Better Late Than Never…

Dear Reader:

Remember Tuesday when I mentioned that I hoped I-26 and 526 would not be backed up causing delays in getting to Mt Pleasant in time for the Grandparents early morning recognition and ” tea party? ” I think you can infer from the title… that didn’t happen.

It took me over half an hour just to get out of Summerville on to the interstate. And when I did… I-26 was a snail-paced parking lot until I could finally get on I-526 that was an improvement but still basically just a ” slow steady eddy” trickle.

I kept telling myself that I was doing everything possible while my white knuckles betrayed my anxiousness. I kept picturing Rutledge and Lachlan searching the crowd for their grandmother… to no avail! I really had the ” Woe is Me” pity party going quite well.

I called Walsh to deliver the bad news but he just calmly reiterated that it was out of my control so just keep on keeping on and we would get there when we got there… didn’t seem ruffled at all.

What should have been a 45 minute to an hour drive took almost two hours. I pulled into Walsh and Mollie’s driveway…practically on one wheel

I ran inside announcing I had finally gotten there and then Walsh looked at me and said… ” Honestly… I just got off a five 12 hour day run and if I had not had that extra hour to shower and rest a minute I don’t think I would have made it. ( Mollie was working)

” Are we too late to go?” ” Never… not after that trip” Walsh replied… and we jumped in his truck.

As I checked in as a ” special guest” I was apologizing for being so late… explaining that I had come from Summerville and one receptionist told me to stop apologizing… they had already heard and some personnel had also experienced the grid-lock on the interstate. They congratulated me on persevering.

Most of the grandparents had come and gone but the expressions on Rutledge’s and Lachlan’s faces when Walsh and I entered the emptied outside courtyard completely made my day! Running late made the boys appreciate my presence more, in this particular case, than if I had been early.

We were all directed to the library where the annual book fair was going on … smart salesmanship-Who else will buy their grandchildren a book… but grandparents. Three books later( had to get one for Eloise) we got our cookies and hot chocolate and/or tea or juice.

We were the only ones enjoying our tea party-had the courtyard to ourselves-no crowds or seating problems.

Both Rutledge and Lachlan were thrilled I was late… Rutledge ( happily) confessed that he got to miss art class and Lachlan loved that they got to play out in the courtyard and then leisurely look at all the library books for sale so he could select just the right one. A win-win for both boys!

Walsh got the gift of time he badly needed-the boys got a free extended and unexpected fun time… along with favorite book selections and I was just a ” grandmother running late” …who managed to keep her impatience in check and not end up as the ” late grandmother Boo.” Thank you God!

So until tomorrow… Did you know that the expression ” Better late than never” dates back to the 1300’s and is found in Canterbury Tales” by Chaucer. It was not meant to be sarcastic ( as is some times the case today) but as an affirmation of good faith that you made it safe and sound.

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh

When Walsh and I returned back to the house, I got to see the patio brick formation for Walsh and Mollie’s new addition to the house/ yard. The project has been slow-going due to the daily thunderstorms but we are now in a beautiful cool dry spell…. and YES! Fall did appear yesterday morning!!!! I am in love!!!

New furniture starting to arrive!!!
Look what bloomed yesterday-it really was so ” Sweet!” FINALLY!!! Go Morning Glory!!!

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” And Suddenly Summer Collapsed into Fall…”

Dear Reader:

Hopefully, as many of you are reading today’s post… I am experiencing ( or have already experienced) the fresh feel of fall!) Yesterday the local weatherman was excited about experiencing fall-like weather himself-low ( early morning) sixties, low humidity and the exhilaration of actually feeling fall through the anticipation of all the senses! ( Less than two weeks away from official Fall)

Today is Grandparents Day and Mollie called to ask if I would be able to to attend Lachlan’s and Rutledge’s school’s breakfast gathering to sit with the students. I replied ” I would be honored.”

