Let Joy Lead the Way


Dear Reader:

What you gotta love about children the most is their unabashed demonstrations of sheer joy! It is one of the greatest joys of a grandparent to simply watch them grow.

Rutledge insisted on pushing Lachlan in the swing. Instead of pushing up and down, however, he pushed ’round and ’round…to the point that Lachlan was starting to turn a light shade of green.

Kaitlyn and I told him to slow it down….At that very moment, the plans were to put the boys in the wagon and head down the street a-ways with the dogs and children…hoping to wear them out. Rutledge promptly lost interest in the swing and took off….leaving poor little Lachlan in a visual blur of unwinding circles.

IMG_9867Both boys survived the episode without giving it a second thought. A brother’s code of loyalty.


Thanks Tommy and Kaitlyn for helping out this weekend with Shift 1….to enable Walsh and Mollie to get away for a weekend. Shift 2 (me) is eternally grateful for the help, the same with Mandy, who came in as the extra resource shift Saturday afternoon/evening. The family all came through to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible for the little ones.


I “hung” with Rudy for a little while before Shift 1 left….we are born ‘hanger-on’ers’….aren’t we Rudy?


Tommy and Kaitlyn had just been gone a couple of hours when Mandy arrived with supper for all and an extra pair of hands for getting the boys in pj’s and settled in for the night.

Eva Cate and Rutledge play wonderfully together…the children sense how special a cousin relationship is. There is definitely a family resemblance running through the gene pool but in other ways they are like night and day. Rutledge can eat 24/7 while Eva Cate exists off “air” as Mandy laments…the child who is rarely hungry… who would rather play than eat. She is the eldest and the only girl….so the Queen reigns over her boys (brother and cousins) with a firm hand as to her status.


IMG_9888IMG_9889 IMG_9883IMG_9879

Lachlan went down for the count around 7:00 and did pretty good…just one 2:00 a.m. bottle and then back to sleep. Rutledge slept with me and we  got up at 6:30. I was so hoping we would see some snow flurries for the boys’ sake but we were stuck with a cold, rainy day.

FullSizeRender (1)Everything went well and Walsh and Mollie were home by 2:30…having had a great time…with sunshine and temps in the fifties. Who would have “thunk” it?

Little Rutledge, who was so excited about them coming home,  fell asleep about an hour before they arrived…the reason for him not being in the photo. I know he woke up happy!

Kate Wolfe-Jenson wrote a beautiful tribute to joy using lilies…a wonderful metaphor about learning to live with joy and dispelling our worries

Consider the lilies

Really I mean—consider them.

Painting snipI chose to draw lilies this month because of the shape of the flower. I made joyful marks as a creative experiment and many of them reminded me of lily petals. Drawing connects me to a subject. I spend time with it, looking carefully, considering…The lilies became our teachers.

Photo of Lily budsLook at those tight, smooth buds. They are just as tight as we are when we are holding ourselves and our troubles together, making sure we look composed and complete on the outside. Then the plant stops putting up a front, makes room for joy and magically, those petals swoop out and celebrate life—freckles showing, stigma and stamens waving right out where everyone can see them.They are unabashedly themselves. Consider the lilies.


So until tomorrow…Thank you Father for providing the “lilies of the field” (and family) who help dispel the worry and give us the courage to make room for joy.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*I think I might have invented a new expression due to a “Freudian” slip. We have been talking lately a lot about “random acts of kindness.” When my brother stopped over the other night we started talking about a recent incident that happened to him that was an example of a “random act of kindness.”

But…instead of saying “Kindness” I said “Congress.” I was about to apologize for the verbal mistake…but then stopped, repeated the phrase again, and decided that the newly devised expression ” A Random Act of Congress” might indeed be the new benchmark summation for the state of the union problems!
















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Simplify More to Be More


Dear Reader:

Isn’t it interesting to see how the pendulum swings from social change and mores between gathering and scattering?

In the sixties we saw a movement (hippie/flower children) to eradicate war, live and love simply in a type of socialistic commune environment. Everyone would live together, work together (some cases love together) sharing food, clothing and shelter.

