Just Because…It Makes Me Happy!

Dear Reader:

I think I have been slowly going through some kind of metamorphosis of late. If you look up the definition for this word the dictionary says: Definition of metamorphosis(in an insect or amphibian) the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.

Like my insect and amphibian friends…I think I am finally growing up… (from an immature form to an adult form) maturing in my spiritual growth. I am finally starting to let go of being in charge of my life; instead I am observing (with amazement) what happens when we turn the reins back over to our Creator.

I am happier now than ever before…because I can see the difference in self-control and God-control. Let me give you a little example: I always try to give the team members who walk each year some kind of little memento from the race. But in the past couple of years the little souvenirs that used to be in stores for the Race for the Cure have evaporated to the point where it is hard to find small pink accessories that work for adults of both genders. The stores who used to carry items have stopped.

So this year I thought I would order some pink cupcakes and put them in individual containers with pink ribbons as just a little treat to take home.

Publix told me that they couldn’t decorate pink cupcakes with the traditional breast cancer ribbon because it was trademarked. So that meant I would need to order some decorations on line but then I wouldn’t be able to close the containers because everything on line stood up on the cupcake. It just didn’t seem to be working…there must be a reason.

It was starting to get ridiculous….so I ended up getting little Boo Y’all magnets with Thank You support cards and a written message thanking each participant.


Later when I asked Lisa Jones (Race for the Cure Communication Director) what the goodies were they were giving each tent…she said delicious cupcakes! Of course that is why it didn’t work out…we were all getting them anyway! God had already ordered them!

I am finally becoming more conscious of how God is steering us in the right direction on every single facet of our lives but then we decide to hop back in the driver’s seat and get lost all over again.

The most wonderful thing about turning the reins back over to God is the marvelous sensation of feeling freer than we have in a long time. Things will work out and it doesn’t take us planning our lives so tightly that we don’t have time to hardly breathe the fresh air around us, much less spend more time finding all the happy things just waiting to be discovered.

So instead of showing you some of my most recent favorite things…let me show you my happy things that make me smile!

Honey gave me this latest flower vase (she made in her pottery “shop” at home) for the Race for the Cure with all shades of pink in it…add a few flowers and it has made me happy all day today on this rainy Sunday.



I was playing around with colors on my Iphone and suddenly my white moonflower (have one on the fence left over from last year) turned pink with the fence transforming into even a darker pink. Happy!



Look what Jessica made for me (Coastal Produce ) for the Race for the Cure! I told her a little pumpkin she had made for me for breast cancer month lasted three years inside the house…and I had to throw it out a few months ago! So she made me another one…we will see how long it lasts! Happy!

My favorite birthday gift Honey gave me was this metallic angel of light! I have placed it in the hallway between my bedroom and bathroom…the perfect guiding light for those late night/early morning “excursions.”! My angel of light!

Patty Knight and I had a chance to talk yesterday on the phone. Many of you might know that her daughter (and mother to Patty’s three-year-old grandson) Kristen was diagnosed over the summer with breast cancer. This “angel of light” has continued teaching school while undergoing treatments…some of which are very tough on the body…with a smile on her face.

Kristen is one amazing individual and obviously many other people concur because she was just recently selected by Clemson to be their Spirit of the Tiger Honoree for this upcoming game Saturday night against Georgia Tech at Clemson Stadium. What an honor! And it is because this amazing young woman just blows people away with her upbeat personality, strength, perseverance and faith! Her doctors all adore her!

Patty and her family got tickets to the game and Kristen will be recognized for Clemson’s Support of Breast Cancer Month. (Kristen is just praying she will be able to stay for the whole game (8:00 night game) after teaching all week and having treatments on Friday afternoon.) What a gal!

Look at the t-shirt she received for the occasion! “ALL IN FOR KRISTEN!” (And we are…with prayers for our brave girl!)

So until tomorrow…Let’s all try giving it up to God literally…our Creator can handle anything we can’t…so let’s learn to ask for help for small things, as well as, big. It makes our lives run so much smoother and happier!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh



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More Than Pink…

Dear Reader:

The theme for this year’s Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure was…More Than Pink…and it certainly was! It was sixteen shades of blues, grays, blacks, tans, green, yellows and white. Sixteen family members and close friends who showed up to honor a cause close to my heart…a red heart that keep beating because of my love for everyone yesterday wearing all the different shades that love symbolizes.