But that does mean hitting the interstate early and then praying there are no fender benders… and back up traffic. It, also, means, however, that I should be a prime candidate to witness the first day of the fall of summer hot humidity in exchange for soft dry cool breezes… certainly worth the early rising.

Isn’t life like the fall of old seasons in exchange for new ones? We go along our life journey immersed in our daily routines and then suddenly something changes… subtly at first but then more persistent with time.

Sometimes the changes are exhilarating… like summer collapsing into fall in the Lowcountry ( after a long hot humid summer) but other times… changes can initially be uncomfortable and stressful.

Life IS change. There is no getting around it. Nothing stays the same … as much as we might wish for it. ( Like me wishing I could freeze-frame my grandchildren.)

It was Eloise who had the best response to my question ( last summer when I kept her one day) when I asked her if I could ” freeze-frame” her… keep her at four years old forever… ?

She gave me the most incredulous look ( like she couldn’t believe I had even thought of something that dumb to ask?) She was playing with her dolls on the floor when she immediately replied ( with finger pointed) ” NO Boo Boo! I must grow up so I can be a REAL mommy some day!”

Eloise is the ” Real” thing! 😂

She was right of course… and I silently thought to myself … she must grow up to also become a grandmother… a lot more fun and less stressful than parenting… you get to be the permanent ” good cop” … a lot more fun than ” bad cop.”

So until tomorrow… I thank God everyday that I have been given the gift of time to watch my grandchildren grow. A gift beyond measure!!!!

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh

Yes… it is Fall! All the right colors! ( Took my breath away! )
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The Little Pumpkin that Could…

Dear Reader:

Garth Brooks ( on Kelly Clarkson’s ) new season kick-off show yesterday -made this simple but profound statement-“You can’t have a top without a bottom. ”

For every high ” top” in our life… there will be a low “bottom” -because that is how life “fits”-life is defined, not just how we live through the high’s, but more importantly how we handle the low’s. ( For me personally… it starts with a smile.) A smile, not only tugs your face muscles upward but can also tug at your heart and send your ” top” spinning.

Garth actually made this reference in connection with storytelling . Writing music is just not about melodies and tunes… it is about lyrics that tell a story.

Pre/Covid music had become more intent on beats and rhythms with nonsensical or simple repetitive phrases but suddenly when it seemed like the world had pulled the rug out from under us… storytelling and meaningful lyrics and messages began flooding the radios.

It was cool again to read and time became our friend to travel in our imagination. Suddenly celebrities in all walks of life started telling their stories and childrens’ books became a daily mainstay on talk shows. Storytelling had become a ” Top” again.

Survival stories of courage and determination took precedence as Americans lost loved ones to disease and normal life became anything but…

Suddenly the old tried but true stories like ” The Little Engine that Could” found itself back in the classroom once again -children needed to be reminded not to give up when school no longer looked or felt like school anymore or loving parents, aunts and uncle’s, grandparents had just ” disappeared ” from their lives.

The longer I live… one truth shines brighter in my understanding of it-the simpler the story-the closer proximity to the truth about a life lesson is understood and as such… more profound in its impact!.

Every pumpkin in my happy room den is artificial and at last count there were 34 of them-some big, some small, some plastic, some cloth, some straw, some wooden and some electric-shining through the night.

I have only one “live” pumpkin… a pumpkin with an amazing story to tell. It is white with living succulents on top… it has out-lived all last year’s harvest of live pumpkins and it doesn’t look like it has any intention of ” passing on” to make way for this year’s harvest pumpkin crop!

I wanted to show you evidence ( 3 photos above) that from every angle-top, side and bottom..the pumpkin has no ” rot” or even brown spots. Not only is the pumpkin healthy but the majority of the succulents are still alive too.

Sweet, talented, Susan Swicegood made these and sold them and then brought each family one, as a gift, for Autumn! Everyone else’s started out good but within weeks the pumpkin got ” soft” and soon began to rot. I know Mandy transferred the beautiful succulents from the top of her pumpkin to another planter before tossing the rotten pumpkin.