By the 80’s big corporations and greed dominated the new “yuppy”generation. The new rules of society had shifted to climbing the corporate ladder, as fast as you could, while stepping over others to get ahead. In 1987 the movie Wall Street became synonymous with the word “greed”… The infamous line by Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) started being repeated over and over by big business proudly.

Gordon Gekko: The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

Today that 1% of the rich and powerful Gekko boasted about back in the eighties’ Wall Street movie has continued to grow stronger….now controlling much more than fifty percent of the country’s wealth. The middle class is quickly disappearing from the horizon and poverty is higher than ever.

It goes back to the idea of gathering and scattering….when we go through “gathering” economic periods whereas the focus of life is getting more of everything for yourself as fast as you can, for as long as you can, economic upheavals magnify.

This earth was created to be shared by its inhabitants….not dominated by a few. We were to scatter the seeds and share the produce. If you are like me, on a “down” day, you might wonder how God can watch children suffering from lack of the basic necessities of life? Where is God in all this?

It is then I have to remind myself that God is not the problem…we are. We have everything we need on earth for everybody to have enough to eat, drink, wear, and live.

Relief organizations and government agencies agree that there is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone. The problem is not a lack of food but a lack of accessibility to the food. With enough food in the world to feed the entire population, the fault does not lie with God. Rather, the fault lies with the corrupt nature of man. Instead of acting as trustworthy stewards of the world’s resources, nations and individuals often hoard food, mismanage resources, and squander money instead of seeing that people are fed.


When I first read the words on this poster by Anne Herbert I had to pause and examine them.: “Do less; have less; be more.”  After pondering for a few minutes I think I got it…at least my interpretation.

We need to “do less” in terms of everyday self-absorbed busyness, “have less“… by being content with what we do have, and “be more”  to others we meet along our path through life.

This short little video (3 min) on children’s responses to world hunger really moved me. Out of the mouths of babes…

Kids Respond to Child Hunger – YouTube

So until tomorrow…Let us remember that life “isn’t about me” but about how I interact with the rest of the world’s “me’s (others) to scatter the abundance of goods given to all of us on God’s good earth.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

* While at Dollar General I found a few little decorative garden items that I added to the deck…they might not have the same longevity as the little statues at nurseries but hey, if we are living for the moment….I can get at least four replacements and still be under the nursery garden costs. (one snail and two birds of “scripture.”)


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“Can’t Not Do” People


Dear Reader:

61h3iuxAWuL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_From the time we all heard the story of “The Little Engine That Could,” we have had the mantra ingrained in us that if we just try hard enough and keep a positive attitude, “I think I can,” success will come.

The reality (we have all learned as adults) is, of course, that sometimes, as hard as we try, success doesn’t come, instead failure reigns supreme. It is in these moments that we have to step back and realize that a road block has been put up along our path for a reason.  We are heading the wrong way. With determination and faith…we must try something else….go a different direction.

According to Paul Shoemaker, the world is not divided between the can’s and can’t’s but it relies on the  “Can’t Not Do’ers.”   (Source; Awakin Calls/Paul Shoemaker)

Here is an excerpt from Shoemaker’s talk on becoming change-agents in this world.

…Most recently, Shoemaker came out with his first book — Can’t Not Do.Can’t Not Do” is a catchphrase for the urge that captures the heart of effective social change agents—explaining, in their own words, their passion and drive: “I can’t not do this.

“It’s not that I can do this, it’s that I can’t not.” “I could not imagine not doing something about this issue.” After decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, Paul says, “We need more people in the game, committing for the long-term to that one cause, one challenge where they feel they can make a real dent.

History has proved that if enough people hammer away long enough at a social problem, we start to change our world for the better. And the amount of positive change one human being can help create today has never been greater.”


My “I can’t not do this” is the blog. I was terrified at first that I would run out of things to write about….now I can laugh at that fear, but it was quite real and scary in 2010 when I first started. Like ‘manna’ from heaven….God continues to provide the food for thought I need to set the table (blog post) each day. He has never left me without nourishment filled with new ideas.

