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I Got Spooked!

Dear Reader: This cartoon pretty much sums up my day yesterday. I don’t have time or energy to explain further  ….let’s just say it was a long, painful day which would have been pretty downright disastrous except for Harvey, Doodle, … Continue reading

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Learning to Walk by Faith, not Feeling

Dear Reader: It is really happening…”Big Red”s clone (“Little Red”) has a bud that is oh, so close to opening…a hint of red is peeking out. When Luke saw it he ran back inside to bring the whole pot to … Continue reading

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Finding Fall…Through Me…Through You

Dear Reader: Yesterday was such a lovely day. Tommy and his friend, Haynes, participated in a fundraiser golf game for one of Tommy’s golf mentors when he was learning the game back in high school…Tommy Cuthbert. Cuthbert was a Summerville … Continue reading

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An Early Welcome to November…

Dear Reader: I want to thank all of you who reassured me (through your texts and emails) that (especially here in the lowcountry)  fall has not fallen, leaves aren’t turning…autumn is waiting on me to be able to go outside. I … Continue reading

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The Day Shined Brighter…Even with the Rain

Dear Reader: The rains came down yesterday but the pain in my foot stopped while I slept Thursday night…Hallelujah! And even when Doodle helped me put on that pressure legging…it didn’t start hurting. Whew…an answer to my prayers! My day … Continue reading

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Boo Hoo…a Challenging Day

Dear Reader: As wonderful as Wednesday was yesterday… Thursday spiraled downhill quickly. Doodle came over to help change and pack the wound (Thank you God for her and her strong constitution to yucky things)…my wonderful nurse Bobbie had walked us … Continue reading

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We Need the Gardener’s Care

Dear Reader: What a difference a day makes! My first incoming message, yesterday morning, was from wonderful Stephanie, my Horace Mann agent, who informed me my settlement check would arrive Friday by Fed-Ex. Now I have something to look forward … Continue reading

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