Think About it…Will the Love You Take in Life = the Love You Make?

Dear Reader:

I love reminiscing through the Maine photo book Anne gave me, recently, as a gift from the last adventure we shared in her ‘neck of the woods.’

One day, in particular, stands out in my memory…I was sitting up front with Sherri (in her big red GMC truck)… she was a long-time friend of Anne’s, while Anne sat in the back and laughed her head off at us ‘fighting that uncivil war‘ one more time with our “peculiar” accents. It was hard to keep a straight face the whole day we were on this excursion… as we each mimicked the other’s MA vs. SC expressions.

Our first stop was to a blueberry field near Sherri’s home…I remember Sherri’s bursting into song singing the last few words of Strawberry Fields by the Beatles…but she sang (quite loudly) the word “blueberry” ….at first I thought she was just kidding…since we were in “blueberry” country… but when I realized she was serious…I couldn’t let her go through life thinking it was “Blueberry Fields Forever”! 🙂

The episode just got funnier and funnier…Anne and I had to google it to convince Sherri she had the title and  lyrics wrong the whole time.

*However…after looking at this photo Anne took…the fields did look more like strawberry fields with their reddish tint. (It was fall and after the blueberries have been picked and the  crop has been gathered, the fields do take on a red hue.)

It isn’t, however, the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields that I wanted to highlight today… but a slightly lesser known song from the Beatles last album…Abbey Road.

The famous cover shows the four young musicians from Liverpool crossing Abbey Road…walking away from the studio where so many of their songs were created ….the only song they needed to finish that day was appropriately called “The End.”

This one phrase from that song (that featured musical solos from all the talented musicians) ended their time together.

Named after the road on which they did most of their recording, Abbey Road was the Beatles’ final album. Along with two of George Harrison’s finest songs, the highlight is the medley which takes up the majority of the second side.

The album has been featured on several “best of” lists, including a rank of #14 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and the album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1995.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the lyrics collectively, but it was Paul McCartney who wrote the famous line that expressed his love for the journey they had all taken together. Today there is a plaque in Liverpool with his famous line on it.

I can think of no more fitting tribute on how to live our lives. Think about it…”The love you take is equal to the love you make.” We need to spend our time on earth bringing as much joy and love to each other as we can we can take that same amount of love with us into the next life.

*Last night I remembered that the first year we moved to Laurens, 1964, was the year the Beatles arrived in America with a bang…“I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” I sang it badly, every morning, on the way to Laurens High School where I was a freshman.

I made new friends quickly because of that song…we would pass notes in freshman math class citing which Beatle was our favorite and tally the results each day. (Mine was Paul!)

Reflecting back on those fun times of my youth…little did I know that this song would later take on new meaning…When it would be God’s hand…that I wanted to hold… I did…and do…still tightly today.

So until tomorrow….

Since God is LOVE…I think we can add…an extra line…“All you need is God.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh





About Becky Dingle

I was born a Tarheel but ended up a Sandlapper. My grandparents were cotton farmers in Laurens, South Carolina and it was in my grandmother’s house that my love of storytelling began beside an old Franklin stove. When I graduated from Laurens High School, I attended Erskine College (Due West of what?) and would later get my Masters Degree in Education/Social Studies from Charleston Southern. I am presently an adjunct professor/clinical supervisor at CSU and have also taught at the College of Charleston. For 28 years I taught Social Studies through storytelling. My philosophy matched Rudyard Kipling’s quote: “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Today I still spread this message through workshops and presentations throughout the state. The secret of success in teaching social studies is always in the story. I want to keep learning and being surprised by life…it is the greatest teacher. Like Kermit said, “When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot.”
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2 Responses to Think About it…Will the Love You Take in Life = the Love You Make?

  1. Rachel Edwards says:

    I laughed when I read the beginning of the blog because my best friend from home had the coolest Dad…he was an assistant principal and all of us hung out at their home …it was a safe but fun haven with a ping pong table on the porch abd pkenty of frozen pizzas in the fridge. He would sing the song “Bad Bad Leroy Brown…badest man in the whole downtown” Libby and I tried forever to tell him that was not right …but to him it was because I never heard him say one bad word…and he liked the somg so it mafe it work…and he certsinly.certainly gave a lot of love in so many wsys to a lot of teenagers who.filled his home everyday.


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