Be back on Thursday

Dear Reader:

The plans of mice and men and Ya’s and floods ( including bullfrogs) often go astray- long story but hope to back in action Thursday October 8!
Believe me I have missed all of you but know that I am not alone but with the best of friends!
Please say a prayer for Jackson who lost her home in the Columbia floods!

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I’ll Be Back Soon…

Conditions at Edisto prevented me from getting home yesterday. Hope to get home soon. Everyone take care! Lots of stories are coming!

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Searching for Sunday


Dear Reader:

Searching for Sunday is the book that our Sunday School class is studying this year. We have just started into the first couple of chapters and I find it interesting that I am relating to a young author (about my children’s ages-30’s) dubbed, collectively,  the ‘millennials.’

These are the young people who came of age around the year 2000 and the group that is leaving the church in droves. It is estimated that eight million millennials will depart before they turn thirty.

This is the group who is tired of ” culture wars and religious entanglement with party politics and power.” They don’t want to have to choose between science  and religion or intellectual integrity and faith. They want to talk about the “tough stuff”- Biblical interpretation, religious pluralism, sexuality, racial reconciliation and social justice with no “cop outs” and/or simplistic responses.

Rachel Evans explains that her generation wants to “bring their own selves through the church doors, without leaving their hearts and minds behind, without wearing a mask.” And, contrary to popular belief…they don’t want to be entertained with band music, and fog machines.

Evans points out, like many of us, she is hanging on to Christianity with her fingernails…but she is hanging on and doing it tightly. As much as she once thought that she wanted to try Christianity alone…she has since realized that she needs a community …a church to support her in her journey of faith.

Well-known author, Barbara Brown Taylor, puts it: ” In an age of information overload…the last thing any of us needs is more information about God. We need the practice of incarnation, by which God saves the lives of those whose intellectual assent has turned them dry as dust, who have run frighteningly low on the bread of life, who are dying to know more God in their bodies. Not more about God. More God!

It was that last statement that touched the essence of my own personal search for God. We want to feel God in us or like Psalm 34:8 says: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.

For me…it is finding that illusive “Bic lighter” to ignite the Divine Spark found in each of us. To find the portal that leads to our soul (covered and hidden by our body) and let the light out to shine on our fellowman throughout our life.

So until tomorrow…Help us Father find the Divine Spark within us that will let “our little light shine” in the darkness.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh
IMG_7391 (1)

*Since last Thursday I have been at Edisto with the Ya’s but also with several other Erskine classmates for a mini-Erskine Reunion. Beach houses were rented out with the goal of catching up on old friendships.

IMG_6926So if I haven’t responded to your comments or emails or donations….I’m BACK and you are my first priority now! Tomorrow’s blog will be filled with old college memories and new ones…


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When Indian Summer Gives in to Autumn

IMG_7565 (1)

Dear Reader:

Can’t we just feel the transition in the air now between Indian Summer and Autumn? I feel the change around me in every one of my senses…smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch.

If you have ever wondered exactly what Indian Summer means and its origin ….wonder no longer. Indian summer is a term often used to describe a warm, calm spell of weather that occurs in autumn…usually between the end of September through November.

The exact origins of the phrase are uncertain, several writers have speculated it may originally have referred to a spell of warm, hazy autumn conditions that allowed Native American Indians to continue hunting.

Whatever the origin of the phrase, it evidently first was used in the eastern United States. The first recorded use of the phrase appears in a letter written by a Frenchman called John de Crevecoeur dated 17 January 1778. In his description of the Mohawk country he writes “Sometimes the rain is followed by an interval of calm and warm which is called the Indian summer.”

Our interval, following these past rainy days, has brought us slightly cooler weather which feels more like autumn than Indian Summer….though, as we all know, temperature is relative to location and in most of the United States…our seventies weather would certainly be considered Indian Summer for our northern state-mates.

All I know is that I am loving it and all the sensations of fall that are falling around me. As I type with my window wide open I can hear the rustle of leaves and especially the pinging noise of acorns hitting the pavement/driveway outside my window.

