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“In This World of Give and Take”…

Dear Reader: Yesterday was filled with unexpected waves coming in on a continuous basis. The picture of this “Live Oak” (in the same tree lineage as the famous Angel Oak on John’s Island) lies in Ben’s friend, Rick Mariner’s, … Continue reading

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The Blessings Bench

Dear Reader: I was actually sitting on my old yellow garden bench yesterday morning when I was able to capture this beautiful picture of a butterfly (moth, Cindy?) in my garden….and I thought of all my blessings. This thought led … Continue reading

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How Can We Appreciate the Light if We’re Never Exposed to the Darkness?

Dear Reader: After ending the blog, Saturday evening, with this photo taken on the way home from the Back-to-School party at John and Mandy’s…it got me thinking about the skies and how too much light or too much darkness causes … Continue reading

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Moving on Up…Yet Memories Abound

Dear Reader: Yesterday reality hit hard….Luke and Chelsey are moving. Not far, mind you, maybe five minutes away…but we all know that there is a big difference in seeing your neighbor every day and/or visiting with them occasionally. Luke says … Continue reading

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When the First and the Last Stories Come Full Circle

Dear Reader: Isn’t this a wondrous idea? Jo sent me a copy of it (title sketch) which I was finally able to open on my Messenger. (it is acting up.) I began thinking that as many stories as I told … Continue reading

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Hanging by a Thread

( Painting/PX by Artist Errol Jameson) Dear Reader: A few days ago I read one of the articles from Awakin Weekly..titled “Grateful for Nothing.” (Now that is a phrase catcher that will draw one to the explanation behind it.) I usually … Continue reading

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“I Will Be Your Friend”

Dear Reader: Some of you might have caught this story on the CBS Evening News earlier this week but I just discovered it on my Kindness website. Sometimes I wish that one child could be assigned to each elected representative … Continue reading

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