Sights and Smells of Fading Fall…


Dear Reader:

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that I decided to open the doors of my bedroom (wide-open) that lead onto the deck. The sunlight came filtering through the door slants… filling the bedroom with warm rays of sunshine. I grabbed my latest novel I am completely immersed in…propped up on a pillow with natural light falling on the book… and promptly fell asleep for a short nap.

When I awoke I began staring at the wonderful painting of flowers and leaves in front of me on my bedroom wall. Oranges and yellows always capture my attention and interest first. I have recently discovered too…that the scent of fruits…primarily orange and lemon scents work best on my body metabolism. It is strange how the combination of scents and sights go hand-in-hand if we use our senses to discover our own secret scent.

The blue leaves in the painting also captured my imagination…I would love to run through a forest filled with blue leaves…I can visualize it in my mind….a snowy winter forest and blue leaves falling from the trees onto the snow. I am running around picking up the leaves as fast as I can until my basket overflows with all different shades from periwinkle to turquoise to  aqua.

Have you ever considered the role that gravity plays on our ability to detect different smells? If there were no gravity on earth…there would be no smells. Astronauts lose their sense of smell in space because there is no gravity to move smells around.

Facts like that always kinda blow my mind….most of the time I am quite happy that I have the ability to smell. Without smell…we lose our taste buds and that is the worst….It happened to me each time I went through a round of chemo…I had this metallic after-taste that blocked all other taste buds from ‘doing their thing.’ Nothing tasted quite right…it was like I was eating a poor imitation of a piece of chicken or slice of fruit or little vegetable. Life loses a lot of color when smell and taste diminishes…


Color also plays an important role in the games of chance we love to watch and “agonized” over. When I woke up yesterday morning and was opening the window blinds…I discovered that the orange day lilies Susan had given me as a hostess gift…(one) was blooming. “Aha” I thought in delight…a sign, an omen…orange for Clemson today.


Later when I saw the beautiful Japanese maple in my backyard with its bright orange leaves against the periwinkle sky…I thought “Wow…how cool…another good omen. i (1)” Go Clemson!”

I have no doubt  there were Carolina fans out there doing the same thing…”Oh look at that deep shade of red in my roses”…an omen that Carolina will come out on top.” 

When it comes to life’s “games of chances” I believe we all fall back on some pre-ancestor superstitions…If I blow three times in my cupped hands Walsh will catch the long pass ( I did that all the time when he played high school football -worked most of the time too) or if I held my breath and squeezed my hands three times we would make that first down.

It really is strangely funny how when we get down to brass tacks with our desire for some one or something to win we can see signs, omens, and rituals all around us. Our “civilized” selves take a back seat to ancient rituals and sayings.

Throw away all the statistics on paper…I don’t believe there were many people who thought yesterday’s game would be a run-away…this old state rivalry is so embedded in our state’s history and our own family history (psyche) that the past always comes into play…It will hopefully always be a fight to the last whistle…That’s what the great South Carolina rivalry deserves and what it gets from its finest athletes on both sides of the fence.

So until tomorrow…Let’s get out there and taste and smell the last days of fall!

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

* Don’t forget! Mark your calendar! This Saturday, December 5 marks the fourth annual Christmas Pottery Sale!!!

Honey and Mike’s wares are always a hit at Christmas…actually any time of the year….these are the gifts that leave memories behind! Come join the fun….Honey’s House: 9am to 3 pm!!!! See directions and location below!





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A Morning Cup of Tea Filled with Blessings

IMG_8577 (1)

Dear Reader:

I have never been much of a hot tea, coffee, even hot cocoa drinker…I just prefer cold drinks as a whole. But my “Dolphin Lady” Linda Karges Bone convinced me of the importance of drinking hot green tea (for my immune system) after my diagnosis with “little c.” I did come to enjoy my tea time quite regularly back then.

When I came across this meditation of thoughts and blessings (conveyed through a morning ritual of a hot tea and a lit candle) to brighten the path before us each day….I loved the creative imagery behind it.

This meditation comes from Helen Moore. It was published in Awakin Weekly  recently.The series of blessing connects all the links to the past until we get to the origin of the discovery of things we take for granted today. A great history lesson in itself… with just the right amount of spirituality thrown into the blend.

“I Awaken Before Dawn”

Helen Moore

I awaken before dawn, go into the kitchen and fix a cup of tea.
I light the candle and sit in its glow on the meditation cushion.
Taking my cup in both hands, I lift it to my Lord and give thanks.
The feel of the cup against my palms brings the potter to mind
and I offer a blessing for his hands.

I give thanks for the clay, the glaze and the kiln.
I take a sip and follow the warmth into my body.
I offer a blessing for those who brought electricity to my home,
who dug the ditches for the lines,
who built my home and put in the wires,
who made my tea kettle and brought me water to fill it.

I take a sip and bless the people in India or China who grew the tea,
cultivated it, picked and dried the leaves, took it to market,
handled it through the many transactions to bring it to my home.
I take a sip and bless those people in Florida, California or Central America who grew the tree that blossomed into flowers.

I give thanks for the warmth of the sun and the rain which turned the blossoms into lemons,
and I bless the hands that picked the fruit, sorted it, touched it as it traveled from the orchard to my table.
I take another sip and bless the hands of those who provided the sugar
which sweetened the tea, harvested the cane, processed it,
bagged it and sent it on its way to me.

I take another sip and lift my cup in gratitude as I feel the interconnection of my body now with theirs,
my blood now with theirs,
my bones now with theirs,
and my heart fills with love for all of creation.

I give thanks.