I have a new friend….Skippy the Squirrel. Every afternoon he comes looking for acorns and I can hear him munching before I actually see him with my eyes.

He makes me chuckle with his funny antics….especially one afternoon last week when the acorns were still attached to a fallen branch. He had to pick the whole limb up with leaves and acorns still intact and  push it against a tree to get the momentum to pry the acorns free from the limb. Smart Skippy!

I like writing October…it is something about starting a word with an ‘O’ that feels like a sled flying down a snowy slope. Don’t we remember, in school, practicing writing words in cursive and feeling that wonderful flow and rhythm with certain words. I sure do.

A word starting with a ‘L’ was always my favorite. I remember writing words like lovely, longevity, laughter, and longingly. I enjoyed writing my address…especially the town and state….Laurens, South Carolina. I always slanted the ‘L’ words to the right, as if a strong breeze had suddenly come up and pushed them a little off-kilter in that direction.

*Don’t get me started on the cessation of teaching cursive handwriting in public schools….my tirade can be scary. How will children ever feel the flow of words again…how will they ever be able to read historical first-hand accounts like the original Declaration of Independence or Preamble to the Constitution. What are educators thinking? Whew…okay…I have stopped. I feel better…got that off my chest!

Transitions periods, whether seasonal or personal, can leave us feeling somewhat unsettled and unsure. These intervals are like the lines between two dots on either end….we know we need to find a starting point and an ending point…but we aren’t sure how long the transitional line will or should last.

Like Skippy the Squirrel, sometimes we just have to problem-solve our way to the next ending point where hopefully a reward is waiting.

So until tomorrow…Transition periods are like bridges….no matter how intimidating they might appear…we must learn to cross them to get to the rewards of the next stage in our lives. And believe me…the stage I am in right now…surpasses my wildest dreams!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Honey sent me this picture of Indian Summer with all the beautiful oranges by a local artist James Davis from Lake Lure, NC….it expresses what Indian Summer should be.

IMG_7569 (1)




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Saying “I Love You” is a Conversation, not a Message.


Dear Reader:

When I first read the title quote…I paused and re-read it. Love is a conversation, not a message (original quote by Douglas Stone.) I needed to think on this a minute.

The quote accompanied a short story titled : “Unspoken Love” by Emily King in Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul. Puzzled I picked up  the book and began the story…then I understood the quote.

Don’t you love my rose bush by the fence? It isn’t my rose bush, however, it is my neighbor Vickie’s rose bush. She had been given it by another colleague at work (since Vickie has a well-earned reputation as a woman with a BIG GREEN THUMB,)

The problem was that her yard doesn’t get enough light for roses…so she asked me about planting it at the end of my driveway so that she could see it from her front yard. More importantly, to me, without a green thumb, Vickie could apply emergency measures if the rose bush needed something that I was clueless about… so far the plan has worked.

Vickie is an early riser…I am more of a moderate one…but many a morning (since acquiring the rose bush) I have seen Vickie cutting stems, buds, fertilizing, or watering it, as needed.

This leaves me in a great position…I get to enjoy it without worrying about killing it…either over-watering, cutting back stems at the wrong time, etc.

Vickie is a quiet soul and she is a jewel of a neighbor…she just quietly goes about making our street look better for her being on it. She’s not afraid of hard work and her yard shows it. Her love of gardening speaks loudly even if she doesn’t. It tells us how much she cares for us and our neighborhood.

Vickie, like Dave, in the short story, is a person of few words. But from both of them I have come to understand the quote.

“Saying  “I love you” is a conversation, not a message.” Douglas Stone

“Unspoken Love”

Emily knew when she married Dave that he was a man of few words. Their marriage was a strong one but both did have their own opinions…like when it came to roses. Dave had little use for rose bushes and Emily treasured them.

Dave felt like they demanded too much tedious care ( pruning, spraying, mulching, and fertilizing) while Emily considered every minute of their care well worth the results…and the fragrance.