So until tomorrow….Father help us all find that one passion in life that we simply “can’t not do” without. Then hold our hand as we follow the path to become whole with the universe.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

1915386_10103104649878641_5434887394684100932_n* As you read this blog today I am off to Walsh and Mollie’s home to keep Rutledge and Lachlan for the second shift. Walsh and Mollie headed out Friday for a weekend getaway in Asheville. Tommy and Kaitlyn took the first shift…picking up the boys from pre-school and keeping them last night.

Now it’s Boo’s time…the second weekend shift begins. I will have the boys today, tonight, and tomorrow until Walsh and Mollie return. It will go fast with two little ones scampering here and there. Mandy is bringing Eva Cate over and some Chick Filet this afternoon to break the day and let the cousins play.

Now where is that copy of “The Little Engine that Could?”

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A Mid-Winter Secret Rendevous


Dear Reader:

I had you for a moment, didn’t I? Perhaps you thought (for a fleeting second) that Ole’ Boo had her a man hidden around somewhere….sorry to disappoint…as of this day in time my romances are lived vicariously through novels.

And the  nice thing about romantic relationships in books is that you don’t have to answer the world’s most annoying question “What are we having for supper tonight?” or pick up after a man… following the trail around the house.

When the story is over, you just close the book….nice and tidy…(you can even return it to the library or pass it on to another) no complicated relationship endings. (“It’s not you, it’s me” translated “Me tired of you.”)

I did, however, observe a special relationship that probably won’t come around again until another El Nino winter comes to stay.

FullSizeRenderOnce upon a noon-time dreary”  as I looked out my window (by the computer yesterday) I suddenly realized I was seeing something pretty special…”knocking, knocking at my (noggin) door.”

One of my azalea bushes was beginning to bloom and right behind/above it was a tall magnolia bush/tree covered in pretty pink camellia buds and tiny blooms. Azaleas and camellias intertwining their blooms together. All I could think of was the (paraphrase) scripture….”And the lamb shall lie down with the lion.” A quite extraordinary phenomena.


Every day I thank God for my home renovations and especially, the new windows that open to let the outside in….I have seen more of nature this fall and winter than ever before in my life…and so many of my observations take my breath away. “For the beauty of the earth.”



FullSizeRenderI put  my rain jacket (with my hood on) to check  my new camellia bushes (make sure they hadn’t drowned) and look what I discovered….one new bush was unfurling its blooms.


Following the theme of ‘random acts of kindness” yesterday I picked up some fruit and, also, turkey club sandwiches from Continental Corner. Then I dropped  it off at the Judsons (Jack and Connie’s) home. (When I was going through the many different cancer treatments initially Connie faithfully sent me an inspirational card every couple of weeks for years.)

IMG_9830I bought another angel of love for her and took the sandwiches and fruit to her lovely home. A nurse was with her (she is just getting over a fall and pneumonia) but her spirits were uplifted…she is such a gentle soul. Jack gave me a tour of the house and I fell in love….it was filled with creative decor….I understood now why Connie and I are so much alike; we are ‘whimsy women.’

Yesterday I returned a book to Timrod Library (a Sarah Addison Allen) novel- she is one of my favorite authors and decided to also drop off two more of her books as donations to have (plus the latest Karen White book I just finished.) It feels, sometimes, like giving a child away…but books should be shared, not hoarded.

In both incidences I was filled with “sympathetic joy” and realized, once again, that giving and receiving is truly a spiritual symbiotic relationship. Now back to Brooke and the pocketbook. LOOK!

IMG_9853 (1)

IMG_9848 (1)I am just blown away!
All credit cards, medical cards, ID, and cash and change!!
Thank you to the honest, kind, and compassionate person who turned it in.








After leaving Timrod, I decided to visit my special friend, Samantha, at Simple to Sublime. Just walking by her front window to enter the shop makes me happy. And look what I bought….the perfect pocketbook for late winter. (Guys…  great gift for your wife or sweetheart…under twenty dollars! Gals…Go check it out for yourself!)


So until tomorrow….Don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying the beauty of nature….rain just make the plants sparkle in their being.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


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Sympathetic Joy


Dear Reader:

Doesn’t it seem like every time we turn around…someone is mentioning the phrase “A Random Act of Kindness.” I decided to track down the origin of the expression and it lead me down a fascinating afternoon detour.

