Weeds or Wishes?

zu13765646_main_tm1410222963Dear Reader:

Don’t you wish we would never lose our childish imagination that allows us to see ordinary weeds as wishes? Such is the case, of course, with dandelions. For most of us as mothers, aunts, or grandmothers it is the first flower we receive from our children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces.

e214ac45fe6995e5c2817afab4a3bda0  Nothing sounds better to my ears than children laughing and running in a field of dandelions ( or my own front yard) on a spring evening making wishes and blowing the dandelion seeds with full blown puffy cheeks. Children don’t realize that they are classified as just weeds and that many adults spend most of their entire “yard life” fighting them in an on-going struggle…man against weeds.

dandelion-300x279  All it takes to add to the wish-making experience of blowing dandelions is an old Irish legend that explains how faeries are caught and imprisoned in the dandelion until released by someone blowing it free. For this act of freedom…they turn into garden faeries and will keep your yard and garden free from weeds. (I should have blown a little harder or longer last spring since the weeds are a formidable opponent this summer.)

dandelions  But still…I always “see” garden faeries in the evening when they slip out of their faerie homes and emerge to spread flower seeds everywhere.


If you look carefully at this picture…on the dandelion…you will see another little creature associated with wishes…ladybugs. The history behind this wish is quite interesting.

Ladybug Lore

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home

Your house is on fire, and your children will burn

All except for little nan, weaving gold laces as fast as she can”

Almost everyone knows that ladybugs bring good luck! Having one land on your hand is said to bring luck to you! The poem above is well known and was first sung back in the Medieval times in England. At the end of a harvest they would burn their crops to clear the land for new plants the following year.

They sung the song to ladybugs still lingering, her children were the larvae which could escape by crawling away but the Nan was the pupa, who were fastened to plants and not able to move therefore burning.

They sure didn’t sing about happy things back then! Here are some more magical and wonderful beliefs about ladybugs from all around the world.

Why are they called ladybugs?

The most popular story of how the ladybug got its name comes from the Middle Ages. In Europe swarms and swarms of insects were ruining crops everywhere. Farmers started praying to the Virgin Mary hoping she could help the crisis.

Soon, ladybugs showed up and started eating all of the insects and helped to protect the crops. The farmers called them Beetles of our Lady, because they believed the Virgin Mary had sent them to help. Eventually the name was reduced to Lady Beetles then Ladybugs. The red shell represented her cloak and the spots were symbols of her joy and sorrows.


Under-the-Tuscan-Sun-Diane-Lane-movie-poster One of my favorite scenes from the movie Under the Tuscan Sun  (another Diane Lane chick flick) is when she is told by a friend that ladybugs bring luck and love when they land on your hand….In the meantime…to go have fun, forget about finding love…it is only then that the elusive love will no longer be elusive ….*A “Ladybug”  quick clip scene from the movie (1:20 min)

Under the Tuscan SunLadybugs – YouTube

Today many ideas about weeds have changed…take Goldenrod for example….you will find in many garden magazines… suggestions to plant it in your garden… which would have been unheard of…in the past. The reason why? (It just might bring good wishes too.)


Go for the Gold…Goldenrod!

Goldenrod is a host plant for a number of beneficial insects and is used as a food source by a number of moth and butterfly caterpillars.  The Goldenrod in my gardens is literally covered with bees, wasps, flies and butterflies sipping nectar when it is in bloom.  Other insects including Praying Mantis, Lacewings, a number of spider species, beetles and parasitic wasps utilize it for both habitat and food.

Historically Goldenrods were unjustly blamed as the cause of hay fever, but the true hay fever culprit is really ragweed (Ambrosia sp.) which blooms at the same time as Goldenrod.  While ragweed’s pollen is wind-born, the pollen of Goldenrod is too heavy and sticky to be blown in the wind and it is pollinated primarily by insects.  So nix to that argument!

According to a Goldenrod legend…if you take a chance on it and bring it into your garden to benefit the insects of nature…the garden owner will soon discover his/her own “pot of gold.” (I have to think on this!)


