The Short Story of the Acorn and the Pumpkin


Dear Reader:

Don’t we mere mortals love trying to “second guess” God and all His decisions in the beautiful world He created for us? We always point out the platypus or some other strange creature and wonder why? God must have a great sense of humor…we figure. (But don’t you think the platypus must think the same thing when it sees us?)

Several years ago I came across this little anecdote simply called “The Acorn and the Pumpkin.” It is very short…but sometimes the power of a story or a speech (take the Gettysburg Address for example) is enhanced through its brevity and remembered longer than a lengthy story. Case-in-point.


“The Acorn and the Pumpkin”

There is a little anecdote that tells the story of a woman
who was walking through a meadow.

images-8As she strolled
along meditating on nature, she came upon a field
of golden pumpkins.

images-5In the corner of the field stood
a majestic oak tree.

The woman, weary, sat down under the oak and began to
muse about the strange twists in nature.

images-7images-6Tiny acorns
hung on huge branches and huge pumpkins sat on tiny

She thought, “God blundered with creation!
He should have put the small acorns on the tiny vines 
and the large pumpkins on the huge branches.”

Resting beneath the tree, she drifted off to sleep.
She was awakened by a tiny acorn bouncing off her

acorn-6825680Chuckling to herself, she amended her previous
thought, “Just goes to show that God knew best all along!


So until tomorrow…The pumpkin falling from an oak tree, especially on one’s nose, probably would require plastic surgery….but an acorn? Don’t ever try to one-up God ….because you will lose.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*If there are no baby or birthday pictures from this point on….you will know that I spent  Saturday night at John and Mandy’s and all the birthday excitement will be shared tomorrow in the blog. I have laughed and cried over some of the birthday cards…so funny, thoughtful, and creative! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“You Never Know How Strong You Are Until…”


Dear Reader:

Isn’t it wonderful that life is never dull? Today Jakie and I share a birthday together and we are literally sharing it side by side…dividing the day in half.

thumbnail_actual-size-5x7A brunch birthday at 10:00 a.m. for Jakie and his “Little Blue Truck” birthday party starts the day with family and little cousins. He is turning 2…and I am not.

After the party I am staying on and hopefully we can rest a little before we get ready, later in the afternoon, and head to the Oaks for my birthday dinner! I am beyond excited! Adults only!

When I turned sixty the “kids” told me we were going there but surprised me instead with a “surprise birthday party” with old friends and new friends and family on Daniel Island in a big entertainment room near Walsh’s condo.

I remember it was there I made the announcement that I had just learned I was going to be a grandmother for the first time! (Eva Cate was ‘still in the oven’!) Wow…so hard to believe! (I was not quite two years into my continuing cancer fight at the time…I was diagnosed when I was 58)

images-3So it has taken awhile to get to the Oaks but here I come! And nobody is happier to turn another year older than me! (Isn’t the building so “Charlestonese”?)





*I remember a couple of years ago when the American Cancer Society started their Birthday Campaign advertisements. They always made me tear up…but this year I am just so happy to be alive and having a birthday!

Anthem: More Birthdays Movement (Long Version) – YouTube


3c4505a587b22939da9266626186f116…And when the singing begins today…I, too, will look upon this song with a different perspective…it is a Victory Song!


Now if this isn’t enough excitement for one day….let’s do sprinkle in some more! Yesterday afternoon my nephew Lee and his beautiful wife, Vikki, became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy. (I really thought for awhile there he was going to join Jakie and me on the 24th.)

But according to Mother Goose and her nursery rhyme…“Friday’s child is loving and giving” whereas, if he had waited, he would have been a Saturday’s child (like I was actually) and had “to work hard for a living” which I did! So Friday worked out beautifully…and with two such musically gifted parents…he shares his birthday with the likes of Ray Charles and Bruce Springsteen. Not bad at all!

imagesI am especially happy our newest addition to the family shares the zodiac sign of the scales- Libra- (Sept 23-Oct 22) with Jakie and myself. (Even-tempered….strives to live a balanced life and is very creative!) We are the three amigos! 

So none of us (and as Vikki discovered yesterday – I feel sure- giving natural birth) know how strong we are until we find ourselves in situations that call for strength and in God we find it.


