You Can Take It With You…and Then Give It Away

Dear Reader:

I remember several years ago doing a blog post on Hershey’s candy bars in connection to my mother’s love of them. She always had some stashed around her house or apartment. It was a pleasure she looked forward to each night.

Apparently mom was not alone. Bob Williams of Long Grove, Iowa was in the habit of eating a banana, half a chocolate bar, and a glass of milk each day. He is 94 years young this year and famously known throughout this small Iowan town of Long Grove (850 residents) as simply “The Candy Man.”

It started small…really small. One day at the Dollar General instead of getting his one Hershey bar for the next day he got three. He had just seen a documentary on the expression “paying it forward” and he decided to give it a try. This time he bought three bars, kept one for his meal the next day, and gave the other two bars away to people passing by him at random. That was 6,000 Hershey bars ago.

“You’d think I’d given them keys to a new car…Honest to God these people were thunderstruck.”

“It made me feel warm and needed again…a feeling I wanted to keep.”

For 39 years Bob Williams taught psychology in nearby Davenport…today he makes weekly Saturday trips to the Dollar General...he buys 2 cases of Hersheys for $45 dollars on $5 dollar discount day. On these days he hands one bar each to the two cashiers and then one to the person behind him in line…before heading out to pass out the rest.

Hershey’s has recognized Bob for his warm-hearted, homespun philanthropy by sending him a check for $1500. On his last recent birthday (94)  Hershey’s Incorporated sent a representative to his birthday party. He was told by the representative that Hershey’s considers him the “North Star” of chocolate kindness.

Bob was married to his beloved wife Mary Elizabeth for 68 years and loved giving her chocolates. She died in 2012 at the age of 88. Every day he stops at a special bench with her name on it to visit and just talk with his wife.

When people stop and tell him he is doing this because “You can’t take it with you” he just smiles and replies: “You can take it with you…if you remember to also give it away.”

And what does he get in return. “Hugs…lots and lots of hugs…when you are 94 that’s the best gift of all.”

“A lot of people have said we need more sharing and smiling and patting people on the back,” Williams told the local newspaper The Register.

“I hope everybody picks up on that. We need to lighten up and smile a bit more. Share whatever you can with people.  (And then with a grin) “There is no charge for that last bit of advice.”

Source: Title picture: Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Sweet story: Iowa man, 94, passes out Hershey’s chocolate bars to residents  (Davenport Daily News)


A memory lane photo…was going through a shoe box of old cards and photos …and found this Valentines picture in a card from Eva Cate….so cute!








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…And This Little Piggie Went, “Smile, Smile, Smile…All the Way Home”

(Jo Dufford Pooh Cards for Daily Messages)

Dear Reader:

I love days, like the one Piglet describes in the title photo…and yesterday was one of them. The cold weather prompted me to make spaghetti…there’s just something so comforting and soothing about hot pasta on a cold night…especially when I have a fire going.

As Honey and I were talking on the phone (celebrating her birthday) yesterday afternoon…Luke stopped by. He had fixed the Clemson sign on the oak tree that blew down and was damaged by a recent wind storm. He just picked it up yesterday…nowadays I wonder how I ever managed to make it without Luke and Chelsey across the street from me?

So I piled the spaghetti on two plates with garlic rolls and Parmesan cheese. Chelsey is having to travel more now and putting in long hours…I thought it would be nice to come home to a hot meal…and just let them know how much their presence is appreciated by all the neighbors. They are so giving!

So when I saw this little short story that was published on KindSpring…Small Acts that Change the World I knew I was getting a God Wink since Honey kept Vietnamese Pot-Belly hogs for many years and loved them like one of the family….“Sharing a Smile” is about a pig that brought a smile to someone in distress. It is an example of how we can change the world with kindness… even when we don’t set out to do it.  (Written by NoonesNME)

While stuck in traffic, I noticed the woman in the vehicle next to me was crying. Alone in her vehicle, she wiped her tears, and struggled to catch her breath. I didn’t mean to stare, but I

could hardly look away. As she pulled ahead of me, I could still see her crying for quite a few minutes.

When it was my turn to drive up beside her, I managed to get her attention by waving a little stuffed pig I happen to carry in my car. I tilted the pig’s head from side to side and gestured with my fingers over my biggest smile for her to do the same. She wiped her tears, nodded, smiled, and gave me a big thumbs up! At that moment, traffic cleared up and we drove off.

