Nature’s Divine Healing

Dear Reader:

While watering the garden this morning I noticed that “Cleo” (nickname for clerodendrum) and her one beautiful bloom was almost full. I, also, noticed the contrast between light pink blooms and the darker pink pods not yet open…and I decided it was at its most beautiful right now with the contrast.

I told Vickie (who gave me the plant) to come over and feast her eyes on this gorgeous gift she gave me a couple of years ago. This is the first time it has bloomed. I originally set the pot by the moon flowers (side of my house) but it just wasn’t happy there. So I decided to put it on the Ya Ya bench under the shade of the old oak tree and she has found her home. Location, location, location is the secret to successful gardening.

Besides location, it is also nature’s timing at work that produces the final gorgeous outcome in a plant’s life. One can’t hurry the growth of a plant without risking ruining the final “opening night” (or day) with the highly anticipated bloom (s).

Some of you might have picked up that I haven’t mentioned “Big Red” lately. About two months ago I started noticing that the stems on the plant were turning brown and brittle….even though the leaves and even red blooms were still attached and alive. I tried all my tricks from before but nothing worked.

Finally I asked Chelsey over to look at “Big Red” and see what she thought was the problem. The conclusion: “Big Red” had grown so large with so many blooms all hanging down in front to the porch floor…that it had pulled the major root system out of the soil and it wasn’t getting nutrients to send to the stems.

We couldn’t see the problem initially because”Big Red” was so big and so heavily laden with leaves and blooms it covered up the problem for a long time. We knew we had to cut back drastically and “amputate” the dead stems while re-planting the original root system.

*(“Big Red” asked me not to take a photo and put in the blog, of the way it looks now, until it is feeling better…but I could put in an earlier one when it was still healthy and happy.)


Let’s just say that “Big Red” is a shadow of its former self. Chelsey did the “amputations” because I told her I was too close to the patient. Luke and I literally picked up the whole bench…turned the plant around so the back side could get the sun from under the Bradford Pear. It stayed there for a few weeks while recovering and then a couple of weeks ago we placed it back on the front porch….the place it loves most in the world.

So now we are just waiting….only time and nature will tell the outcome of my beloved “Big Red” who just had it’s tenth birthday on May 31. Because of it’s health condition…all the festivities I had planned were put on hold.

On a brighter note….Chelsey also took about eight or nine cuttings from the surgery and planted them in different containers hoping we could “clone” “Big Red.” At first several looked good but eventually just one out of all of them survived. Whew!

I will have to say I was pretty emotional when Luke and Chelsey brought “Little Red” over to show me last week. The leaves are starting to pop open on the small stem. It looks like “Little Red” is going to make it…our plan B. (I told Chelsey to please keep it and continue nursing it….I would be too anxious and afraid I would over water or something.)

So “Little Red” will continue to grow and get stronger while we hope “Big Red” will start to grow some new stems and make this toughest transition, back to good health, to date. 

I am talking to “Big Red” and encouraging it to fight hard to get its roots strong again…but besides water and occasionally a few sips of “blue soup” I am leaving the healing to nature. Mother Nature is best at that….

Oh my goodness….nature is really working overtime….I heard someone knocking at the door and it was Luke and Chelsey….one of their Barred Plymouth Rock chickens just laid an egg…a little one…but still an egg! Chelsey said to get ready….”EGGS ARE A’ COMING!”

I think the little rabbit I took a picture of a few days ago loves coming into my garden around sunset. He/she was out last evening when I was taking the pictures of Eva Cate’s tree with the solar light on it….she is very friendly and stopped long enough to pose for her picture before scurrying away.

More great news…the hummingbirds have arrived in double digits! (Maybe it is the lower dew point and humidity that brought them out!) At first I thought they was dragonflies coming over for a drink…and then it dawned on me….they were hummingbirds! I can sit in my recliner and watch the hummingbirds and all their funny antics from my Happy Room!

So until tomorrow…These days nature abounds… so even though I am very saddened at “Big Red’s” health struggle I know that nature will take care of everything… just the way it should be.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Last night I went out and sat on the deck steps watching one of those beautiful sunset skies that make you almost ache inside it’s so exquisite.

As I looked out over the garden with its solar lights starting to pop on…I couldn’t help but think it looked like a secret garden caught up in the center of a swirl of pink and blue cotton candy.