So until tomorrow….Jesus talked about a special place within us :

Pulling weeds and planting seeds. It’s the story of life. We are individual lots on which either weeds of selfishness or the fruit of the Holy Spirit grow and flourish. Jesus warned that the soil of our hearts is the most valuable acreage on planet earth. It is from this chunk of living terra firma that we uproot weeds, plant good seeds, grow, and harvest fruit for all to see.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

220px-Dandelion_Stones * How many of you remember this song about Dandelions Don’t Tell No Lies from the Rolling Stones? Trivia Question: Keith Richards  named one of his daughters Dandelion after it was released.

“Little girls, and boys come out to play

Bring your dandelions to blow away

Dandelion don’t tell no lies

Dandelion will make you wise

Tell me if she laughs or cries

Blow away dandelion, blow away dandelion”

~The Rolling Stones

*Come down memory lane and listen to the song…


download  * Today September 17 is Constitution Day….a day to add a little prayer that our Founding Fathers rose to the occasion when freedom rode in the balance. A day that changed all our lives forever…

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It’s All About Trust…The Legend of the Moonflower

e2c6c89e6688a71ff1fa9fd8883c7aed  Dear Reader:

When we stop to think about it…there is not a single seed buried deep down in the ground…that would ‘consciously’ believe it could traverse through all kinds of obstacles…roots and rocks… to triumphantly emerge above ground. And then to bloom in all its glory for the world to see…if God’s Divine Order of the Universe didn’t provide this ‘trust‘ for all living things….plants and animals…to complete this cycle day after day…year after year. Why? Because God planned it this way.

51S-eaktjOL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_In this beautiful little story…a moonflower learns the important lesson of ‘trust’ in its life too…

When God created the earth, it was barren. So God tossed seeds throughout the world and said, “Grow, and be whatever plant you choose to be.”

The seeds found rich soil and started to grow.

Some chose to be trees, bushes, and flowers.

Others grew into plants that would product fruits and vegetables.

All the seeds grew, but one frightened Little Seed.

The Little Seed knew it wanted to be a flower, but when it felt the heat from the Sun, it was too hot!

Oh, Mister Sun, why are you so hot?” the Little Seed asked.

That’s my job,” answered the Sun, “to give heat to all so they can be warm and grow.”

“I want to be a flower,” explained the Little Seed, “but my blooms will never grow with your heat.”

I’m sorry, Little Seed,” said the Sun. “I cannot stop or slow down just for you.”

Just then a big gust of Wind lifted the Little Seed, and tumbled and tossed it into the air.

” Oh, Mister Wind, please stop!” cried the Little Seed.

I’m sorry, Little Seed,” said the Wind. “my job is to bring fresh air so all can breathe. I cannot stop or slow down just for you.”

The Wind kept on blowing, and blew the Little Seed into the base of a tree. Just as the Little Seed was feeling safe, it started to Rain.

“Oh, Mister Rain,” cried the Little Seed, “don’t rain so much. I’m afraid that I will drown.”

I’m sorry Little Seed,” said the Rain. “But everything needs my water to drink. I cannot stop or slown down just for you.”

When the Rain finally stopped, Night came and it got dark.

The Little Seed called softly to the Night. “Oh, Mister Night, Mister Night.”

The Little Seed was frightened and confused. Then another voice could be heard.

Little Seed, why are so afraid?” asked the Moon.

Oh, Mister Moon, I’m afraid of the Sun, the Wind, and the Rain,” cried the Little Seed.

“Do not be afraid of these wonderful gifts God has given us,” said the Moon. “Learn to use them.”

But how?” asked the Little Seed

I will tell you what to do,” answered the Moon.

Tomorrow, let the Wind take you to a nice spot and cover you with rich soil. When the Rain comes, drink only what you need and the rest will drain into the earth. Then enjoy the heat from the Sun and grow.”

But my flowers,” said the Little Seed desperately. “I’m afraid they will burn with the heat from the Sun.”

That is where I will help you,” assured the Moon. “Each night when I rise, your buds will bloom. They will only bloom at night, and you will known as the Moonflower.”

