interview one resident named “Alice.” As he approached her she smiled and nodded her consent again to talk to him about her life in this nursing home. She seemed distracted, however, and her eyes kept staring out the window.

Nerburn decided not to disturb her until she was ready to talk so for awhile silence fell between them. And then finally she spoke:

“Look, she said pointing out the window….far in the distance was the cupola of a cathedral. “Isn’t it beautiful?” she said. “I come here every day to watch the sun rise. “I’ve been all over Europe. I’ve seen Notre Dame and St. Peter’s and the Duomo in Florence. But none was more beautiful than this, and I can see it every day.”

Then she reached over and grabbed my hand…”Isn’t this a gift?” she said.

Nerburn confesses that he didn’t know what to say. He had expected to look sadly on the “shrinking horizons of her life, to weep for her lost dreams, and the tiny window that framed the boundaries of her day. But those were my tears, not hers. Her tears were for the beauty. From her window she received, too, the spirit of the dawn.”

As he left…he realized suddenly that “Alice was an artist of the ordinary which is the highest extraordinary…she painted with the colors of her heart… I thought I would see her prison, her depressing restrictions from her former life…but where I wanted to see limitations…she had wanted to show me possibility. She had shared a small communion of their spirits that day.”


The luck of the Irish….yesterday started out sunny, then cloudy, then rainy, and then sunny again in time for Lachlan’s birthday party. If Lachlan looks a little green in the first picture…it is because dad put on all the Irish fixings/decorations and green lights on his new birthday present (meaning Walsh’s new mode of transportation present) and took the kids around the neighborhood for their own St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Only issue…biting gnats…descended out of nowhere…so there was a lot of scratching going on.


Tommy and Kaitlyn’s little dogs were in demand to be held and why

not? They are so so cute….go Pip Super Dog Hero!

Jakie might be the smallest grandchild (with the exception of Eloise) but he has a mighty appetite and is always first in line for cake.

Of course everyone took turns holding Eloise…she is such a good baby…just went to friends and relatives without a blink…including Eva Cate and Aunt Mandy!

Everyone had to “pull” together to “pull” this birthday off…but it was great fun…they even “hired” the cutest waiters!

Many of you saw Kaitlyn’s article in the Charleston Weddings (Spring 2018) magazine edition on Facebook Friday…but for those of you who didn’t see the article it is called “Lovely for Less” or “How to have a wonderful wedding for $7K. So proud of you Kaitlyn!


At the party she had a copy of the magazine and gave it to me but I told her she must sign it first!





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A Pawleys Sea Shell…Waves Back!

Dear Reader:

The nicest thing about God Winks is when they come from another source I probably never would have connected with…(unless I had decided to write a daily blog one day way back in 2010.) Yesterday I received the sweetest email from Kim Gaskins, a Pawleys Island resident, expressing her hopes and dreams for the future… from the Pawleys Island seashell she just found.

Kim started her email by admitting that she has lived on Pawleys Island for two decades, yet only heard of the lucky Pawleys Island seashell two days ago while strolling with a new walking partner, Kelly, and her “precious pooch” Sophie on the South Causeway island.

(Kim admitted that her one year-old silver lab is quite smitten with Sophie but it is not reciprocated…Sophie doesn’t tolerate bad behavior in young dogs.)

On the walk Kelly mentioned that she felt like she was going to have a very blessed year because she had just found a Pawleys Island sea shell on the beach earlier that morning. Kim was intrigued about this lucky shell that she had never known about and she wanted to know more. When she looked it up my blog post popped up.

Then yesterday Kim miraculously came upon one herself. She felt so blessed to have found this good luck shell so quickly. She then told me why the appearance of this discovery couldn’t have come at a better time.

Kim’s daughter  just recently was accepted into the honors school at USC when she found the shell. She said she believed that this sign was letting her know that her daughter would be successful in the honors program and achieve “everything she is aiming for in her new endeavors.”

As with most families…the expense of paying for this opportunity is stressful but she hopes (the discovery of the Pawleys Island seashell) means that many of the scholarships her daughter has applied for will be awarded to her…so as to make this dream a reality.