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“Witness Trees” to History

Dear Reader:

Today,  historical sites are hiring, not only, professional landscapers and lawn maintenance personnel to maintain the outdoor park areas for millions of tourists annually, but parks are also hiring landscape historians to implement a “Witness Tree Protection Program.” This is especially true of national Civil War battlefields.

July1-3 (1863) are dates in American history connected to the bloodiest battle of the Civil War-Gettysburg. For many years after the park was established….veterans would still turn up, then ancestors of the relatives arrived to share their family stories, but today, 155 years after this battle, it is left up to the trees to remember the story…they are the only witnesses left who were there to validate the carnage up close and personal.

In Gettysburg today…there are 12 “witness trees” that were alive during the battle…making them “living links that help tell the story of the battle. “

One is known as the Sickles tree- named for General Daniel Sickles, a union commander, who met under the tree to decide the fate of his men while considering which action (to move his men forward) they would take.*He actually made his headquarters under this beautiful old white, swamp oak tree. The tree remains remarkably unscathed for being right  next to the battle site.

Inside the Gettysburg Museum (located inside the park) one can see tree trunks riddled with bullets and small cannon balls. Seven million bullets/artillery were shot during the three-day battle. (“Witness Trees” are discovered and validated from photos,  soldiers’ sketches, and cemetery burial maps.)

One tourist commented: “If it did this to a tree, what the heck did they do to each other?”

One famous “witness tree’ observed the most pivotal action of the battle at Gettysburg….Pickett’s Charge. The black walnut was located right in the middle of the skirmish..miraculously surviving to retain the story of what it witnessed inside its leaves, branches, trunks, and roots. This tree is definitely”rooted in history.”

At Antietam, the bloodiest day of the Civil War occurred- 23,000 casualties were recorded. Much of the carnage took place around a bridge, called the Burnside Bridge.


At the time…a small sycamore sapling stood beside the bridge to witness the tragic, incredible loss of life and limb. Somehow this sapling survived and today a beautiful (amazingly tall and strong) sycamore smiles at the beauty and peace that dwells around it. Nowadays there are tourists with cameras and iPhones on the bridge, not soldiers with guns and death. It was a long time coming.

The “Witness Trees” are adding a new perception to history….it is not just some story from the past….history is still alive today.“Trees that once lent shade and comfort to soldiers with just hours to live, that uniquely bring America’s bloody past into the present are still here to tell the stories.”

“Life is still springing from something so tragic…”

(Source: Producer –  CBS Sunday Morning News- Chris St. Peter)

So until tomorrow…”Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little…tree?”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

 Speaking of little trees…Eva Cate’s Japanese Maple is off and running these days…it is hard for me to remember when it was just a little sapling. Its branches are now strong enough to hold a light so I added a solar light lantern to it. *I caught it last evening just as the light came on….and before darkness descended. I don’t need a clock any more when I work in the garden….I just watch all the Japanese maples….my five grandchildren grow and grow. And what stories all five trees will have to tell one day.

Kaitlyn sent me this cutie of Eloise since she kept the baby yesterday for the rest of the family (Walsh, Mollie, and the boys) to go on a boat outing….as usual she was quite happy just being Eloise.




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Religious Tolerance and Freedom…Thank Ben Franklin!

Dear Reader:

The name Ben Franklin always conjures up in my mind adjectives like brilliant, witty, earthy, curious/scientific, patient, folksy, foxy, and flirty. (He really was quite the ladies man even in his old age. Historian and one of the authors of the special Time magazine on the Founding Fathers– Walter Issacson…even called him (humorously) an “incorrigible flirt, going so far as proposing marriage to Madame Helvetius, a free-spirited widow of the French Court.”

The one thing I didn’t know about Benjamin Franklin that surprised me was the great legacy (he left behind) in his belief of religious tolerance. America wasn’t born with that idea…it had to be acquired over time. (The Puritans certainly were intolerant of anybody else but another Puritan.)

Franklin didn’t like the religious intolerance he saw in Boston and by moving to Philadelphia, he was soon surrounded by Lutherans, Moravians, Quakers and Jews, as well as Calvinists. They were all living side by side in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Ben Franklin did not subscribe to a particular religious sect….he simply believed in God, believed in leading a virtuous life, serving the country he loved and hoped to achieve salvation through good works.” He even built a new hall in Philadelphia expressly for the use of “any preacher of any religious persuasion who might desire to say something.”