It was quite emotional, and even recalling it stirs up some mixed feelings. I’m glad I got to see the silver lining behind the turmoil she was experiencing, even if it was for a few seconds. I’m grateful to have been a part of that.”


So until tomorrow…like Father Timothy said each day…”Lord, Make me a blessing to someone today.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Like so many gardeners and flower lovers…we are all holding our breath and saying a prayer that the below freezing temperatures last night and tonight will not kill many blooms…so many trees and buds are ready to pop at any moment. So I took pictures yesterday in the damp grayness…until suddenly the sun appeared later in the afternoon.

I took two pictures of the Bradford Pear…the first one on the left had dark forbidding skies behind it…but a minute later…the sun burst through and lit the pear tree up like a smile!

Nowadays I am cutting azalea sprigs to bring inside….

Mollie and some of the other Lowcountry BeautyCounter representatives met with the Director of Community Outreach for Joe Cunningham. Their mission and voices resonated with pleas for better surveillance of harmful products that go into children, men and women’s cleaning and beauty products. No one should have to worry about harmful ingredients in everyday cleaning products.

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The Story Behind the Carolina Parakeet


Dear Reader:

After finding the Carolina Parakeet glass engraving ( absolutely magnificent) by Lex Melfi (sponsored by Sculpture in the South) last Saturday on our scavenger hunt…some facts about this (sadly extinct) bird kept trying to pop up in my mind from teaching South Carolina History for almost three decades. There was something really interesting I had read recently about it…but what was it? I had to know.

*There was a little limerick clue for each sculpture on the B.I.R.D.S Sculpture Trail which made it fun for adults and children alike. The limerick for the Carolina Parakeet said:

At Town Hall, there’s a bird in the glass, From flocks of great numbers, one’s been cast. They once ruled the air, But now they’re not there, Sad to say, this BIRD’s lost to the past.”

Sunday I pulled out my big heavy  South Carolina…A History by Walter Edgar and started looking for any information I could find on this once rare bird. “Walter” didn’t fail me. He exclaimed:

The first Europeans to settle in the lowcountry of South Carolina wrote: “There are divers sorts of Birds unknowne in England” one of which was the Carolina parakeet, a colorful bird that always seemed to attract attention….the only parakeet found in North America.

Edgar went on to say, ” There are probably more species of birds in South Carolina than in any other state. Turkeys back then were reported weighing forty and fifty pounds. Flocks of passenger pigeons were so thick that they darkened the sky. Carolina parakeet flocks were also large, but the birds were not as numerous as the passenger pigeons.

Now extinct, the Carolina parakeet was a dove-sized (about thirty-five centimeters long) bird with a bright green body, yellow head, and orange face. Mark Catesby, an English naturalist living in Charleston, painted the parakeet in 1731, thus providing the first scientific description of the species. The species was abundant in early America, and its range extended to New York, Colorado, and Florida. The Carolina parakeet was well known for its ability to withstand harsh winters, due to the winter availability of its main foods: cockleburs, thistle seeds, and sandspurs.

Many captive Carolina parakeets lived ten years, and one was believed to have attained thirty years.

One of the last verified sightings occurred in June 1938 when Warren and Hollie Shokes saw a pair with a young bird in the Santee River swamp of Georgetown County. Thus, South Carolina was the site of both the first sketch and a final sighting of the Carolina parakeet.

— Excerpted from an entry by William Post. (Charleston Currents) Via South Carolina Encylopedia


From the Smithsonian Libraries, I found an interesting excerpt from an article titled “Carolina Parakeet: A Splendor of Beauty Gone Forever” by Liz O’Brien.

Jewel-colored Carolina parakeets traveled in huge, noisy flocks from southern New York and Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico, favoring old forests along rivers. Although they looked tropical, Carolina parakeets didn’t migrate south in the winter but weathered the cold.

As their forests were cut to make space for farms, the parrots were shot for feeding on crops and orchards. Trappers captured them to sell as pets, and hunters sold them as colorful decorations. Hat makers and clothiers prized the Carolina parakeet’s brilliant plumage, using feathers or entire birds to decorate ladies’ hair, hats, and gowns. In 1886 alone, the hat trade claimed an estimated 5 million birds of various species—victims of fashion. By 1904, they were gone in the wild. The last Carolina parakeet in captivity died in 1918.


