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Weighing in with God’s Guidance

  Dear Reader: Isn’t this quilt gorgeous? Many talented women in our church worked long and hard to create symbols of our church as a memento to our hard-working, talented Associate Pastor, who is leaving us. Sunday was our Associate … Continue reading

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Life is a Beautiful Struggle

Dear Reader: The older I get the more I realize how true this statement is: “Life is a beautiful struggle.” The harder we have to fight to maintain life the more beautiful it becomes. It starts to manifest itself through … Continue reading

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A Memory of Birth and Morning Glories

Dear Reader: I have always been drawn to morning glories and I find myself walking over to the side fence to check on the ones planted beside it each morning. They are really growing and spreading…each bloom a purple vision … Continue reading

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“We Gather Together”

Dear Reader: The old hymn, “We Gather Together”¬† is most often associated with Thanksgiving or a way to sing “grace” before a meal with a large gathering or group. Yesterday, as I watched the proceedings, in my cool air-conditioned house…of … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Own Our Own Story…Now!

Dear Reader: Brene Brown, Ph.D. (The Gifts of Imperfection) has observed and identified the one single thing¬†that separates the men and women who feel a deep sense of love and belonging from those who don’t…the belief in their worthiness. In … Continue reading

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“There is a Little Chapel in the Woods”

Dear Reader: Yesterday I was scrolling through some documents…still trying to attempt to clean some out when I came across the title of today’s blog and had forgotten all about this little poem I wrote about the chapel several years … Continue reading

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Just Sharing Some Rambling Thoughts…

Dear Reader: I have lived long enough to realize that after every major storm there comes a time of stillness and intense beauty. I have lived through several hurricanes, including Hugo….and I , now, realize that all destructive forces have … Continue reading

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