One winter Emily fell in love with the idea of an English rose garden while going through a catalogue, she worked hard setting it up in the spring and diligently watered all summer.

It was in the fall that she began to feel pain in her lower stomach. Day by day it increased in intensity until she was forced to see a doctor. After several tests she got the call to come in for the results and bring her husband.

She had colon cancer. The plan was surgery first followed by six months of chemotherapy.

She only had a week to let her family and friends know before the surgery took place. A month later she was home and lying on the sofa listening to the weather report. Possible snow and bitter cold temperatures.

Oh no” Emily moaned, “I never did get the roses mulched.”

Dave said nothing, but following the weather forecast, the practical handyman said, “I’d better go winterize the outside faucets” and headed towards the garage.

A few minutes later, Emily hobbled to the kitchen sink for a glass of water and noticed Dave in the back yard where her roses were planted. He was carefully heaping mulch around every rose plant.

She smiled and watched her quiet husband say, “I love you.” Sometimes words aren’t needed at all.


So until tomorrow…Love comes in all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of sounds…but the best kind of love can sometimes be found in silence.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

  • Two weeks from tomorrow Legally Pink is off and walking/running towards the goal of eliminating breast cancer. We are over halfway to our goal of 1500 for the team…and to break our previous record if possible.
  • Thank everyone, who has donated so far…your generosity exceeds anything I have seen.
  • Here is the donation info/procedure for your convenience. Bless you!images (1)

Mail to:

Susan G. Komen Lowcountry Race for the Cure – 50 Folly Road Charleston, SC 29407

Electronic donation:

( Put the name of a specific team member if you wish to make a specific donation or just Legally Pink…it all goes towards the final team goal…either way. *My name and Anne Peterson’s name are on the roster…but we have an icon popping up instead of our name…obviously some kind of tech glitch…but we are there!)

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Lost in Autumn…


Dear Reader:

I love when you discover the story behind the story that you are reading. This happened just recently to me.

gardenspells-lgF21853633._UY109_irst Frost and Garden Spells literally put me under a spell with a new author who I like a lot… named Sarah Addison Allen. Her mixture of magic and reality, fantasy and familiar, in her stories, told me that I had found another soul sister who thinks and dreams like me.

lostlake-lgAfter finishing the first two books…I read another novel she had written a year or so ago called Lost Lake – the synopsis lured me back into into the world of faith and unexplained delights in life…(For me-God Winks.)

It wasn’t until I had finished reading it (which I liked very much) that I noticed another personal story within her Acknowledgements at the end of the book.

allen-thumb-wallace“In early 2011, I was surprised by a diagnosis of advanced-stage breast cancer. I couldn’t see it then, but that year of horrible change brought me to an amazing place in my life. But I didn’t get there alone.

She goes on to thank everyone in her life…. family, friends, editors, and publishers who walked this detour with her. Suddenly I realized why I  felt such an affinity to this author so early on. We shared another bond of sisterhood…breast cancer.

She’s right…we can’t do it alone and one t-shirt I discovered this year on-line explains just that…. I have already decided that this was and is the important lesson in battling any health issue…we can’t do it alone. (* I have my t-shirt, walking shoes, and pants already laid out…Bring it on!)


Lost Lake was Allen’s first book after her hiatus to fight breast cancer…For the past two years she has been in remission. No wonder, again, why I felt such a sense of kindred spirit.

It became obvious from the title and the story of lost “souls” coming together at Lost Lake (to re-discover themselves)  that this novel was partly autobiographic.

When we are confronted with a sudden, unexpected obstacle, along our journey, it forces us into an unplanned and unknown detour. We do feel lost, wondering if the detour is a dead-end or will it reconnect to the main highway of life farther down the road?

Through one of her main characters…Allen expresses her attitude towards this medical obstacle in her life when she says:

“She took a deep breath and stood up. When your cup is empty, you do not mourn what is gone. Because if you do, you will miss the opportunity to fill it again.”