Great team work yesterday Lee and Vikki! Lee told me that Vikki is his “hero.” A long labor but she hung in there the whole time.

Psalm 46:1  “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (and good times!)

(*Will have photos of latest family addition soon…but want to respect Lee, Vikki, and Baby’s time alone to get to know each other for right now.)

So until tomorrow…Thank you Father for continuing life and for new life…both are miracles from You!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


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With Fall….Comes Story Time!


Dear Reader:

Sometimes, in the Fall, I think I hear the flowers, plants, and trees sighing…for many the end is near and most are ready for it. It is time to rest for the winter and prepare for the spring when life starts over again.

There is one little special story I have told before in the blog, because it is one of my “Fall Favorites”  having stuck with me for many years. It was first told as a children’s story about Fall and changing, falling leaves…but the adult version was more about the importance of “letting go”  and giving God the reins in this life and the next. A Fall hasn’t passed since hearing the story that I don’t remember the day I first heard it. Enjoy!

One day, as I was walking by a second grade classroom in a school where I had been doing some teacher evaluations (when I worked at the district office, heading up the Social Studies program) I heard the children excitedly calling for their teacher to come see their “Abigail” leaf. My curiosity was hooked. What was an “Abigail” leaf I wondered.

So I stepped inside, smiled at the teacher as she was scurrying from one student to the next with their excited hands extended into the air wanting to show her their leaves they had brought from home… and for others… colored leaves they were making from construction paper.

“I wanted to come in and find out what an “Abigail” leaf is” I told the teacher with a wink…you caught my curiosity! The teacher called on one little boy, who was wildly waving his hand in excitement, “It is a leaf that doesn’t want to let go in the Fall because it is scared of being all alone,” the child said proudly.

The teacher then asked the class if it was okay to tell the story again for “our guest” (me) so I could hear it too. They all nodded and said “Yes” excitedly!

As the teacher began the story… the only sound you could hear was scissors cutting paper, leaves from home fluttering from the desks, and glue being squeezed from tubes. A large bare-branched tree had been made and placed on the front bulletin board…it appeared to be waiting on the children’s  leaves to join it.

images-3“The name of our story today, children, is “Abigail, the Anxious Leaf.” Suddenly all the activity stopped as the children waited expectantly for the story to begin.

…Once upon a time a little leaf name Abigail was heard to sigh and cry, as leaves often do when a gentle wind blows. And the twig asked, “What is the matter Abigail?” And Abigail replied, “The wind just told me that one day it will pull me right off this tree and throw me down on the ground where I will be left all alone…tattered and torn.”

The twig told the branch on which it grew and then the branch told the tree. And when the tree heard it, it rustled all over, and sent back word to the little leaf “Do not be afraid. Hold on tightly, and you shall not go until you are ready… and then you will willingly let go.”

Abigail was still a little “anxious”so she held on tightly whenever the wind blew and she grew stronger with time…to the point that she thought nothing could ever pull her off. And so it went all summer long…until October.

And when the bright days of autumn came Abigail saw all the leaves around her becoming very beautiful. Some were yellow, some scarlet, and some striped with both colors.

She then sent word through her friend Twig, to his friend Branch, to the Tree that she wondered what was happening to the leaves with all the bright colors. Tree sent her a message:

All these leaves are getting ready to fly away, and they have put on these beautiful colors because of the joy they feel about their upcoming new adventure.”

Slowly Abigail began to realize that she didn’t want to be the only dull-colored leaf left all by herself on the barren tree…she wanted to be pretty and joyful too…so she began to grow more beautiful each day  because of the way she now thought about things…about letting go. There was a special aura around her and she shone like gold.

image-3-autumn-leaf-fallingOne morning as she looked down, the fallen leaves looked so beautiful around the tree that she leaned farther out as a strong wind suddenly blew. Without even realizing what she was doing she freely let go of the branch.

Suddenly she began whirling and twirling like a spark of fire in the air…until she was gently placed among her friends in a pile of leaves at the edge of a fence. Everyone was so happy to be back together at last. Abigail tingled with joy and with the warmth of so much love …more than she had ever felt before.