What was my survival secret as the pumpkin will soon celebrate its first birthday? Nothing! I did nothing! Believe me… this little pumpkin has survived all on its own.

Okay… Okay… I did spray the succulents occasionally… when I remembered… but truly… the pumpkin was moved to different rooms throughout the year-survived heat, air conditioning and ceiling fans blowing on it-humid conditions… days and weeks when I was away forgetting about it… that little white pumpkin survived in spite of me!

So next month… I am adding some decorations for its birthday 🥳 and I will definitely share the birthday pictures with you!!! 🏆🍭🌈👊✊👍👏🙌🙌🙌🙌

So until tomorrow…If my pumpkin could talk I think it would remind each reader: “You never know when your moment’s coming… but when it does, TAKE IT!!!

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh

Joan Turner’s Happy Fall Wreath! I love it!!

Guess what came for me yesterday from WordPress!!!

One Dozen Years and my brain hasn’t completely cracked or scrambled yet!!!
Vickie’s amazing Lowcountry Fall entrance to her magical garden!!!
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” I Only Have Eyes for You”

Dear Reader:

For years now I have shared historical stories with you that I once shared with my eighth grade students in American History.

My first and favorite unit was the Presidential unit. I told human interest stories that thirteen-year-olds could relate to… or as Paul Harvey would have said … ” the story behind the story.”

One of the sweetest love stories that ever occurred in the White House … happened during the Ulysses S Grant administrations -the relationship between Grant and his wife Julia. And it all revolved around Julia’s natal eye condition-” strabismus” – commonly referred to as ” cross-eyed.”

Julia Dent was born with this condition ( 1826) long before medical advancements provided a relatively simple and widely successful procedure …which today is pretty commonplace in children born with this disorder. But this wasn’t the case in the early 1820’s…

Even as a little child, Julia considered herself as plain -and having a wandering right eye only confirmed this reflective self-image. Though conscious of this fact, it never deterred her natural warm, outgoing personality. She was popular and attracted lots of friends. She, however, was not much of a student academically at a St Louis finishing school.

She first met Ulysses through her older brother, Fred, who was Ulysses’ West Point roommate. He had just graduated but suffered from extreme shyness and was socially awkward . ( What was that new word from Webster dictionary this year/oh yeah… Grant was ” adorkable” -awkward in an endearing way.)

In Julia he had found his one and only… her warm, engaging personality put him at ease-something he had never felt in other social situations. He was soon to be reassigned and wanted to marry her before leaving but she was only eighteen and he had little financial security so they kept a secret engagement for roughly four years… until he returned from the Mexican War. Then they married.

Soon however, with one toddler and Julia “in the family way” again he was forced to leave his family …with Julia and children in tow moving back in with her parents in St. Louis. He was always miserable without her and finally returned home two years later.

Unbeknownst to Julia… photography and medical discoveries expanded rapidly during the Civil War… so much so that by the time her husband entered the White House as the 18th President photographers flooded the White House wanting promotional photos of the couple as well as photos for ” calling cards” that were very popular back then …as an etiquette courtesy.

Julia, self-conscious of her eye condition, only had profile photos taken of her.

During their tenure in the White House the Grants had the opportunity to meet talented and prominent professionals in many diverse areas-one being medical. One surgeon told Julia he could fix her right eye permanently now-thanks to the latest technology.

Julia was very excited about the prospect and was packing her bags to travel to Philadelphia for the procedure when shortly before her departure she got a handwritten note from Ulysses saying:

Dear Julia

I don’t want to have your eyes fooled with. They are all right as they are. They look just as they did when the very first time I ever saw them – the same eyes I looked into when I fell in love with you-the same eyes that looked up in mine and told me that my love was returned.

It is said that Julia smiled … thought for a moment and then quietly unpacked her bags and canceled her appointment. Ulysses’ ” Eye” love you …sealed the deal!