The next morning, the Wind came and took the Little Seed to a spot and covered it with rich soil

When it started to Rain, the Little Seed drank only what it needed. After the Rain stopped, the Little Seed felt the warmth of the Sun and started to grow.

Within a few days, a stem pushed through the soil, growing upward, and getting stronger with each day.

Soon the plant grew soft velvety leaves with long green buds.

Then, one night, as the bright Moon appeared, the plant’s buds bloomed into long white trumpet-shaped flowers, giving out a sweet smell.

The Moon looked down at the beautiful plant and smiled. The proud Little Seed knew it had become the Moonflower.

The End


Isn’t there a little moonflower in all of us? As we travel down our own individual life’s journey we come across obstacles in our path that make us doubt the overall success of our lives as we struggle to choose the right path. We pray to God to remove the obstacles and He replies:

“I will not change the Order of the Universe or shrink life just for you..instead…You must trust Me to help you grow in your resolve to face and overcome the problem which lies before you.” 

Libby sent me this daily devotional (Upper Room Devotional) she found on moon flowers.

A friend gave me a small clump of moonflowers, a variety of evening primrose. On many evenings, after the sun has disappeared from the horizon and a little light remains, I wait, thrilled with anticipation. Tightly closed buds look as if they would be days from opening; but as I watch, a stem begins to quiver a bit and soon the sides of the buds begin to burst open, showing little slits of yellow. Right before my eyes, the closed petals open into flowers. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes several at a time, the moonflowers open. My delight never diminishes.

Recently, my husband and I have been experiencing a difficult time, yet through it all we have been conscious of the prayers of many people and the faithfulness of God. The unfathomable reliability and dependability of God is like the brightness of those yellow flowers, opening in the darkness. Both bring a burst of joy, a sense of awe, and the security of knowing that God is working in even the darkest situations of our lives.


Every evening (when I am home) I take a front row seat on my deck to watch the moonflowers unfurl on the garden moon gate. It is a miracle waiting to happen each evening…and it is only while the sun is setting that the moonflower releases its wonderful fragrance…. then the mysterious aroma disappears with the fading sun.

I find myself holding my breath as the stem and bud begin to quiver (first sign it is getting ready to open)…and slowly unveil itself in all its beauty. It will only live for one night and then fall on the ground when the sun rises the next morning…but oh what beauty it gives under the moon’s rays!

Enjoy this time-lapse (1 min) of a moonflower unfolding…

Moonflower Time-Lapse Video | Garden Gate Magazine


220606081716704591juqi6e6tc  So until tomorrow…when we start to falter we must remember to reach out for God’s Hand and hold on securely…bonded by trust.

A quote by William Blake: “If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out.

“Today is my favorite day” Winnie the Pooh

 * I think I need to post a photo sign (Stop and take a picture) by the moon gate because it is the perfect spot for a memory photo and at the peak of moon flower season for a memory with a moonflower photo….So stop by any time…I always have my trusty camera!

img_9895img_2206 img_2089

* Here is an example of a “green” recycle fall “whimsy” wreath….made from brown grocery bags….isn’t it cute?


* Tommy has returned to Facebook  (after a decade hiatus) with his law firm….Dingle Law Firm, LLC. *A plug for “my” Tommy since this blog is about “trust”….I know I am prejudiced but believe me when I say you can trust Tommy with any legal matter that might arise for you…if you get a chance check him out on Facebook and say “Hello”!


* I believe Facebook has a wrong date down for my birthday or something…the 15th instead of the 24th….because I awoke to a cascade of Happy Birthdays….Thank you….so kind….and at my age….early is always good. You made my day…even if it isn’t my official birthday. As Winnie the Pooh would say…A Favorite Day.

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Joyful Whimsy…Every Day

joyfulwhimsybanner_zpsd51ec567  Dear Reader:

Isn’t “whimsy” one of those joyfully, colorfully ambiguous words that make you smile instantly?

One never quite grasps entirely what it means but it is recognizable instantly. I can simply walk into a gift shop, old antique shop, someone’s home, garage, or garden and spot “whimsy” immediately. I am drawn to it like a moth to light.