Sometimes letting go, she realized, is the best thing that can happen to an anxious leaf...a whole new world of possibilities awaited her and she happily began to play with her new friends.


The teacher then asked the children what they thought the lesson in the story was all about. A little girl, with long pigtails, replied:” “Sometimes letting go of what you know is the way to make new friends and see new places.”

I smiled, waved good-bye to the teacher with a thumbs-up signal and another wink to her as some of the children began gluing their leaves to the tree branches while others glued their leaf falling to the ground.

So until tomorrow: What a wonderful story, what a wonderful lesson for a seven-year- old or a seventy-year-old. When we let go in life don’t we also reap the benefits of new possibilities in our lives here on Earth… and the next?

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

The doorbell rang yesterday afternoon and there was a package from Honey…a birthday package using all her God-given talents/pottery to bring Fall indoors for me. Thank you so much Honey…the definition of the word generous!


Earlier I met Anne for lunch at Oscars and she treated me out for my birthday and gave me a card with a package of giant daffodil seeds in it….saying there were more where that package came from…Just think about the location you want (she said) and she will come plant them…Daffodils and rebirth…the perfect flower to remember this birthday! …And the seeds didn’t come alone… a little rabbit arrived inside the card too…one that you will see hiding all around the garden in the days ahead.  Too creative Anne!! Love it.


*Three Weeks from tomorrow, October 15, “Legally Pink” will be walking/running/skipping/hopping our way through the race. I want to take a moment from these past three crazy weeks to stop and thank so many of you who have already donated to our team. I want this race to be our best yet….and I want to give it my all! I hope many of you can do the same. I am just plain sick of cancer and its uninvited, over-stayed lack of manners. Be gone!

In 2013 Rutledge made his first appearance at the Race for the Cure!


***RACE FOR THE CURE – Saturday, 10/15/16.  Gates open at 7:00.  Participate in a morning filled with hope, love and strength as we lace up to run breast cancer out of town!

To mail in a donation, please make checks payable to:
Susan G. Komen® Lowcountry
50 Folly Road Blvd. | Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: (843) 556-8011

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Welcome to Fall Y’all! It Just Fell!


Dear Reader:

All good things come to those who wait” and goodness knows we all have waited long enough for this most popular season of all to arrive-Fall!


If you are an early bird you might be able to say you witnessed “Fall fall” because one prediction puts it arriving at 7:30 this morning. Unfortunately none of us will really be able to “see” the equinox but hopefully we can “feel” it.

cbkYesterday I ran over to Belk when it was still overcast and drizzling. Suddenly the coolest breeze began to blow in the parking lot and I thought “It’s coming, it’s coming…I can feel it…Fall is about to descend on us.”

 I realize we still have some hot, humid days ahead but just glimpses of fall can keep us going…filled with anticipation! The clock is ticking and we are all waiting. (Actually I have gotten so good at this “game” (waiting) that I am becoming quite adept at it.

I have just finished my latest novel and felt kind of sad without my character friends around any more. I went on Pinterest to look at fall decorating ideas and suddenly this list of  emotions people feel but can’t explain popped up in the form of new words created for each unique feeling.

I was captivated…you know how I feel about words…a wordsmith at heart….learning a new word can make the day for me….and to attach a new word to a remote feeling that is actually universal was prodigious beyond my wildest dreams! For example:a6885aa7eba53e0341fb12f80c9603cb

VELLICHOR: (N) The strange wistfulness of used book stores. 

Wow! This is so true. Every time I go in a quaint little book store, off the beaten path, I revel in the sights and smells of old books in wait for someone to love them and take them home to read. A feeling of wistfulness and almost homesickness sweeps over me….a sort of deja vu feeling like I have been there before.







RUBATOSIS (N) The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.

Last week I noticed this exact scenario a couple of nights….the sudden acceleration of my heartbeats. It is not a comfortable feeling. It sounds deafening when you do become aware of your own heart beating. (Though I will take the noise over silence…if you know what I mean)


Jouska (n) A hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.