*Excuse me…we also had brown….brown for two little dogs, Pip and Atticus, who also came to support the cause with pink bows in their hair! (18 in all!)




Let me back up a day to Friday…Doodle, Lassie and I left Summerville to head to Daniel Island to get settled in Walsh and Mollie’s vacant condo…and there we were met with a lovely surprise! *Walsh had left pink roses, pumpkin muffins, and a sweet note welcoming us to the condo. He had to work yesterday so he couldn’t participate this year but making the condo available to us with pink roses to boot…set the tone for the race!

We soon left to find our tent and start decorating…I say “we” lightly…Lassie and I mostly observed and commented on Doodle’s great ideas on decor and designs. We all worked on trying to get as many names in of those submitted “In honor” or “In memory” as possible and try to remember others off the tops of our heads.)

Another beautiful color we saw early Saturday morning, as we walked to the stadium and our tent, was the sun breaking over the water…a beautiful sense of awe and thanksgiving filled us. We were alive on such a gorgeous day!

The sign  on our team was up and goodies in the form of chocolate cupcakes with fudge icing awaited us…I mean really…who could possibly turn down a 7:30 a.m. cupcake for breakfast? We couldn’t nor the ‘adult’ children and grandchildren who came later. How many chances in life do we have this rare opportunity?

It never fails, does it, that the ones who travel the furthest arrive the earliest! Mike and Honey Burrell, came all the way from Pinnacle Mountain in North Carolina. They picked up their daughter Tarshie in Summerville and came straight on!

Mike and Honey had walked the grueling three day 50 mile walk for MS for eleven years. And this year Honey said they would walk the Race for the Cure with our family!

Now what beautiful color can we possibly imagine that measures up to that gift of friendship? Extraordinary….but then so is the Burrell family!

I loved the back of Tarshie’s t-shirt!A strange coincidence…Tarshie had come hoping to see Wendy of Coach Wendy’s Team and they also had made the top five fundraisers and were located right next to our tent!

The day is really almost a haze for me….between arriving early and setting up for the race, going to the Survivor’s Ceremony, then team picture, and off to the races….it flew by.

Rutledge joined Mike, Honey, Tarshie and myself on our walk on Daniel Island…he came through like a champ…never complained…just kept walking/running.


After the festivities on Daniel Island we all went to Mandy and John’s for a wonderful sit-down breakfast fit for a king and queen….lots of (Race for the Cure) royalty! A Family shout-out to Mollie…Happy Birthday!

Every year for over five years I have met up with Brenda Hollenveck at the Survivors Ceremony. This year was no different. We missed our third trio member, Harriett Edwards, who was in Florida, but it is so reassuring and a relief to see annual anniversary friends again and again!

*A special shout-out for our team captain who keeps us abreast of opportunities, like the team tent, and takes care of picking up t-shirts for everyone. Captain Tommy and Legally Pink!

So until tomorrow…everyday is filled with love…just pick one color and let it radiate joy and happiness for being alive!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*We did reach and succeed our goal…thanks to all of you and three wonderful beneficiaries who donated just at the right time Friday and Saturday. The donations continue through October…and then Legally Pink will have their final outcome to share. We are so happy!


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The Confederate Rose and the Race for the Cure…A Strange Metaphor of Life

Dear Reader:

*** It is finally here- the RACE FOR THE CURE! And BOO IS HERE! Photos and fun on tomorrow’s blog! We are so close to our goal we could sneeze and slide into home base… so if there is anyone out there who hasn’t donated and would like to…here is the link: You can be the one to take us over the top!!!!

Link: http://www.info-komen.org/site/TR/RacefortheCure/CHS_SouthCarolinaAffiliate?pg=entry&fr_id=6930

Thursday evening as twilight turned to darkness I sat out on the deck staring at the beautiful Confederate Rose. Once again…it had started out the morning with mostly white blooms slowly changing to pink by afternoon. Now in the late afternoon hours the purple shade had finally emerged but only as a closed bloom…it was gone and would fall beneath the tree when I checked Friday morning.

I started thinking about my cancer journey starting two weeks following Mandy’s wedding in May of 2008.

The white blooms reminded me of the reason family and friends were concerned at my appearance at the wedding…I had lost a lot of weight and my skin tone was white…later found out I was severely anemic. Due to chemo infusions it remained that way for awhile but slowly my natural coloring returned and I still remember the day I looked in the mirror and saw me again…not a pale, ghostly face staring back.

