Getting Comfortable with “Plan B”

Dear Reader:

I remember, some times in the past, longing to live in a world in which my plans could be made and carried out without a hitch or a detour on the first bat out…just knock that ball over the fence and be done with it.  But now, upon further reflection, the most joys and surprises, in my life, have evolved from being forced to fall back on Plan B.

Sometimes I think Plan A’s are the man-made plans….it is us pouring all our early dreams and hopes on one path we individually design. Plan B is God’s plan…the one He knows will work best and knew it all of the time…but He patiently waits for us to discover this for ourselves…as we travel all the detours in life.

I am writing this blog before I head out to the Wound Care Center ( early Friday morning) for the next stage of my foot wound care…here, too, we have fallen back to Plan B but the plan, Dr. Stroud assures me, was normally their Plan A to start with…

You might remember I was the recipient of the newest procedure (Affinity) to help heal deep wounds…we used seven of the ten designated procedures to close the wound and it came close. The wound is measured each week and it did fill in but the problem has been in the covering. My wound seems to be struggling to produce enough skin to finish the “lid.”

So a week ago Friday the medical team decided to drop back and use the more standard “recycled” skin procedure that Dr Stroud assures me should literally “seal the deal.” (* For me…if a doctor tells you… if he were me…this is what he would do…the okay to go ahead is a “sealed deal” too. It all comes down to faith in God’s instruments of healing…the doctors.)

As we go through life…we all, consciously and unconsciously, make many decisions on a daily basis that ultimately steer our life’s pathway….we have to be open to more possibilities than just one way to do something or anything, for that matter, in life.

When God gave us “free will” He gave it freely…we get to pick and choose which paths we go down and what we learn from each adventure (success or disaster) to help us make better choices the next go-around. Those who learn and apply the knowledge of experience do well…those who try to keep repeating the same old worn-out original plan…Plan A…do not. These people spend their lives going round and round in a circle…getting no where.

So until tomorrow…Taking leaps of faith are good for us…like most things in life shaking the drink and stirring the pot makes life taste more delicious for the effort.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Spending the night at John and Mandy’s Friday night…so will update you on how Medical Plan B went when I return. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Another bright new season to talk to my plants (they are the best listeners around) and  with my garden fairies to spread pixie dust for a great growing season with beauty abound!





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Extraordinary Beauty Among Ordinary Things

Dear Reader:

The middle of February and spring is not just peeking out…it is bursting out! I have to give it to old Phil…the groundhog…he might just be right this year.

As I sat on the front porch steps Tuesday afternoon recouping from my stomach bug and enjoying the feel of the late afternoon’s sun’s rays on my face I looked up and saw something white on the stark branches of the Bradford Pear. I jumped up and sure enough I was able to capture the first bloom of the season! It is something very special about that first bloom because it opens the door to an amazing beautiful tree filled with white blossoms.

Since I felt better Wednesday I walked around the house and searched for other signs of spring…I didn’t have to look as hard or as deep as I thought…the buds were lined up ready to show off their arrival. The azaleas especially were popping out practically in front of my eyes…last year I counted five different shades I have now.

Some of the early flowering trees are already at their full peak of beauty. Vickie’s Japanese tulip and my wild pear blossom tree.

While sitting on my deck watering some table planters…I caught the smell of  tea olives. I had planted two tea olives by the deck and now they are as tall as the top of the deck banister and the smell exceeds anything you have ever smelled before…you just want to bottle it up.

“Little Big Red” came real close to producing his first full bloom by Valentines…probably by this weekend…but he is definitely taking after his father’s ‘build and height.” (Patty I added the plant decor given me today by you and Kirsten to the planter…he likes it!)

*And this is too funny…remember “Sammy’s Valentine Card” from the title photo yesterday…Vickie took one look at it and said that Sammy was wearing Ginger Shell leaves on his head. So I got “Fat Sammy” (the cardinal Vickie gave me at Christmas) and stuck it in my ginger shell plant…she was right! (She always is!)

I was so happy to hear all the grandchildren got their “Boo Boo” Valentines cards on time yesterday. They called to thank me and I told them to send me any pictures of any Valentine or school activity to share with me.