This is what I discovered:

The phrase “ Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty ” was first  written by Anne Herbert on a place mat in a restaurant in Sausalito, California in 1982. It was based on the phrase “random acts of violence and senseless acts of cruelty“. Herbert’s book “Random Acts of Kindness” was published in February 1993 speaking about true stories of acts of kindness.

A random act of kindness is defined as:

A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or a group wishing to either help or to cheer up someone . The act, itself, covers all categories including… to be kind, thoughtful, use your manners, give out compliments, volunteer, and/ or forgive someone.

Anne had an epiphany after watching another depressing newscast in which she saw examples of “senseless acts of cruelty and destruction performed by random acts of violence.” Suddenly she thought to herself….if violence, destruction, and cruelty can spread, like an insidious cancer, to all parts of the globe; then what would happen if the world fought back the darkness (in reverse) with random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty? Couldn’t it also spread like wildfire?

ovFdUHJC_80CHerbert was right…the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ idea has spread today through bumper stickers, posters, slogans, conferences, books, talk shows, radio shows, courses, documentaries and movies. When Herbert’s first book on random acts of kindness was published in the early nineties it struck a chord throughout the country and world. The twentieth year edition was re-published in 2013 by the original editors.

I love one idea I discovered, written by M. J. Ryan (one of the original editors) about a special term that defines the magic released upon performing a random act of kindness. It stems from a Buddhist term called “mudita” which translated means sympathetic joy. It is “the unswelling of the heart at the happiness of someone else.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

And guess who got to experience (just recently) a random act of kindness…the kind that restores our faith in humanity.

fullsizerender5You might remember that Brooke’s and my Christmas NYC trip was wonderfully crazy and fun…with one exception. Brooke left her pocketbook on the N. J. Transit heading back to Newark , NJ (from NYC) to fly home. Because she didn’t have any ID on her the boarding process was long, stressful, and tedious. (But like Brooke said, she had time to use the restroom and for us to get on the return flight…so she paused in all her anxiety…thanked God for His blessings and just let it go.)

And then….here is the e-mail I got yesterday from her.


Well, I received a call MONDAY from NJ Transit and GUESS WHAT??
They had my pocketbook in LOST AND FOUND!!!
After a few hours of calling back and forth, I had FEDEX pick it up yesterday and it will
be here TOMORROW.
I will not know the contents until I get it, but isn’t that just UNBELIEVABLE!!
Will send a picture when I receive it!!
Good omen and renewal in belief in the good of man.
Love you, brookie
I will add the photo as soon as Brooke sends it later today….but talk about a random act of kindness….Good Grief Charlie Brown! Can hardly wait to see its condition and contents…but even so….some wonderful person definitely performed a random act of kindness. Bless you, whoever you are!
So until tomorrow….Let us turn the world upside down with kindness…spreading  kindness for other and sympathetic joy for ourselves wherever we go!
“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh
IMG_9842* Speaking of Winnie the Pooh…yesterday was definitely a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ blustery day…my neighbor’s pine tree came tumbling down.
Like Anne Herbert’s reversal of destruction into kindness. the pine tree, with the help of the police, fell across the yard so it didn’t fall onto Country Club Blvd hitting someone’s car going by..Just around the corner on my street, my neighbor’s beautiful Japanese Tulip is in full bloom…a gorgeous example of “the senseless act of beauty”…God’s “extra’ for our sheer enjoyment!
Please continue your thoughts and prayers for Nancy, Anne’s sister. She is starting a new regiment with a different chemo drug. Positive thoughts coming your way Nancy…I thought of you when I saw this poster by our author today Anne Herbert. “Heal, Heal”…on every level and I pray this new chemo won’t present any problems for you; instead eliminate the ones you have. A return to good health!
 oldest_ever_been_mylar_balloonSome Happy Birthdays and Belated….so many random acts of kindness friends…Happy Birthday Sam and belated Gin-g! You are both  filled with sympathetic joy for the happiness of others!



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A Perfectly Timed Pause

cartoon turtle walking on grass clipart


Take a walk with a turtle. Behold the world in PAUSE.”

When we think about it….a pause is one of God’s greatest gifts to us . The great comedian, Jack Benny, once remarked:

“It’s not so much knowing when to speak, as when to pause.”