Like the traditional white/pink transformation that goes on daily within the Confederate Rose’s blooms…my skin tone did the same…sometimes healthier looking than at other times…depending on the treatment I was undergoing at the time.

And then when my breast cancer came galloping back following surgery in January of 2013 and more infused chemo treatments following that…for the first time I felt how the purple remains of the once vibrant Confederate Rose’s pink bloom must feel. Dried up and withered.

Like the legendary Confederate soldier who is slowly dying of blood loss on a Civil War battlefield (legend of the origin of the name Confederate Rose) I, too, felt drained. But then came a new drug for another type of cancer and miraculously it worked for me until last year around this time. Since then I am on two powerful drugs, one a  daily oral chemo pill, and luckily I am having minimal side effects to date.


So today, while you read this blog, I will be walking, running, and even playing a little football around Daniel Island…caught up in the shared moments of the race with family and close friends. Piling those memories up for the winter days ahead…

Life is a race and not one we want to speed through but to stop and smell the roses along the path.


So until tomorrow….Like the ever changing  Confederate rose blooms…I will remember that the idea is to bloom as brightly for as long as we can…because there is a season for everything.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


Mollie gave me this decorative piece of home decor (except it was actually meant for the garden) several years ago… depicting four sides covered with words of hope and encouragement for breast cancer patients. I loved it so much I couldn’t put it in the garden to fade with time….so I put it on my bedside table in my bedroom. Every now and then I turn it completely around so I can read the sides and smile. Great comfort. Thanks Mollie!

Tommy and Kaitlyn and their two little loves…

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Thankfulness is the Beginning of Happiness

Dear Reader:

One book that I keep right under the ledge that holds my desktop computer is one of my favorite all-time books…Archibald Rutledge’s little book on Life’s Extras. (This book was once given by Henry Ford to all twenty-five thousand of his employees.)

It is a sweet little (thin) book on the reverie of the blessings of God’s nature that provides us, with not just the necessities of life, food, clothing, shelter, sunlight, air and water but, also, the extras …moonlight, starlight, music through breezes in pine trees, natural art in colors of flowers and leaves and the perfumes from flowers.

Why did God add the extras…not just the necessities to our lives? Rutledge declares:

“Who put them here, and for what purpose? Furthermore, shall we not find, through some stories of personal experience, that the curious see more deeply. I do not presume that my actual living this mortal life has in any way been unique, especially as regards this matter of life’s extras; yet, if I can tell what they have meant to me, I shall perhaps be voicing the experience and the hope of many.”


I pray each day that my voice strikes a chord in others’ conscious state of awareness…enough to be reassured that we are all one and we all entertain, at different intervals, the disappointments, hopes, faith and love that comprise this state of being we call life.

Yesterday morning I decided to grab my Iphone and walk around my neighborhood taking pictures of examples of “Life’s Extras.”


My Boston fern is actually happy for the cooler weather…many of its brown spots (from over exposure to the brutal summer sun’s rays) have faded- wish I could find that magic formula to remove brown spots from my hands. I love this little special spot by my driveway…it makes me smile when I pull in each day.


What a great idea to create a hybrid (Encore) azalea that blooms in two seasons…early spring and later fall. Another smile at its longevity!

I only had one lantana bloom left on my whole “patch” of lantana in the front yard but that is all it took to give nourishment to this one small beautiful butterfly…(reiteration of the lesson on the “little things in life” that create good for the greater things.)

One of my neighbors, Jack, was cleaning up under his gigantic magnolia tree while I was strolling by. We stopped to chat and catch up….haven’t seen him in a long time. His wife, Jean, taught science at Alston Middle School, with me for years.

This magnolia tree is simply magnanimous! I couldn’t even get my head back far enough to take the picture. Jack said it was about six feet tall when he and Jean moved into the neighborhood the same year our family did…1982. And look now….It is the most popular hiding place for their six grandchildren! Case-in-point of life’s little extras becoming life’s greatest extras! We decided to name it “Perpetually Prissy!”

It is always fascinating to me when creativity meets with life’s extras to create another level of fun and enjoyment. Here are some examples: The first two photos were taken at the Sea Cow Eatery on Edisto Island…I stopped by there on my way out last Friday to pick up a barbecue sandwich…love them. They had decorated for their diner and the fall season… everything was so cute and creative!