Webster’s dictionary defines it:


  1. playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.
    • a whim.
      plural noun: whimsies; plural noun: whimseys
    • a thing that is fanciful or odd.
       Whether it is through art/paintings, sculptures, stories, architecture, design, homes, rooms, or gardens  it jumps out at me….here are some examples I fell in love with….
      whimsy_fairy_with_wand_and_blowing_stars_vinyl_wall_decals_stickers_art_30eef903whimsywhimsical-white-kitchentropical-whimsy-headboard-ljeni-lee-colorful-whimsy-iimages (5)images (4)images (3)images (2)images (1)b83ef4a6c682e41864c38ed91cb43ad30312_color-greenroom3-l16d1-990x5000_0_0_0_169_225_csupload_24886566blexbolex_seasons9
      images (6) Like the woman in the cartoon…I can’t go more than a few days without getting excited about something whimsical for the house or garden….nothing delights me more.
      While I was cleaning up for the Mandy’s baby “sprinkle”….I put a birthday bag up on the top shelf of my closet that Susan had given me. Then last night I was getting something out of the closet and noticed the bag….and look at this spiritual “whimsy”….I think I am going to get a pretty green indoor plant to put by my computer and put the silver spoon in it…I need to read this each and every day…
      Kate Jensen Wolfe, blogger, describes “whimsy” this way….“Whimsy is a wonderful word- just saying it blows a gust of curly wind through a mind that tends to furrow around life’s challenges. When I have a problem I just have to wait for the whimsy breeze to blow.”
      So until tomorrow…Help us Father realize that You created a wonderful “whimsical” world for us to live in. All we have to do is use our imagination and creativity to see it as You do…the most Creative of the Universe…THE CREATOR!
      “Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh
      * When I saw this picture…I died laughing…sent it to Tommy and Kaitlyn…hummm…wonder what they would wear if both parents were lawyers….just wondering?
      * Like this “whimsical cartoon….
      images (7)
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We Are All Stories…

tumblr-image-slowed-dr-who-quote  Dear Reader:

When an Iroquois child was asked by a stranger what his name was…he was taught to respond by replying “I am the story of myself.” A most appropriate response…

Think about this…we all do end up stories after our death because it is the only form left for loved ones to remember us by once we physically depart this world. We are each a story to be remembered.

Recently I came across a new university study on the significance of fairy tales in a child’s life. It is important early on that children learn the difference between good and bad, heroes and villains, funny and sad moments. Storytelling plays a significant part in child development.

When Albert Einstein was asked by a group of stunned, panicked educators (after Russia launched Sputnik in the mid-fifties) what we needed to do to help our young people get ready to tackle the space race…they were shocked by Einstein’s response:

“Read fairy tales to them…lots and lots of fairy tales.”  

6918486b9d6d1e10b504ac90e765b8f4 In other words Einstein realized that more math and science would not produce the “edge” in the race to put the first man on the moon…it would be creative, imaginative Americans who would hold the key to victory one day. He was right. We needed the “Think outside the box’ers.”

As we tell stories about the lives of others…we teach children visual imagery and transference of  personal feelings onto other fictional characters and vice-versa…whether human, animal, or inanimate. In other words…storytelling teaches children what it is to be human.

The three summer reads I have still lying on the coffee table (partially read) failed me because I could never identify with the main characters…and when that happens…it is a “no go” for me. I want to be able to feel what they are feeling and then relate it back to an earlier or similar episode in my own life.

download  As we grow older…literature and stories become more complex…making us turn inward to find the real essence of the story and ourselves in the process. On one of the rainy days last week at Edisto we put on the “box of tissue” movie…Nights in Rodanthe. Jackson was the only one who hadn’t seen it so she was not prepared for the ending…she was cussing Nicholas Sparks for his “trademark” ending again…as we all had the first time.