John went to Jake’s school for a Valentines Breakfast Brunch at his pre-school early yesterday morning and then both Mandy and John raced over to Eva Cate’s school to hear each student read their first biography on a famous person. Eva Cate chose Helen Keller. Mandy said she was nervous but did a great job…John videoed her.

Mollie’s first two pictures to me were of Eloise eating her pink cupcake…completely oblivious to it being Valentines…just thankful for the pink cupcake and Lachlan deciding to eat his hearts off his picture frame he made at school…why let good hearts go to waste on an old frame..and what’s a little paste added?

Rutledge’s school went all-pink for the occasion and in kindergarten celebrating any holiday with your best friend is the best.

And Valentines is always a time to celebrate family.

My Valentines was special because my former teaching buddy, Patty Knight from Alston Middle School days (and her husband Robert) were back in the lowcountry from the Greenville area and we got to spend time eating a delicious meal and an even more delicious dessert we shared together (banana caramel with ice cream)….but best of all we got to share time, memories, and old friendships!

*Patty’s sister, Eileen, is having cancer surgery tomorrow and our prayers are with her and all the family!

So until tomorrow….”Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” (Wordsworth) (* How true…nature has taught me more in the last few years than I ever knew before.)

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

…More “African” daisies

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Valentines Day Really is for the Birds…and Love for the Beauty of the Earth

Dear Reader:

I promised you that I had found the perfect Valentines card for Sammy the Cardinal, my once nemesis and now friend, to give his “wife.” This is it. Isn’t it pretty and I am sure Sammy would love to see his mate adorned just like this…himself included.

In case you don’t know the story-here it is….(About two-or was it three years ago-time flies when you are shooing a determined wayward cardinal from pecking your rear view car mirrors into complete oblivion) a red cardinal decided my car was his enemy…and made my poor old Saturn Vue’s life miserable.

The cardinal left ‘calling cards’ of a quite evident (pre-determined) origin that meant getting the car washed regularly. I even surrendered and moved the poor car to the other driveway… but to no avail. He just flew across the yard and resumed his belligerent activities.

Everyone had a theory of why cardinals do this occasionally and then more ideas of what to do about it…which all sounded like good advice…until none of them worked. Long after nesting season was over the poor car was still looking much ‘worn for wear.’

*(But there is a bright spot here…remember this car was the same one that was stolen…returned and stolen again? *The only thing left of it now is probably a few parts that someone could salvage.)

*I have conjured up a wonderful mystery scenario concerning the bird-battered rear-view mirrors …What if the thief backed into a tree (there were scratch marks on the back) because he couldn’t see out the front rear view mirrors…thanks to Sammy’s steady pecking at one time…so the thief furiously threw the car in drive hitting a poor deer in the mix and tearing up the radiator. Who knows? Perhaps Sammy is, indirectly, the true hero in the recovery of the car.

Actually we made a truce the following spring when Sammy started coming around again , along with his wife, to eat from the suet bird feeder… right outside my window. I started noticing that his mate had an injured leg and couldn’t hold onto the suet cage. Then to my surprise one day…Sammy rocked the cage and threw down food to the ground below so his wife could eat from the cage droppings.

My once “hardened heart” completely softened when I saw Sammy literally go over and put birdseed/food into his mate’s mouth. She would fly off (I presume to feed the new brood) and return minutes later when the practice repeated itself. ( So I started shaking bird seed on the ground under the feeder just before the  two times in the day Sammy would usually appear.)

My hilarious church friend, Dee, was/is always a strong supporter of Sammy and never gave up that he would become the bird he was destined to be. (We are Presbyterians after all…we get caught up in that predestined thought.) 🙂

*I am completely  “bird-walking” right now but this one joke in the Mitford series that “Uncle Billy,” the town jester, tells Father Tim, the Episcopal priest, one day (that makes him, literally, fall over laughing) goes….( It was a sign Uncle Billy had seen, on a billboard, outside a country church farther up in the mountains)

“Don’t let worry kill you; Let the church help.”

Many of you readers wanted a reconciliation between me and ‘Sammy the Stalker’ (a name I dubbed him) too since cardinals are supposed to be messengers from heaven and aviary “prophets” of extraordinary encounters.

As if on cue… Kaitlyn sent me a story she saw on Facebook that touched her …actually not as much from just the story, as interesting as it is….but because of the accompanying video that witnessed a moving and unusual reunion.