More neighborhood fall wreaths and fun Halloween ideas for front doors.


My friend Cindy discovered zombies while shopping…some peer educators said they must be retired teachers…I told her…”Old teachers never die… they just zombie away!” (A little historical paraphrase… with apologizes to Gen. Douglas McArthur!)

(Now for my afternoon “life extras” while riding with Vickie on the golf cart to our “neighboring” neighborhood- Tea Farm!) Boo! Who did we see but Mary, our wonderful previous mail lady…she still gets to leave mail for Tea Farm but not for us a neighborhood away at Miler. So sad…but was so happy to see her! Now Mary is a treasured “Life’s Extra!” This “Life’s Extra” can get down ladies and gentleman…she’s got the moves!

Will show some more beautiful images tomorrow and fun decorations that need to be “shot” as darkness falls…but upon returning home from our golf cart tour… Luke, my amazingly wonderful neighbor across the street, asked if I would like him to pressure wash my middle walk-way leading to the front porch.

He had offered a couple of other times and he was serious…he said he was bored and wanted a project. So I told him to “Go for it!” (And he did….Look at before and after! (L to R) * I haven’t seen the walk-way that white and clean since we originally moved in…or even then come to think about it? )

It is like night and day….and Luke didn’t stop there. He climbed up on my roof and blew off tons of  pine straw…and then blew off all the pine straw on my back deck from cleaning the roof. He said he did it because he was bored…but I know better…He did it because he is an amazing young man who likes to help people. That he landed right across the street from me is truly a miracle! I owe you one God. Best Neighbor Award!!!!

So until tomorrow…Luke, it will be a long time before I forget your generosity of time and talents today. You are the epitome of unequaled kindness!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

This afternoon Doodle, Lassie, and I are heading over to Daniel Island to prepare for tomorrow’s Race for the Cure!  We are camping out inside the condo…a girls’ sleep-over. Fun memories will be created and saved in our memory ledgers no doubt! Thanks Walsh and Mollie!


Legally Pink walks for the next generation – our hope…to have no survivors because we have no disease known as breast cancer. Nil, None…Gone! That is our hope for Eva Cate and soon Eloise and all who follow in family and friendship legacy.


We would love to go out with a BANG! So if you would like to donate to our team or myself please use the follow link. Let’s end with a flourish! Thank you for giving and giving and then giving some more.

Link: http://www.info-komen.org/site/TR/RacefortheCure/CHS_SouthCarolinaAffiliate?pg=entry&fr_id=6930

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The Enduring Legacy of Leaving Shade Behind…

Dear Reader:

I came across an article that really ‘hit home’ for me and brought back so many memories. The article, itself, will make most of you nostalgic over a special tree (s) in a grandparents’ yard or favorite aunt or even your own yard. This article is about the symbolism of twin trees planted for a special remembrance for generations to come.

(Source: Awakin.org) “Planting Twin Trees” (Robin Wall Kimmerer)

There was a custom in the mid-eighteen hundreds of planting twin trees to celebrate a marriage and the starting of a home. The stance of these two, just ten feet apart, recalls a couple standing together on the porch steps, holding hands. The reach of their shade links the front porch with the barn across the road, creating a shady path of back and forth for that young family.

I realize that those first homesteaders were not the beneficiaries of that shade, at least not as a young couple. They must have meant for their people to stay here. Surely those two were sleeping up on Cemetery Road long before the shade arched across the road. I am living today in the shady future they imagined, drinking sap from trees planted with their wedding vows. They could not have imagined me, many generations later, and yet I live in the gift of their care. Could they have imagined that when my daughter Linden was married, she would choose leaves of maple sugar for the wedding giveaway?

Such a responsibility I have to these people and these trees, left to me, an unknown come to live under the guardianship of the twins, with a bond physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have no way to pay them back. Their gift to me is far greater than I have ability to reciprocate. They’re so huge as to be nearly beyond my care, although I could scatter granules of fertilizer at their feet and turn the hose on them in summer drought. Perhaps all I can do is love them. All I know to do is to leave another gift, for them and for the future, those next unknowns who will live here.”