Jack Benny’s whole comedic stage performance was based on his famous pauses. It wasn’t so much  his comments, but his expression during the pauses that made the crowd roar with laughter.

The speakers that have made an impression on me, throughout my life, are ones who haven’t  tried to cram as many words into one talk and ‘beat the clock,’ as the ones who spoke simply, directly, and used perfectly-timed pauses for deep reflection. They gave the audience the gift of time and silence. A precious gift!

I began to notice pauses in literature when I first read Archibald Rutledge’s best-seller Down by the River. When he returned home again, to Hampton Plantation in the 1930’s, it was his relationship with the African-American sharecroppers still living there, descendants of former slaves, who taught him the power of a pause and a few words.

In one of his tales, he remembers going down the Santee River early one morning (around 3 a.m.) with Sam Singleton, the plantation’s best boatman. They were going to a place called “Tranquility” in a wild delta, hoping to arrive at dawn,  for a duck hunt.

Even with the stars shining brightly at first, a southern river can be quite a haunting thing. Then, when a strange dense fog settled in, around their dugout cypress canoe, a sense of wandering toward eternity engulfed them.

The sound of waves appeared to get louder and louder, along with the roar of the surf. By now attempts to reach either side of the shore were in vain.

The blinding mist had thrown them off course and both men sensed immediate danger. Archibald turned to Sam and reminded him to cling to the canoe when it was swamped, which he expected to happen any minute.

There was a long pause before he heard Sam respond in the darkness: “Never mind, Cap’n,’ the humble boatman told him, “It will be daybreak soon.”

It was sunrise, that morning, that came just in time to save them. They were hovering on the brink of the sea.

Years later, upon reflection of this dangerous adventure, Archibald understood that it was not sunrise alone that had saved them, but Sam’s reminding him that it was SURE to come, that restored his courage.

Archibald concludes the tale with:

“And even now, after all these years, whenever the shadows are deepest and most impenetrable, I seem to hear, out of the dim celestial past, the quiet voice of Sam Singleton saying to my doubting and besieged heart. Never mind, Cap’n; it will be daybreak soon.”

imagesFor a writer I think there should be a pause button with a timer on it that gives the typist five minutes to think about what they are going to say before typing it…to give oneself reflection time before continuing the observations of the day. All technological equipment should have a pause button….because if we humans talked & wrote less and paused more the world would be a kinder, gentler place.

So until tomorrow ” When things begin accelerating wildly out of control, sometimes patience is the only answer. Press Pause.( Douglas Rushkoff)

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Anne didn’t have time to pause this past month…yet her drawings reflect her inner light and talent brilliantly. 30 days, 30 paintings! This month she said is 29 salads (*it’s leap year*) in 29 days….she said she has to get off those holiday pounds!


In the News: The shadow knows: Furry forecaster Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring  (And all his buddies did the same thing…no shadows yesterday. An Early Spring!)

West Virginia’s French Creek Freddie, Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee, Ohio’s Buckeye Chuck, North Carolina’s Sir Wally Wally, Louisiana’s Cajun Groundhog, Alabama’s Smith Lake Jake and New York’s Staten Island Chuck and they all agreed with P. Phil!

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“The Time of Day Belongs to Everyone”


Dear Reader:

When I was looking for a little memento to give Brooke of our  NYC Christmas adventure….I thought this Christmas Tree ornament, showing a NYC taxicab, about summed it all up. We watched Henry, Brooke’s son, dash through cars and heavy traffic to flag down a cab for us….holding our breath the whole time. It seems like life centers around finding a taxi when you need one… which for us, was the whole time we were there.

The other week I caught part of an interview on Deborah Roberts and her husband Al Roper’s newly published book (on marriage) called: Been There, Done That.


Deborah recalled that her mother’s favorite expression which  she called out to her everyday when she left the house was:

“The time of day belongs to everyone.”

It wasn’t until she got older and left home that the significance and meaning of the phrase ‘hit home.” Her mother was telling her that she will find many moments in the upcoming day to make a difference in someone else’s life by simply being kind.