By the end of his life Franklin had contributed to the building funds of “every religious sect in Philadelphia.

In 1788 during the July 4th celebrations that year… Benjamin Franklin was confined to his bed. In his honor the parade route went right under his window. “For the first time as pre-arranged by Franklin, “the clergy of different Christian denominations, with the rabbi of the Jews, walked arm in arm.”

Amazingly when “he was carried to his grave two years later, his casket was accompanied by all the clergymen of the city, everyone of them, of every faith.”

Ben Franklin was one of those rare people whose actions in life matched his words. He modeled what “religious freedom and tolerance” should look like in daily life in this amazing country he helped found and love.

So until tomorrow…One of my favorite quotes on tolerance that I try to remind myself of when confronted with an “intolerant’ thought…about someone I think is being “intolerant” is this one.

Mollie took the children to the aquarium so Dad could sleep….coming off a night shift and sent me these fun pictures.

Eva Cate made it over to Boo’s yesterday so I told her she could cut the ribbon on the new, secure tree house flooring. (Since she was the one who almost fell completely through the old rotten floor which we didn’t know was that bad until that scary incident.)




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Leading with Our Hearts

Dear Reader:

Haven’t we heard others and ourselves label someone as being nice enough…perhaps too nice…because he/she always leads with their heart instead of their head? (In the South…this comment is usually followed by a negative “Bless her heart.”)

Perhaps that was true when I had to make decisions more based on finances than what my heart wanted to do (or we would have gone bankrupt)…but now that life has settled down somewhat into a steadier financial cycle…I find myself more and more making decisions from the heart. I have finally reached the stage in life where I can fall back on “divine” intuition.

Over the past few years since the creation of my garden…I have quietly been observing nature more closely and finding myself completely fascinated with what appears to be nature’s built-in compasses and built-in survival kits. Without being taught, nature’s living organisms instinctively understand what to do to survive another day.

The birds at my bird feeder take quick little bites of the birdseed and then fly back in the bushes to see if squirrels or other birds are hovering nearby. If the ‘coast is clear’ the bird returns and repeats the same behavior. I have also noticed that the smaller birds, like the carolina wrens, prefer it if a squirrel or larger bird has dropped bird seed on the ground below the feeder….they feel safer eating on the ground than higher up exposed on a swinging bird feeder.

I can’t help but think that what we call instinct in other animals is the same as our intuition…only theirs is sharper. Since God created everything on earth…animals rely solely on their “divine” instincts and I can’t help but feel jealous of their total confidence in it.

We mortals second-guess our intuitions and decision -making processes. We rely on man and workshops to teach us how to become better decision-makers. Haven’t we, somehow, left God out of the equation?

I remember hearing once that “Intuition is knowing what we know without knowing how we know it.” In a sense it is spontaneous knowledge. Even though it is sometimes referred to as a “gut feeling” it actually relies more on the heart than the gut or head.

Intuition is untarnished from past experiences or even outside influences. It allows us the ability to reason out a decision without explanation or justification. Remarkably, these outcomes usually wind up being our best choices…and usually, our wisest, in hindsight.

So until tomorrow…Let us remember to leave behind our self-imposed ‘over-thinking’ decision-making skills and rely more on our heart than our head. God is in our heart and His Guidance is all we need to make the best choice. We must trust our Divinity within.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Went over to Anne’s yesterday afternoon to drop off a meal so she wouldn’t have to bother cooking or cleaning since she and her friend Susan  flew our early this morning….destination Ireland!

She told me she would send my regards to Fungie when they were in Dingle.

Fungie is at least 30 years old now and still going strong.




While at the house…Anne showed me her new yoga room upstairs….very cool with all the psychedelic accessories!

She also showed me this hilarious quote on long friendships that is worth memorizing.

“Old friends disintegrate together – which enlivens the process” (Pam Brown-1928)


Anne’s first moon flower of the evening had popped out while I was there and it looked like two more were bursting at the seams….they must be trying to tell Anne good-bye with a great send-off. I also love Anne’s Mexican sunflowers…(Reminder to self…add some of these next year to the garden!)





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A “Light” Lesson in Weight

Dear Reader:

Sometimes the best lessons (or perhaps reminders) in life stem from some of the simplest daily rituals.