So until tomorrow… What a beautiful love story and lesson on acceptance of what life hands you. My ” connector ” to this remembrance of this particular story originated Friday with the arrival of my ” cross-eyed” rooster! One never knows where a story idea might begin…

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh

When I read these words of a simple but profound way to commemorate September 11… I loved it… not lost in sorrow but passing on lessons learned and kindness shared in the “now.”

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A Time to Burst Out Laughing…

Dear Reader:

Yesterday when I saw a Fed Ex package on my porch… upon my return from the dreaded grocery store weekly run… I couldn’t remember what I ordered-wasn’t expecting anything???

When I first opened it… I simply stared back at this cross-eyed rooster and the first thought that ran through my mind was 1) Why? ( Why in the world did I order this?) and 2) I am in love with this crazy rooster and literally burst out laughing. More than a conversation piece… my little rooster just plain brought me instant joy!!!

And I immediately thought of one line from poet Mary Oliver-

” If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy… don’t hesitate! Joy is not made to be a crumb! ” I didn’t hesitate… I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard at this crazy little rooster of mine!

Mary Oliver-simply WOW! What a poet… she intuitively knew how to describe life on so many levels-yet in just plain simple words! My favorite quote ( I imagine is every other fans’ same quote)

” Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ( A question we should ask ourselves each morning)

The quote ( above) could serve as an introduction for this next quote… ” Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”

Mary ( who passed away in 2019) I think would have this comment to make about my little rooster-” Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

So many times I have people ( friends and readers) ask how I can write a post every day… isn’t it a lot of work? Mary Oliver answers this question for me with ” I simply do not distinguish between work and play.” Exactly… writing IS my playtime!

So until tomorrow… my last Mary Oliver quote: ” Love yourself. Then forget it. Then love the world! ”

Today is my favorite day/Winnie the Pooh

… and my Clemson Tigers keep moving forward (filling in holes as they go) …steadfastly still learning while able to pull out another win! It’s a new day and a new breeze ‘a -blowing!’

Shhhhh! Mum’s the word!!!! They are popping out all over!!!
And my moonflower refused to be outshone-the moon pulled and the bloom followed!
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Gathering Thoughts and Memories…

Dear Reader:

Like so many others… memories growing up in the ” Elizabethan II” years have come pouring back these past couple of days since Queen Elizabeth’s passing Thursday.

My earliest memory is a story mother told me about a neighborhood ” celebration coronation” the mothers put together in June of 1953…. the royal coronation day for Queen Elizabeth II.

Apparently one mother had discovered some food product at the grocery store ( thinks it might have been a bread loaf name) would give each customer a plastic coronation tiara for each loaf bought. All the mothers of little girls scrambled to purchase the bread and get the tiara in exchange.

Since I was only three… mother had to pin mine to make it smaller to fit my head. The mothers put up cardboard tables all along the sidewalks on our street with a mixture of folding tables and assortments of chairs and benches.

Mother said each table had a colorful plastic tablecloth covering it…with bouquets of fresh flowers from different yard gardens on the street.

Pink lemonade was served, along with a wide variety of homemade cookies-all the little girls had on frilly ” Sunday-Go-To-Church dresses while the older girls wore different gowns and fancy dresses their mothers handed down or made-there was a lot of swapping going on!

No doubt, surely, someone got a picture of our neighborhood ” coronation” but mother never produced one to show me each time she shared that story. ( What a picture for the memories it would have been!)

Obviously it made an impression on mother’s memory-since every time Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the news or in a documentary… mother would start… ” Did I ever tell you? …” ( I let her tell it over and over since I loved hearing it again too- mother adored Queen Elizabeth-they were only about six years apart in age.)

Looking back now on last Tuesday… I wonder why I was hesitant to replace the current mantle wreath with my pretty white pumpkin one -what lead me to seek out the ” Gather” wall frame instead? Then when I received this comment from my Canadian friend and post reader ( Lynn Gamache) …it made me wonder if that decision had more far-reaching implications.