“There’s an old saying that says ‘if a cardinal appears an angel is near.’ In the following story it appears that the angel was a beloved grandmother who said she would send back a cardinal as a promise to loved ones she was in heaven. The grandmother’s name was Dorothy Booth and she was 97 years old.

The story begins with this explanation”

For the past few years my mother-in-law Debbie and her sister Jeanne had talked to Grandma and on several occasions asked her (when it was her time to leave this world) if she would send them a sign once she was in heaven.

They specifically asked that a cardinal be involved. Aunt Jeanne also prayed that the Lord would do it in such a way that they would never foresee and would leave no doubt of the truth of its occurrence. Well, God answered … (the day after grandmas memorial service, and hours after they had been talking about that very prayer) while they were playing grandmas favorite card game, “Canasta”!!!

They heard something at the kitchen window and my father-in-law Brian went out to check. A cardinal was there and he was able to bring it inside. For 10 min they held and pet it, then they decided to go outside to release it.

Following is a short video clip of this amazing experience and what happens next! (The bird flew away 10 min later)

*Resource (Southern Living

So until tomorrow….On this Valentines Day…Let us remember that God loved us first so that is why we love him back. Today think about the other special people in your life who loved you first, as a child, adolescent, young adult, and now…unconditional love that has built the foundation of who you are today. Then send them some love of gratitude today.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

We had a beautiful sunset last evening…(as if planned for upcoming Valentines Day )… When I saw Kaitlyn’s photos she sent…what she, Tommy, and four little dogs saw, while walking the dogs after work at Alhambra Hall, it was breathtaking.

Wishing everyone a day of love…you are breathing…rejoice and fall in love all over again with life!



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Three Strikes and You’re Still IN!

Dear Reader:

Sometimes we get so caught up in football…particularly when it extends over into the next year (literally) that  basketball season is over in a blink and suddenly it’s “Take me out to the Ball Game” time!

I have to admit that after football, baseball is my favorite sport. I think it all goes back to being a  mother with two sons on the same team one season (Walsh as a 10-year-old player and Tommy as their 5-year-old ball boy and mascot- Tommy is on the front row extreme left and Walsh is on the second row…second to the right.) This was the miraculous year when their team won the whole “enchilada” in their age division in the lowcountry!

*Confidentially I liked baseball because I could go settle in the bleachers for their practices…stick my white winter legs out in the sun on another bleacher, roll up my sleeves, and get a jump on a summer tan. (How little did we know?) Half the time I would find myself nodding off…after teaching school all day …sitting on the bleachers in the warm early spring afternoons made my eyes start fluttering a few minutes after I sat down.

But that particular year I have to admit I had mixed feelings (like most of the team parents watching if they were really truthful) about how far we really wanted the season to go. From the time sports started in elementary school…summer vacation time got smaller and smaller until by high school it had disappeared. Baseball went into football and good-bye summer.

However the joy that night as the team won the grand prize for their division actually did make up for a vacation…watching both Walsh and Tommy getting their trophies with wonderful coaches who were the best male mentors a mother could hope for…they made the season even more special.

Walsh would go on to love baseball and play it in high school…Tommy decided he liked another type of ball that came with a golf club….both boys excelled in their different sports passions.

*You know me by now…I am the connector…give me a name and I can find some way to connect it to something else…it is my only somewhat dubious ‘gift.’ Golf reminded me of Bob “Goff” who truly simplifies life with funny and insightful thoughts and one of them dealt abstractly with baseball. Ping! This is it:

Failure is just part of the process of life, and it’s not just okay; it’s better than okay. God doesn’t want failure to shut us down. God didn’t make it a three-strikes-and-you’re-out sort of thing. It’s more about how God helps us dust ourselves off so we can swing for the fences again. And all of this without keeping a meticulous record of our screw-ups.”

How true! Don’t we humans take the fun out of sports games too often with young children… by getting caught up in our man-made “rules” and meticulous record-keeping? Aren’t we glad God doesn’t do the same to us as we learn more about this game called life with experience after experience?

We don’t have to worry about a ‘Three strikes and you’re out!”situation.  (I don’t know about you but I would be in some serious trouble right now…if that was the case.)