A few years ago I was walking by a neighbor’s house (a few streets over) as she was just pulling into her driveway. She waved me down and wanted to let me know that she was moving to another part of town to live in a smaller house …since she was the only one left to live in her house permanently. She just didn ‘t need that much room any more.

We started talking and I remember telling her how sorry I was to hear of her mother’s passing. She reminded me her mother was over a 100 years old when she died and she had lived a good life. I remember asking what her secret was and my neighbor promptly replied, “Mother always drank a glass of water first thing in the morning before she did anything else. She always swore by its benefits.”

At that time I was going through my first intensive regiment of chemo and the thought of drinking a glass full of water first thing in the morning made me slightly queasy and I soon forgot about the conversation.

Within the last week, however, I have seen this healthy habit materialize in a medical magazine I was reading and also mentioned on a talk show by a doctor. So I have decided to give it a try. I just started Monday and to date I have been able to keep it up (or perhaps down) okay…and it does help cut down on hunger when your stomach is full of water.

About four months ago my medical nemesis (who visited me once before) returned….sciatica. I remember when I first experienced it (2014 after a long surgery) thinking that none of the cancer medical treatments to date came close to the physical pain that shot down my right leg and foot. Ouch!

Quite honestly, aside from physical exercises to try and stretch the muscles in the lower back, leg, and foot…there is no magical pill that gets rid of it. It was the first time in my life that I experienced something that lowered my quality of life …the first time it hurt to sleep, get up, walk, climb in the car, sit….sciatica is just not fun at all. Almost a year to the day it appeared the first time around…it magically disappeared and didn’t return until recently this year.

Unfortunately it seems to like me so well…it wants to continue making a home with me. This time around…it isn’t as intensively painful but it is annoyingly irritating enough to make me limp on bad days and grit my teeth on others. Every now and then it makes me believe it is subsiding and going away…only to pop back up a few days later. Hopefully I will wake up one morning soon…and it will be gone again permanently. Hallelujah for that day!

In the meantime I feel all “stoved up.” I honestly don’t remember where in the world that old expression popped up…I can’t even remember where I would have heard it except maybe from Grandmother Barbour who suffered with a lot of “stoved up” pain. Old-fashioned or not…that is what I have been feeling lately…all “stoved up.” (a phrase used with the meaning of being stiff, physically unable to move around quickly from pain or sore muscles.)

So this “annoyance” along with a few small side effects from my daily oral chemo made me decide that drinking more water….especially a glass first thing in the morning …could not help but benefit the body and it is small price to pay for a healthier habit.

Every morning as I drink it ….I stop half-way and come up for air…always remembering the well-used adage…about the half-full or half-empty glass of water. Yesterday, however, I read a different ‘take’ on a glass of water which I like and need to be reminded of in my life. It goes like this:

The Weight of the Glass

Once upon a time a psychology professor walked around on a stage while teaching stress management principles to an auditorium filled with students.  As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the typical “glass half empty or glass half full” question.  Instead, with a smile on her face, the professor asked, “How heavy is this glass of water I’m holding?”

Students shouted out answers ranging from eight ounces to a couple pounds.

She replied, “From my perspective, the absolute weight of this glass doesn’t matter.  It all depends on how long I hold it.  If I hold it for a minute or two, it’s fairly light.  If I hold it for an hour straight, its weight might make my arm ache a little.  If I hold it for a day straight, my arm will likely cramp up and feel completely numb and paralyzed, forcing me to drop the glass to the floor.  In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it feels to me.”

As the class shook their heads in agreement, she continued, “Your stresses and worries in life are very much like this glass of water.  Think about them for a while and nothing happens.  Think about them a bit longer and you begin to ache a little.  Think about them all day long, and you will feel completely numb and paralyzed – incapable of doing anything else until you drop them.”


How true! I have come to realize if I stay busy and keep up my social/community activities I tend not to concentrate on the sciatica and I experience a much less painful day than when I am at home all day, conscious and  alert to every “ooh” and “ouch!”

So until tomorrow…When we concentrate on others and forget our own concerns don’t our days seem a little brighter, more fulfilled, and less hurtful? So, if you want a two-fold improvement plan, drink all the water from the glass first thing in the morning and the glass “magically” lightens…then concentrate on someone else’s problems and drop your own personal dilemmas.

We can start our day feeling “Light as a feather.”

*And speaking of feathers.…while I was typing away on this blog….we continued having heavy rain showers on and off throughout the day….”Weather fit for a duck” some might even say.