*As a proud mom she said that her daughter…” has been class president at Waccamaw High School the past 3 years and Student Body President this senior year!! She is top in her class and was Homecoming Queen !! She is such a sweet and talented girl!! She has applied for every scholarship out there , so maybe our shell will bring her funds to pay for college!”

Kim concludes with: “Blessed beyond words!! I’m going to take the shell to ‘Mr. Whitmire or Jeremy and have it cast in 14k for her graduation gift from me and her dad, brother and sister!”

*( Anyhow, I enjoyed reading your blog and I plan to keep up with it in the future!!)


It makes me so happy that a seemingly random occurrence sent out waves of happiness that ended up “beaching” in my email. It made my day…and Kim I hope for the very best for your daughter…however, from what you have told us…I think everything is going to work out just fine…in fact better than fine.  Keep us updated when she starts school.  Again…thanks for sharing this God Wink with all of us here on the blog.

*That was so much fun because it was so unexpected…the best kind of email surcie!

Today is a very special day…it is our little Leprechaun Lachlan’s third birthday…a St. Patrick’s Day baby! The family party is later today …a combination of birthday and Irish festivities…it should be so much fun! Happy birthday Lachlan…the cutest little leprechaun around!

You know you’re getting old when three wheelbarrow loads of raked debris and two basket plantings lay you low…my muscles are complaining accusingly…”Now why did you go and use me today…you haven’t used me in months…what do you expect?” But the results are wonderful…I planted Canary Yellow Erysimums in the fence planters.

As I was putting all the garden tools up around 6:00 the rays of the slowly setting sun hit Rutledge’s tree head on and the red leaves lit up like a fire. Beautiful!


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“Everything Leans to the Light”

Dear Reader:

Every time I look out, onto the front yard, from the porch, I notice how my Bradford Pear leans (slanted-ly) to the right. My neighbor’s oak tree’s branches grow over my driveway and block the Bradford Pear branches from the sun on the left…so it leans right…searching for the light. (Eventually I imagine it will topple to the right also…but not today hopefully!)

Yesterday was a day spent in the garden and with  some ‘digging help’ from Luke…new plants interred for the spring. This year I am wanting varying heights in the garden…like tall blooming grasses and wild flowers…I want to add some height dimension and some mystery where everything isn’t seen all at once.

Of course it will take time for this to happen…perhaps  a few seasons but that is okay…my dream garden is just as real to me, today, as my ‘right now’ garden…all I have to do is close my eyes to see it.

With Luke’s (Thank you Lord for Luke!) help we even got the fountain cleaned out ….coins soaked in chlorox and hundreds of oak leaves removed… The fountain is now running again with ‘clean’ change, clear water…wishes will just have to come true with shiny pennies!

I had forgotten how much I missed that sound of trickling water…what is it about softly running water that soothes the soul?

I am only going to share two more excerpts (today and tomorrow) from Small Graces since I heard back from some of you that you are ordering it… I don’t want to be a “spoiler alerter” sharing too much …so the excerpts from five of the vignettes (used in my blog posts) still leaves 15 more in the book…There are lots of wonderful thoughts and anecdotes for you to explore and (hopefully like me) embrace in your heart, as well as, your thoughts.

This vignette is titled “The Gift of the Garden”

Nerburn admits that he was never a ‘garden’ person most of his life and even now only keeps a mental one….but still it is a garden created from a chance encounter with a Jesuit priest, a friend of his, who opened his eyes to the life lessons found in it.

The Jesuit priest had spent most of his life studying, learning, and reading…earning many advanced degrees in his pursuit of the meaning of life. He now spent more time in the garden and less time with his books.

When Nerburn asked him about his change in perspective… between the garden and his library…he answered;

“I still ask the large questions, ” he said. “But I no longer seek large answers. A flower, or the space between a branch and a rock, these are enough.” 

He pointed to a leaf he was removing from the stem of a small plant.

“Look here,” he said, as the leaf released and fell softly into his hand. “This looks like nothing more than an insignificant shrub. But in fact it is a small tree, strong and full, with a rich and private life that no one knows or sees.”