Wow…this word nailed last week. Every day I would play out the conversation I would have with my surgeon during my appointment last Monday and yet when the time came it didn’t play out the way I had envisioned at all…it was a warm, engaging conversation with plenty of laughter. No tissues and forlorn faces.


CHRYSALISM (N) Amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm

I have loved being able to stay at home the past two days…no medical appointments and enjoy the rain and showers. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to be safe and sound in one’s bed with the covers pulled up and hear the distant rumble of thunder and catch glimpses of the far-off lightning. I just curl up tighter and thank God for the blessings I have…refuge from the storm! (My bedroom is right off the deck so I can hear the rain pattering on wooden planks….so lovely!)


Every now and then I think I will add another of these words in the blog….to me the word isn’t as important as the realization that we are not alone in these feelings.


I loved this picture because it symbolizes one of our greatest fears…falling instead of flying…failing instead of succeeding. It takes several falls to realize that this is the only way to discover the right direction in our lives that will send us flying high along our chosen path. A different kind of “Fall.”

So until tomorrow…Let us make time to enjoy our most popular season….Fall…taking in all five senses of each seasonal gift of life.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

thumbnail_fullsizerender-1*Linda’s (Karges-Bone) “Bread of life”… and is it ever! I went to check the mail Tuesday afternoon and I could smell it before I opened the mailbox….walked right back home…spread the warm bread with butter and jam….best supper I have had in awhile. Thank you Linda!

*Ging-g gave me a birthday surprise… we went for ice cream, listened to the music of  Broadway musical “Beautiful, ” we sang, went to Tractor Supply and Gin-g helped me with my old computer. A diverse list of activities but all fun with Ging-g! (Flowers and a Boo pillow!)







fullsizerenderSo until tomorrow….I am “Booing” Off!




13432334_1143903982327080_3599733276365897837_nOur “Darling from Dubai” Ambika, wrote that they have saying- it goes like this: “Live life bigger, not just longer.” So my friend live your life King Size. (I certainly will Ambika… as big as I can!)

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It’s Not About the Years in our Lives; It’s About the Life in our Years


Dear Reader:

I didn’t sleep as well as I thought Monday night because I was still so keyed up…besides I had to try out new dance steps on Dancing with the Stars. 

I have an appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Silgals, next week…it will be interesting to see his perspective on everything that has gone down since he thought out loud…“I think we need to go on and check this out…not wait any longer.” It proved to be a very wise decision.

I thought it was interesting in the title photo (that I took of a Gerber daisy pot I have on one of the benches in the garden) that this fall-colored (reddish-burgundy) Gerber daisy suddenly appeared. Earlier in the summer the only colors popping out of it were pinks, yellows, and oranges. Then suddenly, with the official first day of fall arriving tomorrow morning, this fall color emerges.

It is almost as if the Gerber daisy is privy to the first fall day garden notification party… and it wanted to dress appropriately for the occasion. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze and delight me!

The title for today’s blog I discovered in the latest edition of Azalea Magazine. I was flipping through it, waiting on a prescription, when I saw an article by Susan Frampton titled: “Circling the Sun” and under the title…it read: “The number of trips around the sun may still indicate the years of your life, but who says they have to determine the life in your years.”

Bingo! Exactly what I think…these words couldn’t have appeared at a better time with hope now for some more time “to determine the life in my years.” My hope is that my time is spent well, justifying the oxygen I consume on this earth. My hope and prayer is that I will be ready to follow new paths as instructed by our Creator (Tour Guide)…that I allow myself acceptance to the inevitability of change instead of hiding from it, and stay open to new possibilities and adventures. Now that is a life well-lived.


One constant that I know will never change is my love of reading. It can always take me on new adventures in exotic countries I can only dream about…but most importantly books always hide secret gems inside….one phrase in one passage can change my outlook on life forever.