Guess what…I happened to glance outside the window and there marched a mother duck with four or five little ducklings trailing behind her right down my driveway to the back yard. (*I took this picture quickly through the glass window and screen…so it looks rather abstract but I think you can get a glimpse of what I saw.)

I literally ran out to the back yard and somehow the ducks had mysterious disappeared. I was disappointed but when I came back in I realized I had not felt any pain in my right leg while, excitedly, running outside to see the ducks. Concentrate on others and delightful experiences and forget thinking about ourselves…by dropping our problems instead of ruminating on them

*If I could have had just a few seconds to prepare for the unlikely scene of a mother mallard and her little ones marching down my driveway….I could have made a new cover picture for the beloved children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh






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Taking a Moment to Thank George Washington!

Dear Reader:

The history teacher in me wouldn’t let me walk out of Walgreens Tuesday without a copy of this special Time magazine…featuring our Founding Fathers. Before leaving for the July the Fourth family gathering in Mt. Pleasant yesterday afternoon,  I relaxed and read most of the articles in it. (*I confess I am a history nerd.)

Two thoughts jumped out at me (after reading the articles)…two explanations as to how miraculously this country was created. Timing and George Washington...a man adored and revered his entire life. (Unanimously elected President twice…this has never been repeated.)

A man who could have stayed President until his death, but he turned it down and explained why terms should be limited for fear of too much power promoting a dictator or king….exactly what we had fought against.

Stepping down voluntarily from such a powerful leadership role had never happened before….other monarchs, royalty and self-imposed dictators watched (open-mouthed) in true amazement… waiting for some kind of political ploy to reveal itself…it never did. George Washington just went quietly back home to Mt. Vernon…the place he loved the most in the world, and voluntarily disappeared out of the limelight.

*Washington was the “rarest of creatures, the indispensable figure who declared himself disposable.

“The Founders’ signature achievement, the United States Constitution, is endlessly invoked-most times, one suspects, by people who haven’t read a single word of it, save for scraps of the Second and Fifth amendments. 

The phrase, “What the Founding Fathers intended” rips off the tongues of politicians, pundits, and other partisans, typically adapted for their own purposes and, perhaps, without the faintest notion of-well… what the Founding Fathers really intended.”

Where I, personally, see Divine Intervention, in the creation of the country I love and adore, is in the amazing assembly of talent and intellect, whom we call our Founding Fathers. “The Founders weren’t saints, but they were visionaries who created a radically new form of self-government.” 

What is even more amazing is that this group was made up of aristocratic, educated men, who did believe in a nation where its citizens were allowed the personal freedoms we take so for granted today.

“To be sure they were awesome-in the real sense of the word, a remarkable roster of talent. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, James Madison and a deep bench of other visionary thinkers all at the same time.”

No one could have planned such an assembly of brilliance and forethought…arriving all at the same time in history? Coincidence or a God Wink? “The brilliance of their thought, the creativity of their politics and their ability to combine the two have been without equal.”

(*Just think about the timing here….with the exception of Lincoln…we had only mediocre Presidents in succession following the early Founding Father Presidents….can you imagine a James Buchanan or a Millard Fillmore stepping up to the plate to create a new nation? Timing really is everything!)

As one can only imagine with the Founding Fathers, however…(with such genius in one room)….ego’s ran amuck of many issues. Thankfully, amid this divisiveness,  and fortunately this nation was blessed with a supremely magnetic and unifying figure in the form of George Washington.

“In our cynical and polarized age it’s almost impossible to imagine someone so universally admired.”

Historian Joseph J. Ellis wrote:

“If there was a Mount Olympus in early American history, Washington stood at the top, and all the rest of the founders were scattered further down the slope.”

It was Washington’s “benevolent humility” that made him a magnet and role-model for others to follow…though most have fallen far short.

One last “Washington” thought I will leave everyone with today to ponder…“Washington also believed leaders should hover above petty political squabbles and instead play the long game, eyes only focused on the national interest.”


“Natural” Decorations for the Fourth!

For me the meaning behind the freedoms bestowed on us…have been reflected in the giving and receiving of gifts from my neighbors. It started with Vickie bringing me the best tomatoes of the season yet…they melted in my mouth! Someone at the club brings them weekly and she received some that were left over and shared with me.