He pointed to a sliver of sunlight beaming down upon its branches. “…See how this branch is now turning to the light…I opened this to the sun last year. I knew that by allowing the smallest bit of light to shine upon this plant, it would slowly turn its face toward the sun.”

He stopped and smiled “Are any of us so different from this tree- strong, full, with a life almost unnoticed? And who among us does not grow and prosper when someone shines even the smallest bit of sunlight upon us? What more do I need to know of God and faith?”

“If I cannot see the face of God in a flower or a shaft of light, why should I expect to see it in ideas and books?”

Since then Nerburn is drawn to various gardens in his travels…and in his mind he pictures himself reaching down and touching the delicate leaf of a plant…remembering his wise friend’s words:

“Everything lives, everything dies, everything leans to the light.”

So until tomorrow… Nerburn concludes: “If I knew only this, it would be enough.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Some of you on Facebook have already seen Frances Townsend’s notice about the Gullah basket ladies arrival this Saturday…tomorrow! It is always fun and they bring lots of merchandise at good prices. So if you are in the Summerville area…do stop by and pick up a little bit of history as a keepsake.

Address: 302 Marion Avenue   (843-873-1341)

Eloise’s tree marker finally arrived yesterday. And as if to celebrate… the newest Japanese Maple’s first spring leaves flooded the branches of the youngest tree…growing like our Eloise.




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Finding Ourselves in Yellow Highlights

Dear Reader:

I think I mentioned a couple of days ago that I got so excited reading Kent Nerburg’s Simple Graces that I stopped reading and ran to get my yellow highlighter marker. When finished…the book looked like it originally was published with yellow pages…not white and black ink.

My mounting enthusiasm peaked because I finally felt like someone ‘got me’ … somehow ‘knew me’…or at least the author could identify with me when it comes to philosophy on life and spirituality.

Let me just pick a couple of excerpts I highlighted and explain my happy reaction to these personal revelations.

...”We want to live spiritual lives. We know, at heart, that we are spiritual beings. But our lives are small, our concerns immediate. The days we live seem to conspire against our spiritual selves. We look longingly at those who shine great light into this world…Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr- and our lives and accomplishments seem paltry in comparison. 

…”The world contains many paths, some exalted, some mundane. It is not our task to judge the worthiness of our path; it is our task to walk our path with worthiness. 

…”We need to find ways to lift the moments of our daily lives, to celebrate and consecrate the ordinary, to allow the light of spiritual awareness to illuminate our days. “

Suddenly I felt a huge weight fall off my shoulders…these days when I find myself smiling at first rose buds of the spring season bursting into bloom,the grandchildren’s Japanese Maples transforming into colored leaves while petunias and pansies hold hands to transition late winter and early spring…I am filled with an inner joy that I can’t even explain..

Am I just being selfish with my time to want to linger longer in my garden and dream of more natural beauty spreading throughout my sanctuary?…Is my new-found love and appreciation of sunrises, sunsets, early frosty mornings, or walks through the neighborhood enough to fulfill life, to live a life worthy of God’s most precious gift?

For me the answer is “Yes”…I find God in the ordinary…and if He is there…then that is place I should be. (And He is.)

And then that is when I was reaffirmed (where I fit spiritually in this world) with the next paragraph in this vignette.

…I am a “Lover of the quiet God, one of believers in the small graces of ordinary life. These lovers know for certain that life has a beauty and a joy that transcends all the darkness that surrounds us, that something ineffable lives beyond the ordinary affairs of the day, and that without this mystery our lives would not be worth living.”

Nerburg concludes the dedication of his book to “…those who search for the quiet God, who seek the spirit in the small moments of our everyday life. It is a celebration of the ordinary, a reminder that when all else is stripped away, a life lived with love is enough.”

So until tomorrow…Thank you family, friends, and readers for sustaining me through this life with your loving support…it far exceeds “enough.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Here are some of my “extra-ordinary loves” I experienced yesterday.

It was “Eloise” day and when I got there she had just returned, with Mollie, from taking her two big brothers to Preschool. It made my heart sing when she beamed at her crazy Boo Boo…smiling and smiling.

Eloise’s hair is getting lighter and lighter…she is in love with the ceiling fan….happiness at 10 weeks is a bottle (from me) and a twirling fan to watch.