Powerful comment and right on target… thank you Lynn for ” gathering” your thoughts and sharing them with us!!

I just finished listening to King Charles III’s first speech -a moving tribute to his mother. Once much much earlier … a very young Queen paid tribute to her parents saying” Although my experience is so short and my task so new… I have in my parents and grandparents an example which I can follow with certainty and confidence… I thank you all from a full heart.”

King Charles III immediately spoke of his mother’s ” Heartfelt promise to her sense of duty which never wavered… a destiny kept.”

So until tomorrow… ” A life well-lived” King Charles III began his first thoughts of his mother with…isn’t that a line we all hope one day can apply to our own lives?

Still the best line was saved for the last line from the new king to his MaMa joining his PaPa with …May flights of angels sing thee to Thou rest.” Amen

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh ( Disney immediately paid tribute to the Queen upon hearing of her passing and look who they turned to as their ambassador!!!)

” Rest In Peace, Your Majesty ❤️
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The Magic of a Beautiful Word …

Dear Reader:

I didn’t make a grammatical error in the title-leaving out the ” l” in “world”- instead I was surprised by a magical ” word.”

It all started while I was “babysitting” my fifth moonflower bud. As I walked past the side garden mid-afternoon Wednesday, there was the bud primed and ready to unfurl. Like most aspects in life… timing ⏱ is everything.

A thunderstorm was possible that afternoon and I had already lost one moonflower to ” death by turbulent torrential rains” – was hoping that wouldn’t happen again. I kept running to the office window encouraging the bud to unfurl faster.

Soon darkness slowly began descending a little before 8… I grabbed my phone and hurried out the front porch. The sky was beautiful as the last rays put on a show.

But to my surprise… it had been raining …so lightly and softly that the rain was invisible except as a light pattering on my face… so bizarre!

And then it happened… the moonflower quivered and began unfurling -right in front of me… as if the invisible moisture was pulling it into the last light. ( see title picture)

As intoxicating as that moment was… the universe still had another surprise. I was skimming through my emails when an advertisement for Webster dictionary caught my attention-Pinterest had selected certain words they described as ‘ the most beautiful words’ in the dictionary based on thought and enunciation. The following word was chosen to top the list. Take a moment and read the definition.

( Pronounced suh-ran – core root word of serenity)

I couldn’t believe it… I had a name for the magical episode I had just experienced and it had ended with ” evening serenity”)

So until tomorrow… A God Wink! An unexpected gift to end the day! There is nothing more magical than experiencing pure delight in loving life’s surprise connections.

Today is my favorite day. Winnie the Pooh

SO TRUE!!!!!!
Rhea discovering her new world -a little more everyday

Around 350 new words were added to the dictionary this year-most of them dealing with technology but really liked these two

Adorkable-socially awkward or quirky in a way that is endearing

Side Hustle -A second job to supplement income and primary job

Fun Fact-If you want to travel the world but struggle learning new languages -this fact might help -The most widely recognized word in the world is ” 0K!” ( So just nod, smile and say ” OK!”)

Our extended family has been experiencing ” health hiccups” lately… it happens like that doesn’t it… where unrelated health problems end up in people related to each other-thank goodness it looks like most of these problems can get solved-some taking more time than others but all do-able.

In times like this we have to keep a sense of humor and I think what our family has been feeling is that we all thought we were safely tucked away from the flood- only to discover we had a woodpecker on the ark taking all of us down at the same time. 😳😂

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Why Gathering is so Important…

Dear Reader:

When I started getting ” Fall Ready” visually Tuesday afternoon ( upon my return from Tommy’s and Kaitlyn’s) -decorating my Happy Room was my first ” to do” item.

Normally I exchange wreaths for the mantle but something made me pause and reconsider what would be the central decor on the mantle backdrop. I went in my bedroom and ” gathered” up the large sign that spelled out GATHER.