Monday night I went to the author’s Facebook site and wrote out some of the feelings I just shared with you. I, also, shared a God Wink with her. I sent her a drawing of “Devin.”

One of the characters in the book is a little eight-year-old child named Devin…a girl who lives her life in a world of fantasy,,, always wearing fairy wings, rain boots (rain or shine) with tiaras and/or feathers (she has found along the wooded paths) in her hair.

I thought to myself…where have I seen an image… just like the description of this child recently. Bingo! Kaitlyn’s birthday card to me.

IMG_7487 (1)

So until tomorrow…it is only when a cup is empty that new possibilities arise to re-fill it.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*It is October 1…the first day of October. I am sad to see September go…she was such a lady and a lot of fun…but I like Miss October too…I just hope she won’t fly by as fast her predecessor.

IMG_7563Say Rabbit and good luck will follow you all month!





*Readers…be careful…I was almost a victim of a scam last night…

I had a Facebook request from a close friend asking to be a friend again on Facebook… I thought that was strange….because she is already on my Facebook as a friend…

In the next message “she” was telling me that she had received a large sum of money from a federal agency (Dept of Health and Human Services) and saw my name on the list too…

Of course initially I got excited but then when I tried to call her no one was home.

The  Facebook “friend” gave me a name to contact about the awards and asked if I needed his information….but instead I called my friend’s home. As soon as the scammer realized I had called my real friend…I got a no acceptance message back from whoever. The name of the “Agent” who was supposed to help me was an Agent Richard Collins, Sr. Beware!

*These crooks are using Facebook friends to contact you. Thank you John for helping me through this scam. John also sent this link from a  CBS news cast on this latest scam.


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Feeling Down? Look Up!


Source: National Cathedral : Sculptor: Herbert S. Houck –  Background Info: From the sculptor’s family history comes the story of his ancestor discovering President Lincoln (in a wooded area) on his knees praying before delivering the Gettysburg Address. 

Dear Reader:

We all have those “down days” when we intuitively realize we need to look up for solace and solution…while falling down on our knees.

We wonder why  rain must fall in everyone’s life. Lincoln, also prayed about this and made this one astute observation:

“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had no where else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”

We can all identify with President Lincoln’s lament, can’t we?

For the first time, in a long time, I went back to the devotional, Jesus Calling, and discovered a different perception on those “down” days which we, always, want to wish away, forget, and leave behind in our memories.. while searching for a better day.

Perhaps, we need to re-examine “down days” to find God’s purpose in them for us. Not wish them away… but put them away… in our treasure box of precious memories.

September 27:

Go gently through this day, leaning on Me and enjoying my Presence. Thank Me for your neediness,which is building trust bonds between us. 

“If you look back on your journey thus far, you can see that days of extreme weakness have been some of your most precious times. Memories of these days are richly interwoven with golden strands of My intimate Presence. “

This passage provided me with an “AHA”  moment. Isn’t it true when we are at our lowest (health-wise, worries over finances, marital relationships, children, grandchildren or friends) we grow closer to God….and, in reflection, these days do turn out to be some of our most precious memories. “Hold my Hand.”

If we all lived sunny, happy lives…would we ever bother turning to God and learning to lean on Him and His Wisdom? Or would we make excuses like we do for other things we know we should be doing but don’t….excuses like:  “Tomorrow I will call the doctor, Tomorrow I will finish that overdue project, Tomorrow I will call my children or friends or extended family members and let them know how much I love them.

God doesn’t live in “Tomorrows”…He lives in the here and now. We, too, must realize that the present is all we have so we better show our love to others each and every day. Especially we should show our love and devotion to God each and every day.

*And let’s not wait each time to go to God with problems on down days…I have a feeling God would really enjoy a good laugh with us on our “up” days.

We tire easily of whiny phone callers don’t we? We find ourselves wishing that the person on the other end of the line would call just once with something good or positive to say and be happy! I think God feels the same way.

So until tomorrow…Live now, Love now. Laugh now!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh






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