She has also just discovered her hands and will spend long periods of time raising both together and then separately…staring in delight at the two miraculous appendages attached to her…especially when she finds the fingers to stick in her mouth.

*Of course this time she could have been staring at the angel behind me…who knows?

I am hoping the last hard frost took place last night…I had to call Luke to help move Big Red one (hopefully) last time for the winter season. Luke barely got Big Red in the door on the B*B side…it is outgrowing the white bench…I think if there was a county fair contest for the largest geraniums “Big Red” would be a contender. *Check out the bloom on the tip tip top of the plant…Luke said it now looked like a Christmas tree with a star on top.



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Finding Faith and Hope in the Small Corners of Our lives

Dear Reader:

I got the deck cleaned off yesterday…it was a chilly start with frost…but warmed up nicely…especially in the early afternoon hours…I just wanted to curl up and take a nap on one of the lounge chairs.

Instead I curled up and read some of the twenty vignettes in Kent Nerburn’s book (Small Graces) over again. One particular story really brought back so many childhood memories. To date, since 2014, (Chapel of Hope Stories, Pt 2) I have written about my love of nooks and crannies four times….averaging one blog post a year. I just love corners.

After reading Nerburn’s vignette on the power of corners…I realized why they are still so ingrained in my psyche. Here is the story.

“Pat had been teaching kindergarten for over twenty years. So long, in fact, that she had almost become a child again herself. 

Her classroom was a joyous place, full of laughter and play. To some of the more serious minded of the children, it was almost too raucous, a betrayal of the severity and silence that they were already learning as the price of survival in a world governed by adults.

But this did not deter her. There were hugs, small animals, baskets full of clothes and costumes; colors, shapes, signs that meant nothing at all. Put them on, march around, crawl on the floor. Speak in a language that no one else knows. Draw a picture of something that no one has ever seen. 

What’s your name today? Why don’t we all talk backwards? What would a starfish say to a star?

And gradually they all came to her. She was a gift to behold, the wonderment of childhood written large upon their hearts. 

“What is the secret?” I asked her, as the children filed out one day, their minds full of kaleidoscopes, pinwheels, and dinosaur dreams. 

“Corners,” she said. “All children need corners.”

I looked around the classroom. Small piles of stones in shoeboxes. Little worlds constructed in cubicles and cubbies. Corners.

She showed me a hidden place behind a bookshelf where one boy had strung a complex web of string, yarn, and filled it with climbing plastic men. 

“If I could, I would give him an attic. But this corner is enough.”

We walked to the center of the room. A circle had been taped on the floor. “This is where we meet together,” she said. “It is good for them to know that we are all part of a whole. But there,” she continued, pointing to the corners, the boxes, the cubbies “is where they go to dream. Show me the corners and I will show you the child.”

Right before remembering Miss Pat, Nick’s kindergarten teacher, Nerburn had been distraught over his young son’s room…completely in disarray…beyond help…or perhaps only salvageable with a lot of help. But the memory of Miss Pat stopped him from yelling at Nick to get in there and start picking up. He deliberately walked over to a corner in the bedroom and found it.

“There, beneath the table, Nick had constructed a spaceship, a wild and fanciful winged creation of plastic parts populated with dinosaurs and tiny figures. Next to it miniature plastic monkeys climbed a tower made of sticks and straws. Pieces of string and ribbon connected the tower to the ship.”

Nerburn slowly and carefully backed out of the room…returning to the family’s organized, neat adult living room. He took a seat in his chair in the center of the room and smiled.

As a child, I sought out the corners of life to play in with my imaginary friends, as well as, neighborhood children and family cousins. At grandmother’s house I set up “shop” in corners of the hayloft over the barn, behind a corner field oak tree, and lots of corners in the attic.

It was there I read, had tea parties with dolls and dreamed…always dreamed…about what my life would look like. When I walked back into my bedroom off the deck (after reading this vignette) I had to laugh…at two corners in my adult bedroom. The child in me still lives there.