All of this information I found fascinating but I was still missing something new I had heard about the Carolina Parakeet…finally it came back to me and I found the information in an article by National Geographic News called: “Opinion: The Case for Reviving Extinct Species.” (Stewart Brand)

Scientists who deal in genetics now have the capability of bringing back certain extinct plant and animal species from the past…the number one most hopeful project will probably be the Wooly Mammoth (because of direct DNA from certain elephants today) that once roamed through South Carolina and and other sections of the country. In the article Brand also mentioned the Carolina Parakeet as one extinct bird species they would like to see resurrected. 

The article discussed the pro’s for experimenting with these “Jurassic Park” type projects… I am providing a link to the article if you are interested in reading it. It ended with this thought about the future and going to zoo’s with children…

“The current generation of children will experience the return of some remarkable creatures in their lifetime. It may be part of what defines their generation and their attitude to the natural world. They will drag their parents to zoos to see the woolly mammoth and growing populations of captive-bred passenger pigeons, ivory-billed woodpeckers, Carolina parakeets, Eskimo curlews, great auks, Labrador ducks, and maybe even dodoes. (Entrance fees at zoos provide a good deal of conservation funding, and zoos will be in the thick of extinct species revival and restoration.)

Humans killed off a lot of species over the last 10,000 years. Some resurrection is in order. A bit of redemption might come with it.”


*And don’t forget even Jimmy Buffet uses the Carolina (Parrot Head) Parakeet as a symbol of his loyal fans..everyone loves this beautiful bird.

*So until tomorrow…If you go to the Gibbes Museum of Art in downtown Charleston you will see this beautiful art work by Anna Heyward Taylor.

*This gorgeous wood block print on paper art work was given to the museum by the artist, herself,  (Anna Heyward Taylor- 1879-1956) as a gift. A rare treasure for a rare bird. Beauty lasts forever when captured by an artist…though the subject of that beauty might be gone forever. (Or maybe not?)

“Today is my favorite day” Winnie the Pooh

Today really is my favorite day because my wonderful friend, Honey Burrell, was born on this day…and it was only a matter of time before we were destined to meet and become the best of friends.

Happy Birthday Honey!!!!! You are the rarest of all things beautiful…inside and out!



“Little Big Red” outgrew his pot yesterday. I was going to bring him in, anyway, since the temps are dropping below freezing the next few nights…but when I looked at him…he was leaning precariously to the right…so tall he could no longer stay straight up….I found a deeper pot and after the freeze I will help Chelsey replant the red geranium who is a definite offspring of his famous ancestor who came before him. (*Luke propped him up with a stake temporarily)











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Press N’ Seal

Dear Reader:

*Before we get started today I would like to send out a personal request…my wonderfully talented (jazz guitarist) nephew, Lee Barbour, is up for Musician of the Year for Charleston and we want him to win this year…he is so deserving and has come close in the past!!!

Hopefully this is the year that everyone takes him over the top. I am enclosing a link for the voting….just scroll down and click on the category Culture, Arts, and Entertainment…and then scroll down the varied categories until you find the Best Musician and check  ( Lee Barbour’s) box. I would appreciate it so much…and I know Rhodes would love for  you to vote for his daddy, as well as, his loving wife Vikki!

Tomorrow is the last day of the contest so if you could take time and vote today that would be terrific! Thanks in advance! Like my foot…we are ready to “seal the deal” or perhaps “press and seal the deal” on this most deserving nomination!  🙂

And now for the other “Press and Seal” story. The one thing I was sad about this time going to Pawleys was that I was forewarned not to get my foot wet and/or sand in the dressings. In other words stay away from the beach.

I told the Ya’s about this year’s limitation and I should have seen Libby’s mind ticking away. Suddenly she just had to go to the store…(very un-Libby-like)…and when she returned she had a big grin on her face. She told me to come over and sit down in a dining room chair while she got the roll of “Press and Seal.” Before I knew what had happened …she had wrapped my foot, bandages, and shoe all up into the best looking protective boot one could have. It stuck to the dressing like magic but pulled off just as easily!

It worked fabulously…to get across a small section of the sand and then onto a neighbor’s pier that went out over the beach towards the ocean. It was a beautiful day…I was able to breathe in the ocean breezes, take photos, and just laugh at the sheer joy of seeing the ocean up close and personal. Both Libby and I were so happy!


To me creativity is just an adult child having fun and unknowingly showing the very essence of the soul, within each of us, in the process!