During this recent (trying waiting period)…it was reading that saved me from my over-active imagination involving the whole gamut of possible outcomes from the surgery… scenarios depicting the worst to the best. Reading is my closest friend and has been since I was young. I can’t imagine going through life without it.

download-1“Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of *ten*Grinches, plus two! “

Well, if the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes in a day….then mine must have grown 300 yesterday. Never in my life have I received so many messages of gratitude and thankfulness and joy for the “Clear Margins” surgery report. I was completely overwhelmed all day and evening. I feel stronger today (ten grinches plus two) than ever!

fullsizerenderLike the Grinch’s heart stretching…the graph on the number of views (comments) just kept climbing and climbing and climbing. So who says people aren’t interested in good things that happen in life… Or that in order to sell books, movies, newscasts bad things must happen. I agree to disagree because I have seen it happen to me. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart…I have never felt such love!

So until tomorrow…Love, love, love you back!

download-2“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh



Happy 9 Months Birthday to Caleb…Bee’s (Brooke) little “Boogie Boy! Nine months….time is flying!







With summer waning and summer flowers following suit…the garden is definitely in a transition stage….but, also, because of this rather barren state… every flower that does bloom gets its 15 minutes of fame all by itself…and more. The hybrid morning glories are still glorifying the mornings, afternoons and early evenings….just beautiful!















My moon flowers have hung it up I think… but Anne caught the last of the season of her moon flowers over the weekend.


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“A Photograph shouldn’t be just a Picture, It should be a Philosophy”



fullsizerenderDear Reader:

Brooke took this picture as we left my surgeon’s office yesterday afternoon. It literally took me several hours to take in the report Dr. Litton gave back to me. I kept pinching myself….a case of reality sprinkled with hope and continued miracles.

I still have breast cancer…the only difference is now I know where it has been ” the past three years” while on my “miracle” medication…in my left breast where it started eight years ago. However the difference is….the margins were clear! This means that the breast cancer is “contained” and has not spread to other areas since starting the new medication. My oncologist and I refer to my medicine as the catalyst that keeps my ‘little c’ at bay. We simply know now that the cancer is literally located there…at the “bay.”

thumbnail_fullsizerenderWe have come full circle. A medicine, originally, intended for another type of cancer is keeping my breast cancer in check…not completely eliminated…but in check…It has done so for over three years when all other options were gone.  Dr. Litton said to ‘keep on keeping on’ the way I have… enjoying life to the fullest.

I can not begin to thank Brooke enough for accompanying me to this important appointment….she took me to the first surgeon’s appointment that did not go well eight years ago… I was diagnosed immediately with breast cancer and surgery was set up in 24 hours. Brooke said when I walked out, that time, I looked like a “shell-shocked” soldier and all the light had gone out of my eyes.

This time my eyes were lit up and I proudly announced “Clear margins” to Brooke in the waiting room! (Now I have clear eyes and clear margins…grandmother was right about ‘good things happen in threes.’) Two other women, sitting across from us, clapped their hands and one said “Praise God for He is good” while her friend said “Holy Jesus!” Amen to both!

fullsizerenderSuddenly I was starving… was time to celebrate…we went to Oscars for a beer and h’oeuvres! Best beer I ever tasted and best food…an appetite for life increases when faced with the reality of its fragility!

So bring on Jakie’s and my birthdays next Saturday…a party down day! A celebration of life for us both.

I, once again, enter the ranks of millions of individuals who are living with cancer, thanks to research and modern medicine. Our lives are being extended so as to watch our families grow and share in their ups and downs while love and hope abounds. We race for the cure every minute of every day.

I apologize if I didn’t get back to some of you yesterday afternoon or last night….After letting the children and family know, close friends, neighbors...I hit a wall. I haven’t slept that well lately (hummm…wonder why?) and suddenly I couldn’t keep my eyes open….slept on and off most of the afternoon and evening.

There will never be a doubt in my mind that it was your prayers that kept those margins clear….as Cherry called you…the powerful prayer warriors. Powerful beyond belief! The gift of time, however long, has been extended, again, for me.

The breast cancer and I have learned, somehow, to co-exist, and as long as it continues to stay “put” this relationship continues for, however, long God deems. Each day becomes even more precious… so right now, this very moment,  I am still “in the game called life” and that is all that matters. Batter up! WE hit a homerun yesterday!!

Mev said she found herself humming one of her favorite hymns yesterday morning “Through It All” while saying a prayer for me.” It made her feel better but she wasn’t sure her pups appreciated her “morning voice.” (“Through it all I’ve loved to trust in Jesus, through it all I’ve learned to trust in love.”)

