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Don’t Take without Giving in Return

Dear Reader: Fall, unofficially, fell for us yesterday…we woke up to temps in the high sixties and most of the morning and early afternoon stayed in the low seventies…it felt so good to be alive yesterday.  There was hope in … Continue reading

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The People God Places in Connection with Us…by Time or Place

Dear Reader: I keep reminding myself these days… when the world’s problems seem too overwhelming to contemplate, much less take action on, that we are continuously reminded by people like St. Augustine that we don’t have to travel the world … Continue reading

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So Many Daily Decisions…So Many Alternative Outcomes

Dear Reader: “In mythology, the three Fates were goddesses who handed out destiny at birth, weaving a future that each mortal would be forced to live out inexorably—the concept of fate serving for many as a necessary explanation for the … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Memories…

Dear Reader: I am home. There were some unexpected twists and turns over the weekend…mostly dealing with little Jake…will catch you up tomorrow….just so glad I was there and could help out. These days when I am called in to … Continue reading

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There are No Short-Cuts in Life

Dear Reader: I always loved listening to Wayne Dryer’s talk and stories….he was a self-made man growing up in orphans and foster homes. He walked the walk in his life to find his true self, his calling… and then stopped … Continue reading

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” Stories Help Us Become More Whole…to be Named”

Dear Reader: Stories really do name everything in our universe, don’t they?Without stories there would be no memories of names. Think about stories of ancestors and relatives who came before you….perhaps as a child you over-heard stories about crazy Aunt … Continue reading

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Summerville’s own Erma Bombeck…Jo!

Dear Reader: The other day when we talked about a “life well loved” and how fitting that would be as a final compliment to anyone’s life…I was privy to one of Jo Dufford’s “Erma Bombeck’s” humorous perspectives on life. I … Continue reading

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