And speaking of staying in touch with our souls…when I took these pictures from the front porch at Carolina Corner one evening…everyone’s soul was touched at the beauty of the greatest artist in the world…God.

So until tomorrow…Thank you God for the beauty of the earth…your greatest expression of love for us…and what a gift it is!

Anne and I participated in the B.I.R.D.S Sculpture Trail Saturday (a scavenger hunt of sorts around downtown)…It was a lot of fun…but longer than I thought and my foot let me know it. Still I can “water” it down for the grandchildren when I take Rutledge and Eva Cate on it soon. We didn’t do it in order and the owl came first…good thing we didn’t start with it…because it and even the Carolina parakeet were hard to find…until we did locate them and then we thought how in the world could we have missed them?

A shout-out to Lisa and Hollow Tree Nursery… 830 Hollow Tree Lane…Ridgeville, SC.  All the camellias were just out of this world…Lisa has so many original historical camellias…Anne and I thought we were in an enchanted forest…just gorgeous…some camellias were moon-pie sized with all kinds of shapes!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Of all the signs and beach houses we see each year during our winter retreat..none do we love more than Carolina Corner.…and the loveliest couple…who own it….The Amazing Eadons… Why they even allow three “Tigers” to roam around their premises during our mid-winter retreat. 🙂  The stay is always “magic.”

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Stories Beneath the Surface…Waiting to be Told

Dear Reader:

Like stories beneath the surface…so lies nature’s beauty. For years I have wanted a redbud tree and yesterday Anne and I returned to Hollow Tree nursery where I bought this sapling…ready to plant… with the first hint of its blooms in progress. (Fingers crossed for a long, healthy life.)  *Anne said its name should be “Hope” so “Hope” it is! Perfect name for such potential beauty!

*It is getting harder and harder for me to concentrate while typing the next blog post when I glance out the side window and there are the camellias still in full bloom, now accompanied by the bountiful azaleas…it takes my breath away.

The little chapel birdhouse is surrounded with beauty also….Summerville really is the “Flowertown in the Pines.”

…And check out this gorgeous camellia…it and several other buds are bursting forth from a planter where it sat for two years doing nothing…but now it is blooming away and about to be permanently planted. Lisa, at Hollow Tree nursery, said the excessive rain we had in July has produced these unbelievably beautiful and huge camellias this year.

I have discovered that there are also stories waiting to shine ..with just one question asked … a story in-waiting finally has its chance to unfold too like a beautiful bloom…and there is such beauty in stories. 


I couldn’t be at the Hammock Shops and not stop in for my annual visit with the owner of Whitmire Fine Jewelry shop, John Henry Whitmire…His story of the origin behind the “Legend of the Pawleys Island Shell” is still one of the most popular and favorite posts today.


However, this time when I asked for Mr. Whitmire… he was gone…traveling on vacation in Europe with friends and skiing…sounds fantastic! So I started looking around and decided to splurge and get myself a sterling silver palmetto tree (state tree) ring since I taught South Carolina history for almost three decades.


As one of the wonderfully warm employees was helping me try on ring sizes…we began talking and I asked her…her name. She replied Lani. I told her how much I liked it and she said it was Hawaiian for Leilani which translated means “Heavenly Flower.”

I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to know how she got from being born in Hawaii to Pawleys Island…and boy, was I in for a story!

Lani said her parents left Hawaii (on a ship called the Lurline) when she was just two years old for a new job opportunity for her father. At that time he was associated with Voice of America. She said all she remembers about the voyage was her mother telling her that she didn’t have any diapers on board so Lani would have to be potty trained on the trip…it worked…she was.

They moved to Heightsville, Maryland, right outside Washington, D.C. and her father returned to school…training for a job at Lockheed…part of the NASA Space program. Lani had no idea her father was rising quickly to be one of the top Lockheed scientists but she does remember  her father getting her John Glenn’s autograph after he walked on the moon.

They then moved to California to the Lockheed Space Program …by now her father was moving in  ‘Top Secret” divisions….though neither she nor her mother knew or understood it initially. It came to a head when her mother wanted to take Lani (one summer) on a European vacation. Her father was adamantly opposed but when he finally reluctantly gave in he had an exact itinerary of where they were at all times. Lani remembers that she and her mother felt like they were “followed” all over Europe.