Spoiler Alert: (If you haven’t seen this movie yet and want to…don’t read this paragraph….) However, once we get past the obvious tragedy and have some time to process the whole story…we realize that Gere’s character was given precious extra time in life to become a real father to his “lost” son again, and a man capable of loving another in his relationship with Diane Lane’s character. He had enough time to change his story’s ending for the better.

images  When (Gere) tells (Lane) that one day, he believes,  the “wild” horses of the Outer Banks will return to this beach when she most needs to see them…and (of course) when they do in the movie…we all share an “attunement” …a moment of spiritual understanding and closure for this grieving character…a special God’s wink.

So until tomorrow…With storytelling…we will never be alone with an empty self…but instead share universal feelings and hopes with the rest of the world…connecting us together as one.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

* John and Mandy asked me to come watch the Ga-Sc game and eat some pulled barbecue pork John grilled out….with the weather delay I just saw part of the game but the barbecue was delicious. Got caught up with Eva Cate’s trip to Huntsville and how much she loved staying and playing with BeBe (Joan) and W.T.

Last evening she was awfully quiet…playing in her room and then suddenly appearing… grinning and giggling from “ear to ear.” Somehow Eva Cate has had a fear of earrings since she was a little toddler…not pierced, mind you….clip on. As in the plastic children’s play earrings.

It has been a double edged love/hate scenario that has played out over and over…as a “princess” she desperately has wanted to wear them…but also terrified they would hurt her ears. No amount of persuasion on our part lessened her terror. (And to be honest….as an old “clipper’ myself…the “pinchers” really can hurt after you wear them awhile.)

She must have found some extra courage….she clipped them on… halfway up her ear….she was so proud and was shaking her head from side to side in total exhilaration.


We convinced her the clip on earrings would feel even better…if she clipped them on the bottom of her ear lobe and not the top…she returned to her mirror with an even bigger smile…first to show Tigger…(who didn’t seem overly impressed.) He is Mandy’s little guard dog and seems to sense something is about to happen and won’t leave her side…or get distracted by “Earring Eva Cate.”


As for Mandy…she is still “barely” hanging in there but she managed a little smile and a two thumbs up…..while wishing she could erase the “7” by the number of days left on the chalk board. The rest of us are shaking our heads and wondering how she can make that time-line…”only time will tell.”

P.S. As for the “Boo”…(who is getting to be a pro at this…I washed and dried my clothes from the beach and promptly dropped them all back in the suitcase….Ready Freddy…excuse me…“If you’re Baked Jake…welcome aboard!”




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Adding “Attunements” to the Garden

img_2272  Dear Reader:

Every time I add anything to the garden…it subtly changes  until one day I see the garden   in a whole new way. My early birthday was brought on by Jake and all his latest antics…will he or won’t he come sooner than expected? Now every time I see my garden sign…I will always remember Jake’s impending birth and the cutest surprise party to accompany it.

img_2273  You might remember that this garden sign was a gift from a young girl (helping her mother) at the Flowertown Nursery when she heard I had breast cancer…I have saved the sign all year (so it wouldn’t fade) and put it out yesterday in honor of breast cancer month and the Relay for Life. *(By the way….thank you so much for the donations…WOW!…I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got back Thursday from Edisto….I am upping my goal for sure!)

As I thought about all the changes to the garden during this past year…I realize that each new addition brings me a smile, a memory, and an opportunity to dig deeper inside me to put all the parts of my soul together…piece by piece each morning and evening.

I am becoming “attuned” to the garden in such a spiritual way/providing me a different way of viewing it…My little garden has truly become my sanctuary. I have even learned a new word from a book I came across ….attunement.

sgbook1 Attunement means (according to the author Christopher McDowell):

An important part of embracing ones sacredness has to do with attunement. Attunements, as I use the concept, are times when we consciously strive to connect to our Higher Self, and the wisdom within us.

Author (Choices of Love) who worked on a beautiful garden of sanctuary along with McDowell….added her own interpretation of what “attunement” means to her.

Long after leaving Findhorn (the sanctuary garden) Dorothy continued her attunements, finding that “inner contact was relevant at all levels of life”, not just for the purpose of growing a beautiful garden. While one can attune to the essence of anything, I have come to feel that it is especially beneficial to simply attune to the inner Self or what you might call “the God within.”