I felt inclined this year to decorate a little differently… still lots of pumpkins and fall wreaths but with more emphasis on gratitude and thanksgiving-I put most of the ” Boo’s” and Halloween on the other side for the grandchildren to play with…

Maybe it was because I had just come from a family gathering … but being around family makes me happy-lifts my spirits-the best medicine in the world. But if we stop making the effort to gather with family-this time-honored ritual could fall prey to technology-zooming instead of actually being there.

I think the coronavirus definitely contributed to the slow-down of all kinds of gatherings-certainly understandable but when we don’t physically gather-we miss those so important tactile hugs, the art of reading physical expressions, interpreting verbal conversations, compassion and encouragement through another art-listening! All vital skills needed in human communication.

The definition of gathering is simplistic on the surface but with a deeper meaning underneath. It means “To come together.”

Don’t we hear more and more people respond to questions on the closeness of their family …say something along the lines of ” Oh yes… my family is close… I text home once a week.” It used to be ” call home once a week” … but more people now prefer texting because it is faster and they can control the conversation and not have to interpret voice tones and inflections.

And we wonder why communication is so confusing these days… when we take the ” human” factor out… it just leaves alphabet letters in its place…. suddenly all open to interpretation or misinterpretation. Laughter, giggles, sighs, exhilaration, even stress, crying, sadness or prolonged quietness can’t be replaced by written words –voice tones are such an important part of human communication.

So until tomorrow… Each Autumn, now, when I get ready to start my trip around the sun… it becomes more and more important to arrange additional ” spacecraft ” family gathering landings to renew and uplift my spirits …surrounded by loved ones. Building and maintaining close relationships with family and friends is the secret of gravity’s hold on us… pulling us home.

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh

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Life Will Find A Way…

Dear Reader:

Yesterday morning I woke up on the adorable B&B side of Tommy and Kaitlyn’s duplex…. the sun was shining through the trees-the skies were a brilliant blue with white puffy clouds floating happily in the breezes-I felt, for a moment, like I had landed in a Disney animated movie.

I went outside in their private, newly landscaped back patio area for guests and stared at the sun peeking through the tall tree branches. My eyes kept fluttering … but then something caught my attention.

One lone bamboo shoot, against all odds, had popped up, in spite of the gravel and underlying rocks. Immediately one thought took center stage in my mind ” Life finds a way.” When I looked the phrase up… to my surprise… Jurassic Park … emerged and then Jeff Goldblum ‘s movie quote:

Jeff’s scientist character warns the creator of Jurassic Park that his theory on containment and safety measures are not realistic… he is playing with fire bringing back these prehistoric creatures in a real life ” zoo.”

We certainly see this line of thought played out every day in others, as well as, our own lives. Aren’t we all,as members of the human race, drawn to real-life stories of people who, against all odds, survive a situation so incredible, that the odds against them surviving would be nil to none? Overnight they become heroes and are in the news, or a book is written or movie produced to tell their story to a larger viewing audience. Humans love human ” gladiators” who emerge from life-defying everyday struggles gone awry.

Still… there is also the private small personal moments in all our lives when we mentally challenge ourselves to do something that terrifies us. But in spite of our misgivings we rise up and do it anyway because we know it will change our lives by doing so-perhaps even saving our lives.

Take a moment and think back to the last time you found yourself at one of these potential life-crossings. It might have been an interview for a new job completely unlike anything you had done before, but something your inner passion was screaming at you to be freed?

Perhaps it was a change in a relationship that would also be life-changing? A physical move that would lead you far from home and everything familiar to risk an adventure in a new culture?

So until tomorrow… like the one lone bamboo shoot risking life, itself, to take a different ” rocky ” underground path… and be rewarded by the feel of the sun’s rays, once again, shining down on it after dark days of the unknown… God calls us to become risk-takers in our own lives… life is to be lived fully!