This corner in my bedroom is the grandchildren’s favorite place to run to when they come visit…especially Rutledge and Lachlan…they always want to know if there is a new truck or car in the cloth truck basket. I just wink and tell them to go see…there always is. *Jakie doesn’t come very often but he has caught on quickly… he now asks me about my truck basket and if there is something in it for him when I go to their house. I tell him “Yes” but he must come and see.

Eva Cate used to come a lot… but with her bouts of homesickness now…less often. In the Boo Boo basket (Mandy decorated for me)…my old doll Polly waits to be played with…she holds a photo of Eva Cate meeting her for the first time . Eva Cate was about two.

Before we know it…Eloise will come and get to meet Polly too and play with her…In fact maybe one day both girls can have a tea party with her. Polly would love it…it has been a long wait.

My other corner in the bedroom is filled with my favorite color…all shades of it…orange…with little white fairy lights surrounding some of my favorite things…pictures of my children when they were little, candles, floral decorations and angels to guard it all.

So until tomorrow…My hope and faith is still drawn to corners…those special crannies that offer security, hope, and faith in a world that tries to erase these attributes… if we let it. So we must prevail with fostering dreams in our corners, along with the child, in each of us. (Not only for us…but for our loved ones who follow us)

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


*Jo and Colby…Your rose bush had its first bloom open today…welcome to Spring 2018!





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“How Do You Know It’s Me?”

Dear Reader:

One of my favorite authors, Madeleine L’Engle’s, works are in demand again with the release of  A Wrinkle in Time…a popular children’s book turned into a movie.  She used the “story as a redemptive act” about her own father’s death that occurred when she was only 17.

Madeleine writes in her book (The Rock that is Higher) His lungs were irrevocably damaged by mustard gas in WWI. He lived with physical pain and the pain of being unable to do the work he loved, traveling all over the world as a foreign correspondent. When his last attack of pneumonia finally killed him, I was stunned, but somehow not surprised.”

Madeleine described the sadness in her father’s eyes when he put her on the train from Jacksonville to Charleston to finish her senior year at Ashley Hall. In her journal the night of the news of her father’s death…stunned..she wrote simply…”Father died.” But it was his death that started her on a new path…using fairy tales and science fantasy to explore her grief for a father she loved but didn’t get to fully know as an adult, herself.

“In fairy tales and myths there are doors that should not be open, boxes that must remain closed. And human curiosity being what it is, we open the doors and open the boxes, like Pandora; we eat the forbidden fruit, like Eve. Now we have to live in a world that is irrevocably changed by what was in those secret rooms and what has escaped from the mysterious closed boxes and by the loneliness that came from being forever expelled from the Garden.”

Madeleine reminds us that it has only been in recent times that fairy tales, fantasy, and myths have been thought of being exclusively for children. Originally they were not written for children at all. In fact when she wrote A Wrinkle in Time publishers thought the reading and content were too difficult for children. But children proved them wrong.

Madeleine’s comment to this criticism still makes me smile:

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”

It is easy to underestimate the ability of children to understand complex concepts and want to protect them. By doing this, we rob them of the opportunity to receive new information, process it and better understand the world around them—and their own imaginations.

L’Engle said that it was adults who thought children would be afraid of the Dark Thing in A Wrinkle in Time, not children. If we are writing for younger audiences, our responsibility is to write honestly and not shy away from more advanced ideas if those are part of the story we want to tell. Children will appreciate it.

L’Engle recognized that fairy tales prepare adolescents for the inevitable question “Who Am I?” Fairy tales assure us we are all on a special quest…we do not know the entire nature of the quest, nor where it is going to take us…for that we turn to faith in our Creator.

The great Sufi master Nasrudin went into a small store and said to the shopkeeper, “Have you seen me before?”No, never,” replied the shopkeeper. “Then how do you know it is me?” the Sufi master demanded.

*It was here I stopped in my reading yesterday and thought to myself “How does anyone really know it is me?” “Sometimes I have a hard enough time figuring that question out myself.” Don’t we only show what we want to with the people around us? Does anyone really know who we are deep deep down inside ourselves?”

Yes…God does.

Our relationship with Him should be wide open…no hidden boxes or doors…just ‘face to face’ daily encounters that go like this “Good morning God (my eternal prince charming)…Thanks for knowing who I am, really am, and still loving me unconditionally.” 

