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We All Need a Good Dose of Christmas Childhood Faith and Hope

Dear Reader: Yesterday afternoon this story popped up from one of several ¬†devotions that come to me daily…I don’t remember ever signing up for them but they do seem to appear at the right time for me. This little short … Continue reading

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Wandering Thoughts of Wonder while Writing about Christmas

  Dear Reader: For three months I wandered in my imagination (while reclining with my foot up on top of so many pillows… I felt like “The Princess and the Pea“) wondering what my next car would look like…most likely … Continue reading

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P.J’s, Purgatory, and a Christmas Miracle

Dear Reader: What a mixed bag of emotions Thursday was…blustery, rainy weather…an oncology appointment…and then everything changed! The photos above were actually taken in the morning (Friday morning)…not at night… because yesterday everyone was having a P.J. Christmas party at … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Christmas Cards from the Past

Dear Reader: Today is the winter solstice…the shortest day of the year. (thus it is sometimes called the Longest Night of the year) On this day the sun is at its lowest arc and appears to “stand still”…which is Latin … Continue reading

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Christmas and the Magic Pencil

Dear Reader: A good friend of mine, Brooks Moore, a (mostly) retired educator after 45 years in the “business,” sent me a copy of his book titled: Chalk Talk: 30 Stories that will touch your funny bone and heart. Vickie … Continue reading

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Seeing Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

Dear Reader: What fun yesterday was! Honey was the first to stop by to pick up the Apple Tree stand but she had to leave before Mollie and Eloise arrived. Thank goodness we were all able to reconnect later in … Continue reading

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Father Knows Best

Dear Reader: There are probably a good handful of us ‘baby boomers’ out there who still remember growing up with the popular series “Father Knows Best.”¬†It aired from 1954 to 1960 and immediately went into syndication with the closing of … Continue reading

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