Deborah told the interviewer that she sometimes feels like she has lost some of her southern hospitality in living in NYC where everyone races and rushes, competing for time, space, and yes…taxis. And then one day she finally realized that she had the power to turn someone else’s attitude around as she repeated silently “The time of day belongs to everyone” and “Always give people more than they expect.”

Here is the excerpt from the book about this very incident:


Several years ago, I was on assignment interviewing a man and his wife who were facing a tragic situation. After the interview, I went into their bathroom to wash my hands and noticed a sign they had hanging up on the wall that was headlined “Rules of Life.”

There were a number of great phrases written on the plaque about finding peace and being positive, but the one that stuck with me that day was, “Always give people more than they expect.” That resonated with me because it reminded me so much of my mother. She is the first person who taught me to think above and beyond when you are doing something with or for someone else.

Last winter was an especially harsh one for many parts of the country. We had more snow and bitterly cold days than I can ever remember in all of the years I’ve lived in New York City. On a particularly miserable day in December, in the thick of the Christmas season, I was rushing home after work and was lucky to find a cab right away.

It was one of those blessed New York moments when a cab stops on the corner where you’re standing. I made a dash for it at the same time another woman had spotted it. I didn’t see her, nor do I believe she saw me. I jumped in on one side as she made her move on the other. She had a dispirited look on her face when she realized I wasn’t about to let the coveted cab go.

Now, ordinarily, the New Yorker in me would have said, “Sorry, lady!” But something inside told me to ask where she was headed. She looked exasperated, as if she had been standing in the cold, wet snow for quite some time. I told her I was headed to Eighty-second and Second Avenue. She said she was going to Seventy-fifth and First.

“Maybe you two can share!” the cabdriver suggested.

“Sure,” I said. “I don’t mind at all! Hop on in.”

The woman jumped in and noticed I had Pepper, our family dog, with me. She rolled her eyes, resentful of her presence and of mine, clearly asking herself why she was getting into this cab with either of us. She just looked disdainful of everything.

I could have taken an attitude back with her.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I used our short ride together to try to turn her day around.

“How are you doing today?” I asked.

“Don’t even ask!” she said.

“Where are we headed to first, ladies?” the driver chimed in.

“I’d be happy to drop you at Seventy-fifth and Third— it’s right on the way,” I politely offered.

“Ugh. I can’t walk that far. I’ve been on my feet all day. I am exhausted.”

Before she could go any further, I realized this woman needed a break much more than I did. “You know what? You can drop me at Seventy-fourth and Second and I’ll walk the rest of the way so you can take this lovely woman right to her front door.”

She didn’t know what to say.

But I knew that in that moment she needed more than she was expecting.

With that simple gesture, she began to crack that tough facade and warmed up to me. She told me she was seventy-eight years old and was still working in the jewelry district five days a week. Her office was near Rockefeller Center, near the Christmas tree, so the traffic and the hordes of people every day had become overwhelming.

I told her I understood how hard this time of year can be and reminded her that this too shall pass. The holidays are tough for a lot of people, but they come and go and things will get better. By the time we got to my stop, she had forgotten all about her terrible day. She started to dig in her purse to pay for the cab, but before she could find her wallet, I handed her more than enough to cover the ride.

“Here, take this.”

“I don’t have any change,” she said.

“Go home and have a hot cup of tea, put your feet up and relax,” I said, offering her a smile and a wink before I got out of the cab. “God bless you!” she called out.

I turned to her before closing the door and said, “Next time you’ll give me the ride, okay?” And with that I offered her a quick wave and then Pepper and I were on our way. I had a little extra pep in my step as I walked home that afternoon. I felt good being able to do something kind for a stranger, and I felt more gratitude about life.


So until tomorrow let’s remember, to not only appreciate life’s extras, but to give extra attention to those who need it.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

Yesterday was so pretty I toured the Flowertown Nursery off Highway 78. They have completely re-done the whole complex….I found so many words of wisdom and dream items for my garden that I stayed in a state of  bliss the whole time. Let me share some ‘imaginings’ with you. (The first photo- the two-seated trellis is the big treasure in my garden dreams….maybe if I start saving now….?)









images (1)Happy Groundhog Day….with El Nino controlling the weather… the groundhog better jump back into his hole before seeing his shadow.



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