From what I read…most of us do try to stop each day for a personal “attunement” with God. A heart to heart talk. Now that I have a garden this special “attunement” time is made easier through nature and the changing of seasons.

McDowell provided pictures of nature from his sanctuary garden that provided the impetus to “attunement.” Sometimes they are photos of nature itself in his garden and other times it can be a special medallion or peace symbol that allows him the portal to converse with God…his inner Divine Spark.


So until tomorrow….let’s all try to remember to stop wherever we are, whatever we are doing, and remove ourselves from the busyness of life to the stillness of understanding with our Creator…becoming “attuned” to His Guidance.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

* Yesterday Walsh called and invited me for a boat ride with  Mollie,  Rutledge and himself, along with Lee and Vikki …. *I am hoping the rain front holds off for us to get the ride in…I miss going out in a boat. ( Then later I am going to keep Rutledge while they eat out…can hardly wait to have him by myself.) Life is good!

The weather was perfect….the boat ride, fellowship with family many dolphin sightings…but the ‘mostest’ ‘bestest’ moment came when I  got ready to leave and Mollie and Walsh were telling Rutledge to blow me kisses….then at the last moment…Walsh and Mollie told Rutledge to tell Boo Boo he loved me…there was a moment of silence and then a “Ov Ou Boo”….the moments all we grandmothers live for.


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Playing Under the Palmetto …

img_2262  Dear Reader:

Isn’t this a whimsical, fun picture of our state palmetto tree? It is actually called (by the artist) a calmetto.…using part of his name in the new descriptive nickname for our beloved state palmetto tree. (Calhoun “Cal” Harrelson)

1506801_251272715035146_1896273881_n About his project…he says:

Born in Myrtle Beach, I grew up fishing, hunting… enjoying the outdoors and what I call “the sweet tea lifestyle.”

“Today people come here from everywhere and learn to love the Calmetto lifestyle,” Harrelson said. 

And our beautiful palmetto trees have withstood it all, from hurricane force winds to English cannonballs. “The palmetto represents strength with its tightly woven fibers while at the same time serving as an icon that reflects what is good about South Carolina, ”Harrelson said. “It’s refreshing, outdoorsy. Its fibers are so closely knit, symbolic of a closely knit group of friends. We stick together. We can absorb anything that anybody can throw at us.”


And that is what we Ya’s mainly talked about on our “7-11″ beach hiatus this year…how grateful and blessed we all are to have arrived at the age we are now by “sticking together ….thus (being able to) absorb anything that anybody can throw at us.”

img_2212  Our first successful story is the final result of both Brooke’s and Libby’s recent eye surgeries …both of them were losing peripheral vision and suffering from night blindness to the point that they couldn’t drive at night any more. And now…they are both bright-eyed and able to look at the world afresh! Beautiful Ya’s!

The idea for “playing under the palmetto ” came to me (for the blog post today) from the Cal Harrelson note card (title picture) that Libby gave me while at Edisto… and these adorable palmetto decorative balls that Jackson gave all three of us. (from Handpicked…Columbia)



Rest in peace” is what we all needed as we dragged ourselves to this special place last Sunday. We had a mixture of rain and sun which fit our moods perfectly…rain for an afternoon or evening of “chick flicks” and sun was there for needed afternoons of watching beach combers and the mystical moods of the ocean work its magic on us.

Tuesday…you might remember…I left Edisto to go to Moncks Corner to share some stories with a group of wonderful, delightful women…mostly educators. (As you can imagine it did take some time, however, to get there and back to the beach.) By the time I returned…I honked and called out to the “girls” that it would take me a minute to peel myself off the seat and then I would be right up.

If I had not been so “pooped” I would have probably suspected something was going on…Libby yelled down for me to come up the front steps…and I thought nothing of it. But as I went to turn the front door handle somebody was firmly holding the other end…I could hear some whispering and giggling…and then the door blasted open and cheers of “Happy Birthday” greeted me.