(When I cuddle Eloise each week I wonder what all is going on in her  mind as she watches the world come into focus a little more each time. L’Engle says “In folklore it is usually accepted that infants in their cradles understand the language of angels and fairies. What finally eliminates them from our daily lives, tragically, is time.”)

So until tomorrow…As I rock Eloise my wish for her is that angels and fairies encircle her life forever…as they still do mine!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Ken Nerburn’s book, Small Graces, arrived yesterday and I read it last night. It is a small, thin book and one I could not put down…I have never underlined and highlighted a book as much as I did his book. Profound…at least to me…  in his amazing ability to take complex spiritual concepts and turn them into something so basic, clear, and concise it leaves the reader in awe.

In fact…I discovered something in it that made me stop reading and start remembering. Nerburn writes:“For though we may not live a holy life, we live in a world alive with holy moments. We need only take the time to bring these moments into the light.”

Bingo…my episode Sunday morning with the scripture message on the new church sign, ‘Let there be light’ followed by the sun immediately breaking through the morning clouds to shine down upon me through the branches and Spanish moss draped over the old oak tree. It was a holy moment …because it brought the moment, the message, into the light.

A wonderful God Wink. Thank you God!



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“Let There Be Light”

Dear Reader:

Yesterday I left for Sunday School early so I could try and catch my young confirmation partner… whom I am mentoring… during her faith journey. Since I was out of town last Sunday… during one of the scheduled confirmation group sessions…I wanted to check in with her and make sure she was feeling good about her evolving faith statement .

I discovered that daylight savings time had thrown the family off and not all got there in time…but I was able to talk to her mother and pass on a (hopefully) ‘helpful hint.’

I was planning on staying for church and it was still way too early for that…so I decided to just go sit in the car, catch up on some blog comments and personal texts. As I looked up one time…I saw it!

Our new church sign was finished! Between family, the snow/ice storm, babysitting, Eloise’s arrival, and the scare of the flu epidemic my oncologist warned me about (the procedures I would need to do if I got it)…I had been more like a ‘ghost’ myself at church since the new year.

I knew the new sign was close to completion but now I was seeing it for the first time with much delight! It just blended into the beautiful surroundings that our church site is blessed to be situated on. As I watched its information flick on and off…like the time of Sunday School and church service…it went to a third message that said…“Let There Be Light!”

Immediately I jumped out of my car with my IPhone and waited until it changed to the scripture line and took the photo. Then I looked down at the church nestled in such beauty and took another photo.

I felt such a wave of emotion pass over me…a sense of nostalgia for what this church has meant to me over the years of watching my children grow up in it. It was just then that the sun broke through the early ( daylight savings time earlier) morning gray clouds and brilliantly shone down on the exact location where I was standing.

“Let there be light!” and there it was. I glanced up…aimed my IPhone blindly and clicked. When I got back in the car…I had gotten it…my God Wink for the day…my message from God… early on a Sunday morning.

*I know I am an imaginative creature…but does anybody, besides me, see a red heart smiling back at me through the trees? Well, that’s my story and I am sticking with it. 🙂

Aren’t we all guilty, as hard as we try, of spending too much of our time here on earth in the darkness? The darkness of mis-understandings, misjudgments, and missed opportunities to be a light for Christ.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus spoke:

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Paul wrote to Timothy listing these six attributes as a compass for following the light.

“…As we prove to be examples in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity, we will qualify to be lights to the world.”

(Excerpt from article “Be an Example and a Light” – President Thomas Monson)

The ray of light, yesterday, breaking through the gray clouds of early morning darkness, reminded me of my role in this life…to spread the light of faith.

So until tomorrow…Father, Open our eyes to Your compasses, guidelines, and winks. Sometimes, we  just have to blink a few times to catch on.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

More ‘delights of the day’ on my walk

*This azalea bush has won the battle against the fence…toppling over the top and growing through the links. Beautiful scene!

My white bridal veil bush (I think) decided to ‘marry’ Mr. Azalea since the two bushes are completely intertwined…the combination is extra extraordinaire!

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