Not only are we not out after striking out three times…God doesn’t even “keep a meticulous record of our screw-ups.” (Not being irreverent  but “Thank God for that!“)

So until tomorrow….As we round the first, second, and third bases of “dangers, toils, and snares” throughout our lives we know we have God waving us in when it time to go home…because “Grace will lead us home.” 

“Today is my favorite day” Winnie the Pooh (Thanks Jo for the reminder this morning that I forgot to add this…how could I have a favorite day if I forgot to add Winnie to it…you are what friends are for…reminders to keep the day a favorite!)

*As I walked by one of my tables today I noticed just how pretty it was with a new beautiful bowl set Lee and Vikki gave me at Christmas and an original oil painting of my bottle tree (that Joan did from a photo taken from an earlier blog post.) You are so talented my friend Joan…and I love, love, love the painting!



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Neighborly Love and Chicken Noodle Soup

Dear Reader:

I realize now that timing plays a big part in how one’s neighborhood comes together. For years tiny little Rainbow Road with basically five houses on it (not counting the end of the street houses that have a different road address since they face in another direction) were simply five little houses.

When the children were small two of the houses across the street had neighbors whose children played with mine and the neighbors were always so kind to mother, who at that time, lived on the other side. They would keep me abreast of her activities and how she was doing which was a relief to me since I was a single mom then and working full time.

Time passed, different people moved in, mother was gone, the children were gone and the five houses went back to just being five house connected by one road…but that was really about the only connection. I kept praying we would get some “new blood” in the neighborhood and lo and behold it came with a young man, Luke, who wanted to buy his first house and was about to be married to Chelsey.

But long before that Vickie, my wonderful neighbor next to Luke lived close by… for the longest time we had beeped and waved but that was about that…she was raising her granddaughter and on the go all the time… as well as I was when I worked around the state giving social studies presentations. I was always in and out.

But time has a way of slowing down life… Crystal (Vickie’s granddaughter) left for college, all my children were out of the house and we discovered we each had secret gardens in the back of our houses… so we started sharing plants and information about new ones on the market. Suddenly Luke, Chelsey, Vickie and I became close…Vickie watches the “children’s” (as we call them) chickens for them while they are gone and we share desserts and food regularly across the street now. Our neighborhood has turned into a Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

We watch out for each other houses (and cars) and Luke has added security lights to cover our section of the street. Rainbow Road is now one of the merriest streets in town.

We share happy news together…which reminds me of a saying Grandmother Wilson used to tell me…“Always be happy for your neighbors when things are going well for them…it means God is in the neighborhood!”

Saturday night I woke up with stomach cramps and by Sunday morning I felt like someone had siphoned all the life out of me…I have never felt so weak…could hardly get up and move around. What in the world I thought…must be some kind of stomach bug. Then I fell asleep and slept on and off all day and night. I was supposed to get my blood work checked yesterday but called and cancelled…there was no way I had enough energy to get there and I can only imagine the results of any blood test.

Vickie called to check on me and yesterday afternoon here came homemade chicken soup and cornbread…she had already brought over banana nut bread a couple of days earlier. Unbelievable.

Well…I just finished a bowl of Vickie’s homemade soup and her mother’s recipe for cornbread…(first thing I have eaten in over a day) so the “Boo” is back. The “rag doll” isn’t limp any more. As Poppy used to say, “I’m fine…I can still sit up and take nourishment.”

So until tomorrow...”We make our friends, we make our enemies, but God makes our next door neighbor.”- Chesterton (Can we hear an “Amen! 🙂

“Today is my favorite day” Winnie the Pooh

*Here comes my forsythia…the precursor to spring….much better indicator of spring than Phil the groundhog…sorry about that Phil! Though I do hope you are right this year.


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We All Need Connection

Dear Reader:

Doesn’t this old decorated shoe box… transformed into a Valentines box bring back memories…especially for you Baby Boomers? It looks almost exactly like the Valentines box I found in the attic when we were cleaning it out to move from Fayetteville to Laurens.

I had made it in the fifth grade. That was the year I had my special teacher, Mrs. Williams, who took a shy introverted child and turned her into an out-going gregarious one. She had a stroke prior to the school year and as a result had a withered left hand. Since mother had lost one arm to cancer…she decided to make me her special project that year and as such I got to hand out the valentine supplies and shoe boxes to all my classmates…and then stay after school to deposit all the cards into each student’s box.