Susan and her young son Davis, rang the doorbell Monday night and Davis had helped his mom make me a little apple tart. It was so sweet…both the giving and the wonderful taste….delicious!

Then Tuesday afternoon I ran over two pre-July the 4th “picnic” plates filled with chicken salad sandwiches, pickles, fruit, chips, and a cookie for Luke and Chelsey, for helping me with  replacing high ceiling recessed light bulbs and nursing some of my ailing plants back to good health.

So until tomorrow…I hope everyone had a wonderful day and took a few minutes to thank those who went before us…and thank those who live beside us!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Memories of July 4 2018! It rained most of the morning but cleared up yesterday afternoon just in time for all the festivities. Another family gathering that puts smiles on a proud grandmother’s face!

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Having Fun on the Fourth!

Dear Reader:

I decided to forgo any serious, personal commentaries on freedom and our country this Independence Day, but selected instead, humor for this Fourth of July. Sometimes when the times we live in and the images we live with are so emotionally daunting…time taken to be with family, to laugh and love, is exactly what we need. Because in essence, isn’t that why our country was created…at such a high cost of lives…so that we could gather on this special day with the ones we love best to remember the sacrifices of so many… for so many.

When I came across this adorable little anecdote I knew I just had to share it with you today…right now. I hope you enjoy it, re-tell it, and just have a wonderful Fourth of July!

A Parable for the Fourth of July

(Author Unknown)

Once, in the 1820’s, a little boy called Sam was playing in the yard behind his house. During his pretend fighting game, he knocked over the outhouse. 

Now Sam was upset and worried that he would get into trouble so he ran into the woods and didn’t come out until after it gotten dark. When he arrived back home, his pappy was waiting for him.

He asked suspiciously, “Son, did you knock over the outhouse this afternoon?”

“No, pappy,” Sam lied.

“Well, let me tell you a story,” said the father. “Once, not that long ago, a young boy named George Washington, received a shiny new ax from his father.  

Excited, he tried it out on a tree, swiftly cutting it down. But as he looked at the tree, with dismay, he realized it was his mother’s favorite cherry tree.”

His pappy paused. ” Just like you, he ran into the woods. When he returned, his pappy asked, ‘George, did you cut down the cherry tree?’ George answered with, ‘Father, I cannot tell a lie. I did indeed chop down the tree.’ 

Then his father said, ‘Well, since you were honest with me, you are spared from punishment.”I hope you have learned your lesson.” 

“So,” Sam’s father asked again,” did you knock down the outhouse?”

“Pappy, I cannot tell a lie any more.” said the little boy. “I did indeed knock down the outhouse.”

Then his pappy proceeded to spank Sam red, white, and blue.

The boy whimpered, “Pappy, I told you the truth! Why did you spank me?”


Pappy answered, “Because George Washington’s father wasn’t in the tree when he chopped it down!”



I hope you got a chuckle or two from this story. I, also, love these cartoons and hope they bring a few more laughs today.

I think most of us remember hearing that the Chinese first invented fireworks. But did you know, like so many other inventions, is was by mistake. Apparently they were burning bamboo…when the popping noises first started that would eventually lead into the modern fireworks of today.

You know how much I complain about the vastness of bamboo across the poor little fence, between my rental neighbors and my garden… that is going to cave in any day now under the weight. I keep control of the bamboo popping up daily on my side of the fence but time is definitely not on my side.

I was thinking that if lightning was to accidentally hit that forest of bamboo I would go down in local history as having the biggest fireworks ever in our little town!

So until tomorrow….Father thank you for love and family…for the food we enjoy on special holidays. Let us be ever mindful of the farmers, gardeners, and grocers who make it all possible. Blessings to one and all.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*My garden provided my own red, white, and blue flowers for this special holiday… while a  Summerville antique shop showed us that sometimes the beauty is all in the creative containers.

Some flowers, both inside and out, just stand on their own, no special colors needed…a holiday of simple beauty…free to be gorgeous!

I am heading over to Mandy and John’s for our family picnic gathering…just being with the children and grandchildren is all I need to remind me how blessed I am to live in this country. I pray that we allow others to have this same experience!

P.S. Our neighborhood did get a thunderstorm around mid-afternoon yesterday, the first day of Dog Days.…so I am hoping the Old Farmers Almanac is right…according to their predictions that means we will get a shower every day during the Dog Days season! I wouldn’t have to water all summer! One can only hope!


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