Lani’s beloved father died when he was 64 in 1983 in England where he was working at the Lockheed facility there. His body was returned to the United States….California.

At the funeral all these “Big Wigs” in the NASA Space Program showed up and one representative told the stunned gathering that Lani’s dad was one of the top 10 scientists who developed the USA NASA Space program.

Lani married, had two wonderful children and later divorced. At some point she just decided she wanted to live in a warm climate and eventually ended up at Pawleys Island. (And she was there, one day, in late February when an inquisitive woman from Summerville showed up and released a story, inside her, that was meant to be told!) 🙂

On a personal note…Thank you so much Lani for sharing your story and thank you for all your help in finding me the perfect ring to remember my by-gone teaching days. It was, is, and will be a day to always remember.

Intrigue, mystery….it is closer than most of ever know if we just take time to listen to others’ stories.

So until tomorrow…the  Press’n Seal story will be told tomorrow, along with some breath-taking sunset pictures we all witnessed on our “Blessed Isle” as the “Legend of the Pawleys Island Shell” tells us.

(Yesterday Anne and I share another adventure before going to Hollow Tree Nursery…will share some of the fun involved in this endeavor tomorrow also.)

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh



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Signs of the Times

Dear Reader:

None of us wanted time to fly by…in fact the Saturday evening after arriving it was like none of us wanted to go bed because we would have, then, spent one day at Pawleys already…and we didn’t want time to keep moving…instead…to somehow freeze it for a little bit… so we could just be lost in a never never land for a few precious days.

The secret really is relaxing...time will still march on…but without stress or anxiety…just fun and laughter…and making the most of each moment together.

Brooke took me to Chico’s to pick up a jacket I got using my Chico gift card the Ya’s gave me for my birthday…(there is a funny story behind the jacket…but I will have to wait to tell you that one at another time.)

On the way home we decided to take the South Causeway (instead of the usual North) into Pawleys to check on the little chapel there. You might remember they were moving the Pawleys Chapel off  the moors in the water across the street (temporarily) to fix the foundation of both the chapel and the moorings.

So on our adventure to find the chapel we came across a lot of fun and or unusual surprises…like driving across parts of roads that looked like the beach…covered in sand from earlier recent storms that swept the sand from the beaches over the dunes and homes/properties onto the paved streets…covering them.

 We were delighted when we found the Pawleys Chapel sitting right back out in the waters….prettier than ever. Oh the stories that little chapel could tell!

What got us laughing and nodding, however, was reading the different names of the beach cottages along the “South” end of the island….creative, funny, and wise….a diverse array of names.

We loved the idea of mixing two names together…like this cute example: “Chillaxing”…the perfect word for what the Ya’s did at Pawleys!

I, especially, loved this house sign located near Linda’s beach house…it is so true. Sometimes we just have to physically get away in order to truly “get away.”

What can you say about “Beach Nuts” except that the name defines how we all should act at the beach…let the walls come down and the child, inside each of us, come out…. just be funny!

And there is always time for a little cocktail at the beach…a toast to each other for another year together…”tottering” on a lifetime of friendship.

Some of the smaller historic houses…almost lost among the newer big houses that have gone up recently…still show their pride…small but mighty…they survived the storms when some of their big neighbors didn’t!

It was a fun afternoon just “chillaxing” in the car and slowly driving to the very end of the island before slowly turning around…and taking some photo shots to remember the time together.

*I got a text ping one morning from Libby…who was already out on the porch… to let me know Sammy the Cardinal was looking for me…she included the picture. Later that morning I walked out on the porch and there was Sammy behind me on a bush…he stayed there as I crept closer and closer before flying away. It is nice to have someone checking on me… even while I am away.

The end is getting closer…with my foot wound…Dr. Stroud told me that that sooner than later…he would be telling me good-bye. So I stay in suspense…but hopefully the end must be in sight…in someone’s eyes. It will be a surprise.

Before I left to head to Mt. Pleasant for my appointment…I drove to Hutchinson Square and took pictures of the last minute arrangements for the official opening of the square later yesterday…everything looked beautiful! History and charm intermingled and I felt it quite longingly.


So until tomorrow…There are still island stories left to tell…especially one that was hidden inside Whitmire’s Fine Jewelry Store…home of the Legend of the Pawleys Island Shell…you just never know where a story will pop up…



…Like the story of one Ya who saves the day with….?