Anne saw a rainbow spread across the sky first thing yesterday morning, as well as, my niece, Carrie, on her way to school…and both thought it was a God Wink in the making. It was!

14344949_10208277658718856_909626752315800979_nPam sent me an illustrated card of a rainbow for good luck.



…And Stephanie sent a super-hero costume picture….I think Rutledge, Captain America, would be jealous if I wore it. After all, I would have a turbo charged tutu! Hard to compete against that…



So until tomorrow…thank you God for tomorrows! My continued goal is to take each one and make the most of it in God’s honor.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Tommy didn’t want to spoil my good news yesterday so he waited until after I had contacted the family with my joyful revelation, to release the sad news that Rudy died yesterday morning.


Life is made up of good and evil, life and death and sometimes, it seems, they balance out in strange, coincidental ways.

While I was winning one more battle in the on-going “Eight Years War” yesterday…Rudy’s fight ended…with honors!

This brave little dog ignored all the vet’s predictions about his cancer and very limited time on earth. He just decided that he wasn’t ready to go any time soon. He wanted to be the ring bearer to present the engagement band to Kaitlyn from Tommy…. the two people he loved most in the world. And he was there! He lived a year past the original prognosis last Labor Day -(being given three or four months tops.)

We always hugged because there was a special bond between us…we were both living with cancer and fighting every day to stay. I, always, sensed that Rudy knew I had cancer and that we were soul mates in the fight against it. Rudy was my canine mentor whose courage, perseverance, and unconditional love knew no bounds or limits. I will miss you my brave comrade-in-fur!









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“Lines” of Cards, Correspondence, and Loved Ones


Dear Reader:

Tommy and Kaitlyn came to see me yesterday and we all went to Eva’s for brunch/lunch. It was delicious! I had given Tommy and Kailtyn a gift card to eat there as part of their engagement package.

fullsizerenderWe got caught up on all the news….Kaitlyn has been hired to be the receptionist at Brook Styles Law firm where Tommy works…( Kaitlyn said she will also be working for Tommy so this will definitely be the first test of their engagement period.)🙂

fullsizerenderKaitlyn also brought me sunflowers that  enhanced the season of pumpkins (of all kinds) as a table setting… Big bright yellow flowers just add so much sunshine to the room!

fullsizerenderFinally the day has come when I will receive some information on what lies ahead. I wouldn’t be human or honest if I said I wasn’t apprehensive and nervous….I am…but the God Wink, the rainbow the other night, felt like a covenant between me and God…He might not promise to make everything all right when I want it to be all right…but He does promise to be with me, hold my hand, and in the end, reassure me… it will turn out all right.

FullSizeRenderMy appointment today is at 1:30….my adorable Brookie is coming to go with me. She didn’t want me going alone…I love you Brooke!


Yesterday afternoon, before Tommy and Kaitlyn left, they commented on the number of cards I had received and I replied, “Yes…I am very blessed.” So after they left I re-read them and realized that God was speaking to me through so many of them….Let me share a few with you, along with some email messages/ pictures (you sent) that were right on target too.




Lines of Encouragement

“Trust in your faith to get you through this…and trust in our Heavenly Father to be there for you.”

“There’s an angel watching over you…to keep you safe and always light your way-for you’re someone very special who means more than words can say.”

“Hoping you know how much you’re capable of. Not even this is a match for the amazing likes of you.”

“There are things only you can do, (and you are alive to do them) in the great Orchestra we call life (You have an instrument and a song.) …And you owe it to God to play them both sublimely.”

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

“Whatever comes your way today-circumstances around you or feelings within you…Praying you’ll be certain of God’s still, small voice saying, “You are Mine…I love you…and I’ll never let you go.

So until tomorrow…Armed with these heavenly messages and all my “spiritually scripted” jewelry and good luck charms…I will have all the protection I need to “Be still and know that You are God” while the surgeon talks to me. After all he is one of your blessed instruments through which all healing begins.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

shoppingHappy Birthday Lassie! To the gal with new “sights” on the horizon!!!

Delight of the Day:


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