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At Christmas….Do We Peep or Peek?

Dear Reader: I absolutely love this whimsical painting of Santa Claus paying homage to the Baby Jesus. The question is: Is Santa peeking at Him or peeping at the Christ Baby? Do we try to peep at our presents or … Continue reading

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Following the Christmas Lights

Dear Reader: Today is the last day of November. The month has flown so fast…it has become a blur. When Walsh and Mollie and the children stopped by Wednesday evening…they brought me this live miniature fir tree as an early … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is Over…and the Waiting Begins

Dear Reader: After a bustling Pre-holiday gathering… Thanksgiving was sedately satisfying. I pieced together some items from a home-cooked ‘ma and pa’ restaurant and added my Thanksgiving string bean casserole… bingo! The two plates were ready. Ben and I had … Continue reading

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“A Lick and a Promise” at Thanksgiving

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Dear Reader: The pumpkin lucks up with longevity in fall since it can be displayed for autumn in general, Halloween, and Thanksgiving…but after today (lots of pumpkin pies, lattes, breads disappear from the stores)…Mr. Pumpkin (decor) is … Continue reading

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A Tisket, A Tasket…Final Fall Leaves Fell In My Basket

Dear Reader: When I checked on my plants and trees yesterday morning for the second time…there was stunning beauty and sadness intermingled. At 8:30 a.m. the title photo is how the basket hanging off Eva Cate’s Japanese Maple looked. A … Continue reading

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Why So Late?

Dear Reader: Yesterday we touched on the subject of why Thanksgiving is so late without a good explanation  so I did my homework ….Why is it so late? We have to go all the way back to 1939 when Franklin … Continue reading

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Retail Christmas is Giving Thanksgiving a Little Shove This Year

Dear Reader: Mr. Turkey must feel (this year) like his fifteen minutes of fame is turning into 15 seconds! It is like people are trying to figure out when to serve Thanksgiving dinner….early, middle, or late in the day so … Continue reading

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