Today is my favorite day-Winnie the Pooh

Watching the Clemson game Monday night outside under the stars with family was so much fun-some of the grandchildren came over for the first part of the game -we had good food and a good time! And even though the Tigers seemed to purr a little longer than we would have wished… once they found their ROAR…. it was a mighty one!!!!!

My grand dogs ( like Pip) were ready for the game!!
A beautiful half moon shone down on us!!
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Falling for Pumpkins and Scary Stories

Dear Reader:

Yesterday was the day I dragged bags of pumpkins out to start decorating for my favorite season . Since I am leaving shortly to spend the night with Tommy and Kaitlyn-watching the first Clemson game of the season… I am just sticking wreaths up ( in temporary spots to get them out of the bags) – most of the ” hardcore” decorating will have to wait for my return and a stepladder!

I do believe I could start my own decorative ” pumpkin patch” with the number of artificial pumpkins I have acquired over the years…

I remembered to stop by Doodles’ late Sunday afternoon to get the funny ” Pinky” ghost story I mentioned earlier! Then after I got home… and started flipping through the Charleston Ghosts book…. ( ” Pinky” was the last story) memories of growing up listening to the familiar stories came flooding back.

Soon I began to see a pattern developing with the stories… perhaps there are ” cardinal” rules for ghost story telling! 😂

Here are some examples…

Leaning Tombstones-If you go in an old creepy cemetery -for goodness sakes-don’t get close to a leaning to tombstone-there’s a reason you don’t want to know why it is leaning.

” 13″ –Take my word for it… nothing good is going to happen in a ghost story on the 13th … and not just calendar days or nights but also steps-don’t ever linger on the 13th step!

” 3″ or Third- We should all know this by now-nothing is going to happen until the third night-after the ghost has warned you two nights previously-the third anything is when ” Scary Goes Down”!!!

The Bewitching Hour-midnight-And speaking of numbers and time… all of us know that whatever is going to happen to have us screaming will happen right on the dot of midnight ( not 11:59 or 12:01) *** Grandfather clocks are a ” must have” in ghost tales!

The White Wedding or Ball Gown- Every young girl should know by now if you want to survive the ending of a ghost story… wear any other colored gown ( green, purple, even black) but for goodness sake avoid white at all costs-bloody handprints, arrows or bullets show up too well on white! Makes for a dramatic ending at the heroine’s expense!

Environmental Ghosts –If a storm is coming-especially around the Lowcountry areas of the Carolinas -gray is the color you are looking for-because as legend decrees-see the Gray Man and your home survives intact from tropical storms and hurricanes! Happy searching!

And finally Pinky …the determined poltergeist suitor! The last story is about a little girl growing up in her two spinster aunts’ home after her parents are tragically killed in a carriage accident. Lavinia loves her aunts and her room tucked away on the third floor where she plays dolls, imaginary games and reads to her hearts’ content.

But one night as she climbs the steps… she hears steps behind her-though no one is on the steps-they follow her to her room and soon tapping noises are all over the room walls and ceilings-curious Lavinia begins tapping and dancing too! A friendship begins with Lavinia calling her new friend -Pinky.

Joyful years follow until Lavinia becomes interested in a young man and Pinky finally gets so upset one evening he leaves. Soon a wedding follows in the parlor below… all goes well until Lavinia and her husband start their first honeymoon night together!

A comical scene follows as Pinky pulls the husbands shirt off and unties his shoes causing him to trip… he thinks Pinky is Lavinia’s dog and keeps crawling under the bed to get him out -Lavinia is laughing so hard it takes her awhile to explain Pinky is a ghost. Finally resigned to the fact the three live happily ever after!

So until tomorrow… life is full of surprises and most of us like good surprises too and even scary surprises if they are found in fiction. Being ” fun” scared is a memorable part of our camping experiences and group gatherings as a child!

I am sure I was and am now heading to Tommy and Kaitlyn’s for a fun night! Go Tigers!

Today is my favorite day -Winnie the Pooh

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