Those students, who were better in art, helped the students who were struggling and or eating more glue than pasting…So by valentines day everyone’s boxes were ready for deposit. The valentines day party and boxes was one of the highlights of children growing up the fifties and early sixties.

It was only after we left that safe secure cocoon of elementary school where everyone had everything given to them they needed to share equally in the valentines day celebration that valentines suddenly became more stressful, tearful, and lonely for many students, young people, middle-aged and older. It became more of a chore than something one wanted to do.

“Yesterday, on CBS Sunday Morning, the topic of loneliness arose and for the majority of Americans ….this condition is most prevalent around valentines. “

Anyone who feels lonely is far from alone. According to a recent study, over half of Americans now say they sometimes or always feel alone, and one in five says they rarely or never feel close to anyone. The new Cigna study reveals loneliness is at epidemic levels in America.

So, to be lonely, do you have to be alone?

“No,” former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. “Because it’s about the quality of your connections with people. It’s not just how many friends you have.  It’s about, do those friends know you authentically?” It doesn’t matter who you are, or even how old you are. “The assumption that many people often have is that it’s older people who are lonely, but it turns out youth and young adults may have the highest rates of loneliness.”

The amount of loneliness (the program went on to explain) that one feels is in direct proportion to the amount of time spent on social media. (Especially among millennials, the ever-present phone may in part be why. Among the people who use social media the most, the higher the odds are of feeling lonely.)

One has to have an opportunity to build a long lasting friendship to dispel loneliness…someone you can call at a moment’s notice and talk to and feel connected to ..whether it is a spouse, sweetheart or simply a long-time friend.

Architecture is also making the workplaces lonelier than ever before…cubicles or even ‘think rooms’ don’t work unless there is already a true relationship of respect or caring built among its workers.

Psychotherapist Traci Ruble came up with an idea called “Sidewalk Talks” in San Francisco where people can pause in their daily lives and talk to someone ( chair to chair on the sidewalks) they just met. It’ s easier talking to a stranger many times than a relative, especially when you are trying to explain why you are feeling lonely.

Ruble went on and further explained:

“A few months ago, I had a young guy sit down – he was just fresh out of college – and he said to me, ‘I didn’t realize that work was gonna be like this, that I would sit in a cubicle all day looking at a screen talking to no one.’ And he didn’t say anything else. He just sat and cried for about 10 minutes. And then he said, ‘Huh, great, I feel so much better, thank you.’ And then he left.”

Strong relationships are the glue to a fulfilling life…if we feel left out or alone…it doesn’t matter if we live alone…most people admit to be lonelier around others than when alone by themselves. Personally I seek solitude every single day. I need my “pause” time to reflect on the day and assimilate all my thoughts and feelings.

So until tomorrow…the next time you feel lonely…”Don’t eat your heart out” ….go visit a neighbor or friend or simply call that someone from the past or present who you can pick up a relationship with… as if no time has passed at all. Always remember….If you are feeling lonely sometimes…you are not alone.” We are all connected under the sun.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

I gave the Ya’s these magnets the last time we were off together…because it is true…if anyone is lonely or feeling down…24/7 we know we have a friend.

The Columbia ‘Ya’s’ got treated to a James Taylor concert last Friday with Betsy and Colin (Libby’s daughter and son-in-law.)* No matter what has been going on James Taylor can heal every illness known to man or woman. Looking great girls!





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Living the Bold Life

Dear Reader:

Each lovely day with sunshine abounding I have been cutting back the dead stems on the potted plants hidden in the bushes and woods for protection this winter. Underneath the seemingly dead “stick-looking” stems is green…the most beautiful shades of green symbolizing the resurrection of life in each of these plants.

What is even more exciting is to find the first bloom among the green sprigs of life within the pots and planters. As in the title picture…I lovingly held this bloom softly upright for it to feel its first unobstructed taste of  the light of the sun. “What a bold pioneer” I thought to myself…to take a chance on the unknown and lead the way for the others to follow.

Aren’t we, too, suppose to live life boldly…love boldly, laugh boldly, pray boldly, take leaps of faith boldly…while traveling our own path with no one to follow but our intuition and faith…making bold decisions along the way each and every day?

We are told in scripture to “Come boldly to the throne of grace.”