After Hurricane Hugo took down all the pine trees in my front yard, except one, I decided I wanted to plant Bradford Pears. At that time I was completely illiterate about anything green and growing but I loved their colors in the spring and fall. So I saved my money and got two (I thought twin) Bradford Pears to be planted. One on my side of the duplex and one on mother’s side…so from then on I would refer to each pear tree as mine or mom’s.

Mother’s Bradford Pear took off like a rocket….grew tall and spread out…absolutely beautiful. Mine, on the other hand, looked like a “minnie-me” version of mother’s …small and petite. (I had someone tell me later the nursery had planted two different types of Bradford Pears by mistake…and different genders (?)…mine was small and petite and would never be big like the one on mom’s side.

Mother (secretly) loved that hers was so much more beautiful and smiled every time that conversation came up. It was a few years after mother’s death and I was renting the other side out to Nancy Parker (wonderful friend and tenant) when a summer thunderstorm sent mother’s Bradford falling head first on Nancy and me standing on the porch talking.

It wasn’t until later that I discovered Bradford Pears have weak root systems, particularly after a flood, and it is not uncommon for them to just topple over after a long period of rain. That is when I put the barrel on mother’s side and filled it with seasonal flowers.

Suddenly my Bradford Pear started growing and growing and growing. Today it is huge…nothing petite about it anymore. (Middle age is a bummer for humans and trees apparently in the weight category!)  I feel sure one day a tropical storm will take it out but so far so good.

There is always a little ache in my heart when I think about how much pleasure those trees brought mother and me…laughing over our friendly competitiveness with the “twin” trees.

Perhaps that is why I came up with the idea of planting a Japanese Maple for each grandchild. (Soon there will be one more for Eloise when she arrives.) It is a legacy of love…a legacy of shade.  Hopefully one day the grandchildren will all return to Boo Boo’s and sit beside their tree in the shade and read wonderful stories of talking trees.


So until tomorrow… “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree a long time ago” (Warren Buffet)

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


Don’t forget to send the name of someone with breast cancer or any cancer whom you would like to see listed on our team poster as someone we are walking for.


Happy Birthday Bekah (today) and  Mollie and Susan (yesterday)  – I could have sworn Bekah and Mollie had the same birthdays…now I know it is Susan Swicegood and Mollie who share birthdays …our growing family must create a “Match Birthday” card game…it would be fun to play!

Eva Cate, once again took those long skinny legs and ran her little heart out….faster than a speeding bullet….for James B. Edwards Fun Run to help buy provisions for the school.


*I kept Rutledge and Lachlan last night so Walsh could take Mollie out for her birthday….everything looks so pretty in and outside the house…I discovered a wonderful fishing hole Walsh is taking the boys to and a park…we had a good time.


On the way home as I was turning onto Highway 78 off I-26 I saw that Trident Medical Hospital was all lit up in pink. It made me feel so wonderful to visually see my medical caregivers sharing in this moving symbolism.

If you have not donated yet and would like to…we would appreciate the gesture….we are really close to a new goal for Legally Pink! Thank you!!!

Link: http://www.info-komen.org/site/TR/RacefortheCure/CHS_SouthCarolinaAffiliate?pg=entry&fr_id=6930

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Welcome to Netherworld…

Dear Reader:

Half of the pleasure of reading is finding innovative expressions or thoughts. Some of these really stir my imagination. In Book 12 of the Penny Louise detective novels, Armand Gamache, makes an observation that Three Pines is in a time and place called Netherworld.

In the novel it is early November, late fall in Quebec, yet the first snow is lightly falling down….it is still officially fall, but Old Man Winter is knocking hard on the door to be let in and the first early snowfall is the initial warning of the next season to arrive. Winter beats out fall there… coming early and staying late.

Here in the Lowcountry we all woke up to our own colloquial “Netherworld” with the coolest temperatures of the fall season to date. It got down in the fifties last night/early this morning…the high will only be about 70 today…For our semi-tropical area fall has come!

In our “Netherworld” summer and fall fight it out every year with summer winning all the matches (at least in the past few years)….we have a long extended summer that can last into November. (We have all witnessed some hot Thanksgivings and even Christmases!)

Netherworlds do feel out of line….the summer flowers are exhausted and finally just give up the ghost, most of the fall mums burn up too quickly. Nature knows when things are out of sync…eventually they adapt but not before some very puzzled flowers, vines, and bushes suffer the consequences of changing weather patterns.

Another metaphor in the book describes Chief Inspector Gamache (main character) with a revealing metaphor….a facial map with lines.