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

I stopped by Walsh and Mollie’s house after my appointment to give Rutledge some more Magic Tree books (in the series)…he is really into them and loves hearing them read each night…but now he is starting to read his own classroom books too…He wanted to read to me…kindergarten…wow! He did a great job reading the entire little book…in fact two books. Rutledge reads…and Eloise walks! 🙂





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The “Velveteen” Ya’s!

Dear Reader:

I didn’t even have to go look through my old books to find a copy of the Velveteen Rabbit for this title photo…I have my own “Velveteen” Rabbit! He started out as a garden Easter Rabbit, one spring long ago, until he became so worn out by the weather…(one eye is missing and one ear is doing a balancing act in the photo)…normally, it too is missing. Yet I love this little rabbit and have given him an honored place in my bedroom so he can live out his days in comfort.

As I think back over my favorite lines from the Velveteen Rabbit about being real and loved …and how the two go together…I can’t help but think of my abiding friendship with the Ya’s and this past week’s reaffirmation …reiterating just  how strong our friendship goes.

“Real isn’t how you are made… It’s a thing that happens to you,”

The Ya friendship today is beyond “real”…we know everything about each other…long kept secrets, hopes, dreams, weaknesses and strengths… And we love each other more and more for all of the “real” moments we get to spend together.

We have become each others best cheerleaders for whatever “crisis” develops and unfortunately as we all age…these situations, like waves in the ocean hitting shore, seem sometimes to be a constant in our lives.

“Few things in life are more consoling than an old friendship in which all the hair (as in the story of the Velveteen Rabbit) has been rubbed off.”

That pretty much sums the retreat  up for us….but I did save an ‘Uncle Billy’ joke (Mitford series) to tell the Ya’s to cheer ourselves up and just have a good old-fashioned belly laugh! We might be getting older but we still have it more together than the three old maid sisters in Uncle Billy’s joke.

*I will have to paraphrase from memory since I returned the Mitford Series books to K.C. (who loaned them to me before I left for the beach) ….so here goes.


There were three elderly spinster sisters who lived together in a big rambling Victorian home their father had left them. The youngest of the sisters was in her eighties, the middle sister…in her nineties…and the oldest sister, Hattie, had long passed the triple digit age line.

One day Hattie stared down (somewhat befuddled) at the floating water in her clawfoot tub. Soon after… the youngest sister and the middle sister (who were drinking their breakfast coffee on a long wooden farm table) heard her shout…

“Am I gitting in the tub or gitting out of the tub?” 

The middle sister sighed, put down her cup of coffee and told her youngest sister that she would go check on Hattie…the poor thing had no memory left at all.

The youngest sister sat back leisurely and continued to enjoy her morning coffee until she heard a cry from the middle sister….

” Sister Help! Am I going up the stairs…or going down the stairs?”

The youngest sister, sighed a deep sigh, and thanked the Lord that she still had her memory when her older sisters didn’t…she then knocked on the wooden table for a  good luck measure to ward off any memory loss.

Suddenly the middle sister stuck on the stairs and the eldest sister still staring down at the water in the tub heard their youngest sister yell:

“I’ll be right up to help y’all, you hear…as soon as I answer the door..somebody’s knocking on it.”


So until tomorrow…It can always be worse…so smile and just enjoy the day and the moment!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Remember: To say “RABBIT” first thing this morning to bring you the “Top of the Morning” Irish Good Luck”…(and you don’t even have to be Irish.) Since my bedraggled but  beloved garden (Velveteen) rabbit has on a green ribbon..I think he can teach us about love and luck for this upcoming month.

Next month I can put Easter eggs around him…Easter sure is late this year, isn’t it?


*Today I am heading back to the Comprehensive Wound Center and I am just betting that “the wound” will be really could it not with so much love around! This afternoon, when I return, I will gather all the pictures and funnies from the past week to share with you tomorrow!

….But I can tell you the weather was the best yet…in the mid to high sixties and low seventies…cloudy but with bright spurts of sunshine with blue skies intermingled. We kept the tradition and returned to the Chive Blossom for another fabulous meal Tuesday evening. Life is good!



*Eva Cate won ‘The Craziest Hat and Socks”  ( they wear uniforms at her school) Recognition for Dr. Seuss Day at her school (Read Across America) Way to go Eva Cate…way to go Mandy!

(Pink bow from the Race for the Cure and then the girls painted a paper mache elephant I used in a Christmas Eve story a few years back)

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