I, even, was given a “queen’s throne” for the “surprise” presentation about to unfold… which included a tiara and boa.

GetAttachmentGetAttachment (5)

The music and circus parade began….I know they are called three ring circuses...but I do declare I think the Ya’s made at least six circles around me dropping off homemade posters, pictures…from the past.

No way to keep a straight face! Libby had “borrowed” her grandchildren’s plastic musical instruments for the parade!



Here are some sample pictures that I tried to take with my camera while falling off the “throne” laughing and trying to hold all the gifts at the same time. Around and around they went and when they stopped…Tima was spent!

GetAttachment (4)

img_2233img_2227img_2226 img_2222

Jackson surprised us all….her assignment was to make some different posters symbolizing my life. Now she is the high school teacher in the crowd…and as we all know…cutsie art is not high on their agenda…but she bowled us all over with her hidden inner talents all these years.


(See what I mean…Jackson outdid herself….then there are pictures posted on sticks….from different parts of the past….I was so excited…I put everything on my bed…to look at that night…like a happy child.)


Don’t you love the luscious blue pocketbook (Jackson) and Tima had gotten me the adorable pink dolphin….but the gifts never stopped…

img_2242  The whole gang had gone in and gotten me this iron rod sign for the garden!!!

downloadThen Libby had gotten me some Irish (Inis) cream and cologne…can only get it at Pawleys…it is to die for….smells so good!

img_2264 And we have come full circle…with “Let’s  play under the palmetto”…or perhaps play under the tree of life. Love my bracelet Brookie!

That night we had Bo Bo’s Barbecue….so good… with all the trimmings…and key lime pie for dessert!

GetAttachment (2)GetAttachment (3)

It was completely overwhelming…and touched me to my very core! How in the world did we ever “survive” before we met each other at Erskine College…September 1967?

So until tomorrow….

As the “Calmetto” artist says…”The fibers of the palmetto tree are closely knit ….as are fibers from a closely knit group.” Together we are one strong tough bunch of “Palmetto Pearls”….and don’t mess with any of us if you don’t want three more at your door! Thank you Father for friends who share a history.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

* I must admit I was relieved to know that John and Eva Cate were home Wednesday…after Mandy’s appointment Monday….(where she was told she was ready at any time now for Mr. Jake)…whenever he decided to come on board…I was a little panicky… afraid that cute little Jake “mouse” might decide to come out and play while the cats were away.”

Eva Cate had a wonderful time….meeting new cousins and playing hard at Joan and W. T’s beautiful home.

10659200_767230000003743_8176807360241054849_n10389597_10152290942121434_2667536167322566496_n  Meeting second cousins for the first time!

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images  Dear Reader:

I am heading home today…the wonderful retreat at “Rest In Peace” has done it again for me. We arrived on the 7th and leaving on the 11th!

For me this retreat was a little bit more of a dash in and out with the storytelling….but like the 7-11 store…there was lots of “refreshments” ….refreshing updates, ocean views, and tidbits from the Ya’s.

I return with wonderful stories and pictures …and can hardly wait to share them with you tomorrow.

So until then….I have missed you all.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

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“I Prayed for You Today”

61twjC-vOML._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_  Dear Reader:

Haven’t you ever stopped while writing a sympathy card or note of encouragement and wonder about the powerful but still (sometimes) over-used expression…”You are in my thoughts and prayers” during this difficult time or whatever.

I know that I feel like wishing there was something more I could say …differentlyor more heart-felt. To me Donna Fargo’s poem does just that….because in reality a prayer is just another form of story… if done right…( and we all know how Jesus loved a good story!)

I hope you feel the compassion and love that I do every time I read it….and perhaps can even use it for someone you care for and love.

“I Prayed for You Today” 

I prayed for you today, gave thanks for your life, wished you the best, asked the heavens to bless you with good health and happiness. I sent you good thoughts, surrounded you with hope and faith and love. I asked your guardians angels to protect you and keep you safe from any harm and to blanket you with joy, contentment and peace and prosperity.