“His was a care-worn face. Most of the lines, if followed back like a trail, would lead to happiness…a face made when laughing or smiling, or sitting quietly enjoying the day. Though some of the lines led elsewhere. Where terrible things had happened…horrific sights, unspeakable acts. Some of them his. The lines of his face were the longitude and latitude of his life. Anyone looking at him would see a deep scar at his temple that just showed how close he came to dying….but the most observant people wouldn’t see just the wound, but the healing. And they’s see, deep in his eyes, beyond the scar, beyond the pain, beyond even the happiness, something unexpected…


This creative metaphor got me thinking about my own facial lines and scars on my body from so many breast cancer related surgeries. Yet sometimes when I get a passing glimpse of the scars criss-crossing my chest I remember a quote I once read about scars.

“There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, beautiful life has continued .” Harry Crews

So until tomorrow…Thank you life for every minute and moment I get to spend with you…what a blessing you are!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Doodle has made a large pink poster with a place for names of loved ones with breast cancer (or any cancer) whom you would like to honor or place in memory of….for the race.

If you would like your friends/family’s names on the poster (I will take a picture and put on the blog after the race) please email, text, call or comment the names to me by this Friday at noon. Doodle, Lassie and I will be heading over to Daniel Island in the afternoon to start getting things set up. Thank you!

Donation Link: http://www.info-komen.org/site/TR/RacefortheCure/CHS_SouthCarolinaAffiliate?pg=entry&fr_id=6930




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A Parade of Pink Perfection


Dear Reader:

Every year when the Race for the Cure begins I find myself amazed at the diversity of people walking/running for this cause. Babies are pushed in strollers, little children are running and squealing, families are holding hands, groups of friends are strolling and talking, and elderly men and women are valiantly walking the race one more time with great pride and dignity.

It is a parade of pink perfection…a sea of pink where everyone bonds together as one, regardless of race, gender, or age. Each participant has his/her own story to tell…whether it is their own personal story or a mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend’s tale. There is a reason every one has gone to all the trouble to rise at dawn on a Saturday morning, fight the traffic to Daniel Island, and then walk or run the race. That reason is love…and that love can be felt throughout the Survivors’ Ceremony, laughter and greetings from annual familiar faces, and the race itself.

There is also sadness when a previous “survivor” is no longer physically able to participate or has passed away during the year. This is a reality of the Race for the Cure…honoring those still alive fighting the disease or remembering the ones who fought and victoriously left this world for another with their soul completely cancer-free. In the end…cancer never wins because the important part of who we are is permanently immune from this insidious disease…”It is well, it is well with our souls.”

*Yesterday we got the “official” notice that our team, Legally Pink,  ended up in third place (at this point) in the race donations and we were eligible to receive a tent for our team to reside in before the race and relax afterwards. The team’s name will be on it as well as some “goodies” placed on a table in the middle of the tent. We can decorate our tent if we wish and our wonderful team mate Doodle is already ‘on it’ with ideas how to make Legally Pink “sparkle” on Race Day. What would we all do without Doodle? It will definitely be the location for our Team Picture this year! What fun! A great way to remember a memorable Race for the Cure!!!

There is no way we could have won this special recognition without YOU! In the big scheme of things it is just a small thing (a little tent)…but to all of us, Legally Pink, it is MAGNANIMOUS! It is demonstrating your love, care, and compassion for others who carry a different cross to bear.

Donations are accepted throughout this month, especially in these last few days leading up to the finale this Saturday…we are really close to a huge new goal we never thought we’d see. So if you have not had a chance to donate and would still like to….here is the link. This isn’t just any link but a link that connects all of us together as caring human beings!

Link: http://www.info-komen.org/site/TR/RacefortheCure/CHS_SouthCarolinaAffiliate?pg=entry&fr_id=6930

(* If you have any trouble with the electronic donation contact me at rebecca_dingle@hotmail.com)

So until tomorrow…


“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Guess who stopped by to see me yesterday morning? Sammy! (Dee, Sammy has kept his birthday promise and to date hasn’t pooped or scratched my rear-view mirror once.) In fact I had not seen Sammy for a couple of weeks before I left for Edisto Island. (I was actually afraid something had gotten my persistent cardinal…but he was staring right up at me on the computer first thing yesterday morning.) I do believe Sammy and I have signed a truce of friendship.)


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