If we don’t live life boldly…then what? The only alternative is to live it rigidly and habitually narrowing our perimeters as much as possible through each stage of life…taking no chances…better safe than sorry… becomes our motto. “No changes” becomes our mantra. We might not like all the restrictions we have voluntarily placed on our lives but, still,  isn’t it better staying put in the “known and expected” than in the “unknown and unexpected?”

In the Mitford series one of the residents tells Father Tim that he read  “Lindbergh often flew with the windshield iced over.”

Don’t we all sometimes feel that we are going through life the same way…flying by the seat of our pants..sometimes blindly? Yet for Lindbergh… he saw this problem differently…he now had an opportunity to figure out exactly how low he needed to go… to fly to melt the ice. This situation was a welcome challenge in what might have been a boring flight. He had a chance to learn something new that might help save other pilots’ lives.

Max Lucado shares several open short stories on-line with readers…this one “The Cave People” originated  from his book A Gentle Thunder (Thomas Nelson 1995) 

*I think you will see the metaphor in this story for living life boldly, meeting changes with courage, and sharing the light.

The Cave People 
by Max Lucado

He came to the world that was his own, but his own people did not accept him.
John 1:11


LONG AGO, OR maybe not so long ago, there was a tribe in a dark, cold cavern.

The cave dwellers would huddle together and cry against the chill. Loud and long they wailed. It was all they did. It was all they knew to do. The sounds in the cave were mournful, but the people didn’t know it, for they had never known joy. The spirit in the cave was death, but the people didn’t know it, for they had never known life.

But then, one day, they heard a different voice. “I have heard your cries,” it announced. “I have felt your chill and seen your darkness. I have come to help.”

The cave people grew quiet. They had never heard this voice. Hope sounded strange to their ears. “How can we know you have come to help?”

“Trust me,” he answered. “I have what you need.”

The cave people peered through the darkness at the figure of the stranger. He was stacking something, then stooping and stacking more.

What are you doing?” one cried, nervous.

The stranger didn’t answer.

“What are you making?” one shouted even louder.

Still no response.

“Tell us!” demanded a third.

The visitor stood and spoke in the direction of the voices. “I have what you need.” With that he turned to the pile at his feet and lit it. Wood ignited, flames erupted, and light filled the cavern.

The cave people turned away in fear. “Put it out!” they cried. “It hurts to see it.”

“Light always hurts before it helps,” he answered. “Step closer. The pain will soon pass.”

“Not I,” declared a voice.

“Nor I,” agreed a second.

The stranger stood next to the fire. “Would you prefer the darkness? Would you prefer the cold? Don’t consult your fears. Take a step of faith.”

For a long time no one spoke. The people hovered in groups covering their eyes. The fire builder stood next to the fire. “It’s warm here,” he invited.

“He’s right,” one from behind him announced. “It’s warmer.” The stranger turned and saw a figure slowly stepping toward the fire. “I can open my eyes now,” she proclaimed. “I can see.”

Come closer,” invited the fire builder.

She did. She stepped into the ring of light. “It’s so warm!” She extended her hands and sighed as her chill began to pass.

“Come, everyone! Feel the warmth,” she invited.

“Silence, woman!” cried one of the cave dwellers. “Dare you lead us into your folly? Leave us. Leave us and take your light with you.”

She turned to the stranger. “Why won’t they come?”

“They choose the chill, for though it’s cold, it’s what they know. They’d rather be cold than change.”

“And live in the dark?”

“And live in the dark.”

The now-warm woman stood silent. Looking first at the dark, then at the man.

“Will you leave the fire?” he asked.

She paused, then answered, “I cannot. I cannot bear the cold.” Then she spoke again. “But nor can I bear the thought of my people in darkness.”

“You don’t have to,” he responded, reaching into the fire and removing a stick. “Carry this to your people. Tell them the light is here, and the light is warm. Tell them the light is for all who desire it.”

And so she took the small flame and stepped into the shadows.


So until tomorrow…Don’t we see daily opportunities when we can step out of the shadows and bring light into another’s life? God is the “Father of Lights.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*It’s “Peek-a-Boo” time in the garden for the new flowers/blooms arriving. (Little Big Red has one bud in the cluster about to take the leap!) And one camellia bush that has never bloomed before has produced these camellias…for beauty inside and out.


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