I prayed for you today. I asked that you be guided with the wisdom to make choices to enhance your life and the awareness to make changes that are in your best interest. I wished for you a storehouse of opportunities, the ability to meet your goals, and the joy of your own approval and acceptance. I wished for you your heart’s desire, every need met, every prayer answered, and every dream come true.

I prayed for you today. I asked that you be prepared for whatever life hands you or whatever you’re going through. I asked that your spirit be strong and lead you and guide you each step of the way down every path you take. I asked the universe to confirm for you that you’re someone special. I asked the earth to be good to you, and I asked God to show you His perfect way. I prayed for you today.

-Donna Fargo


I ran home to change from my beach clothes to something a little more presentable for my presentation to the Berkeley Book Lovers’ Club…we will have a ball I am sure. When I return Thursday I will have lots of pictures from this event and our Ya retreat. Am heading straight back to Edisto following the storytelling.

So until tomorrow….”I prayed for you today.”

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

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Peace by the River

41298   Dear Reader:

I am leaving Edisto for the afternoon to tell some stories to a group of Berkeley book lovers and their book club today. It is being held at the Lewisfield Plantation located along the Cooper River….about a mile southwest of Moncks Corner.

I have been there before with summer teaching seminars that Carol Poole and I held a couple of other times for public school teachers… in the past. I always love attending old homes rich with history…you can almost feel the spirits wanting to tell their stories of their time spent in the house too.


I will share some of the stories I told with you tomorrow, along with some photos…but for today….I think the following song is appropriate. Because for me…I left the rhythm of the tides, waves, and ocean for the peace of the river. A ‘Win Win” …how the waters do soothe our souls.

So until tomorrow…Take a moment and go find peace wherever you are…it is there for the taking.

“Today is my favorite day.

I’ve got Peace Like a River with lyrics – YouTube

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A “Piece” of a Little Story

RMRv_bitscover130  Dear Reader:

While you read this…I am at the beach…reading and relaxing with the Ya’s…I didn’t think I would even be able to communicate…the computer gremlins wouldn’t let me into my own post Sunday before I left for Edisto….when technology goes south…it also goes sour for me. But at the last minute…the old ‘turn off the modem’ finally worked and the problem corrected itself.

Here is a little story to keep in mind (from Bits and Pieces)….since I have had Eva Cate and John on my mind (Sunday) as they fly back to Huntsville, Al for John’s grandmother (MeMa) funeral.

“Silver Lining in Bad Weather”

“It’s been said that little things are BIG things,” writes motivational speak and leadership coach, Joe Tye in his newsletter-Spark Plug. In fact, in some cases little things are Everything.”

Tye recently boarded a flight that was delayed due to bad weather. For five hours the crew and passengers were stuck in the plane on the runway. Yet the actions of one flight attendant made the entire ordeal a little more tolerable. 

This airline employee could have chosen to distance himself from the passengers, but instead he walked through the aisles and chatted with people. He kept them informed about what was going on at all times, and called other airlines on their behalf to check on the status of their connecting flights. 

He even brought humor to his passengers as he offered them the limited snacks stocked on the plane…”Would you like our breakfast bar without chocolate or without chocolate?”

The flight attendant’s wit and concern helped to lighten the mood of all those on board. When the plane finally reached its final destination, the weary travelers stood and applauded the man who’d gone the extra mile without leaving the tarmac. 


So until tomorrow…Haven’t we all found ourselves in similar situations…frustrated and anxious…until one of God’s “angels” appears to soothe and smooth out the problem. I have no doubt this flight attendant had been chosen by God to help His other frustrated “children” on board and to be a role model for their own behavior.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

img_2206  I showed Eva Cate the big white moon flower blossoms Saturday evening…she loved it!

img_2209  Imagination at its best…the Princess of the Sofa Covers!

img_2210 While waiting for John and Mandy to arrive at Cracker Barrel I got Eva Cate a little bag to put all her “stuff” in for the trip….after all accessories make the women.

img_2211  Saturday evening also found us doing manicures and pedicures…young ladies must be ready for any occasion…we went with pink! Showing them off to mom and dad…in a very spontaneous moment.

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