We are all connected in this world.

So until tomorrow… from a cup of tea to a bite of bread…we have a whole new world to thank for each part of the process in bringing these important ingredients to our breakfast tables. Let us never forget (as people living in a country of abundance) all the unseen faces of people around the world who make our lives more blessed… more than others can  imagine in their dreams. We must remember to reciprocate so all our brothers and sisters get a ‘taste’ of the earth’s bounties we should share.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Speaking of abundance and feeling connected….Mollie, Rutledge, and Lachlan came to visit Boo Boo yesterday. Mollie took Lachlan and they went to get a little Christmas shopping done while Boo gladly stayed home and took Rutledge to the Laurel Street Park to play and be a child again.



In the midst of playing Rutledge looked up and spotted “the digger”…it was love at first sight! He learned to take turns with Miles, another little boy in love with the “digger” too. (His mom and I agreed that the park should take a big chunk of land, dig it out…adding several more “diggers” around the massive circle. Every child just wants to dig in the dirt..that simple!


When I could finally pull him away from “The Digger” …he went sliding down (backwards) and going in circles.


Mollie and Lachlan got home minutes after we did…we  ate lunch and then mommy modeled some vintage dresses she got for 75% off ….putting each one in the twenty-some payment category…wonderful for parties…a little “Jackie O” going on. Great shopping deals!


Rutledge and I tried on our “funny glasses” while Mollie and Lachlan smooched a little.



Lachlan is the child who doesn’t sleep…Mollie says that if he and/or she get six hours out of twenty four it has been a good day/night… and the six hours is broken into two or three hour increments.

She is right….Rutledge fell fast asleep sitting with me in the rocking chair (after lunch) and was out like a light while Lachlan just played on….He never stopped for even a quick wink. I get tired just looking at him in constant motion….he is famous for his “mid-air crocodile turn” (wrestling move)…. so one has to hold Lachlan tight or he is flying through the air.


*It was so nice at Laurel Street Park yesterday….all the moms, dads, and grandparents there shared one thing in common….we aren’t ‘serious’ shoppers….but would rather be playing with our little ones.

It was great to see Ellen Styles, her beautiful girls, Ginny and Lindsey, and her beautifully blessed grandchildren at the park enjoying the day.

I met a new friend, Miles’s mother Lindsey Fox, who was once in the Air Force and stationed in Iraq. She said she is now living out her dreams of having a family and teaching dance (Zumba)….It is a good place in her life…with a deep understanding and appreciation of just how lucky we are to live in this country . Great to meet you Lindsey! You make America proud!

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For the Beauty of the Earth


Dear Reader:

Yesterday…after a long “Fall’s” nap, my stomach filled with delicious left-overs, I “moseyed” outside. The neighborhood was eerily quiet. Everyone, apparently, had left to go elsewhere for Thanksgiving dinner.

I grabbed my Iphone and simply began strolling around…enjoying the memories of Wednesday evening with family and friends. Suddenly the lyrics of “For the beauty of the earth” came flowing into my thoughts and I started humming along.

My walk and appreciation of God’s beauty must have been a similar experience for the author of this poem/hymn. He, too, took a stroll along the back country roads of England in 1863 and was inspired to put his feelings down in prose.

In 1863, Folliott S. Pierpoint was wandering through the English countryside around the winding Avon River. As he looked on the peaceful beauty surrounding him, he was inspired to reflect on God’s gifts to his people in creation and in the church. Above all, Pierpoint thought of the sacrifice of Christ, in the greatest of sacrifices, that of his life in return for ours.

He thus originally wrote the text of “For the Beauty of the Earth” as a hymn for the Lord’s Supper. The original chorus read, “Christ, our God, to thee we raise this, our sacrifice of praise.” The hymn was meant not only as a song of thanksgiving, but as the only thing we could give Christ in return for his mercy and love: a hymn of praise laid upon the altar as a sacrifice.

Editors have since altered the refrain so it has become a more generic hymn of thanksgiving, but as it stands, it takes on a deeper meaning when understood as something we not only sing, but offer up to God. (Source: Hymnary .org)

For the beauty of the earth,
for the glory of the skies,
for the love which from our birth
over and around us lies.


As I walking around the side yard…I noticed my sasanqua bush was covered with buds..and then I suddenly spotted it…the first “birth” of beauty and “love which from our birth over and around us lies.” blossoming out of the bud.

Refrain: Christ, our Lord, to you we raise
this, our hymn of grateful praise.

For the wonder of each hour
of the day and of the night,
hill and vale and tree and flower,
sun and moon and stars of light



IMG_8520 (1)IMG_8521 (2)IMG_8534




 For the joy of human love,
brother, sister, parent, child,
friends on earth, and friends above,
for all gentle thoughts and mild



IMG_8470IMG_8460IMG_8453IMG_848510338748_10203027021371123_1612820750766389625_n (1)




For yourself, best gift divine, 

to the world so freely given, 

agent of God’s grand design:
peace on earth and joy in heaven


We are a part of all who came before us and all who will follow…we are never alone in our journey…we are all part of God’s great plan for us. I find that to be the greatest blessing. Thank you God for life.

BEST- For the beauty of the Earth – YouTube

So until tomorrow…Take a few minutes and go discover the beauty of the earth….outside, inside, under, and above….we are surrounded by it.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*Here are some beautiful photos Mary Fennemore sent me earlier in the week showing some photographs she took while in West Virginia earlier this year. I selected just a few I loved…but all of them were exquisite.

Since I enjoy seeing the pictures of your lovely garden I thought I'd send
you some that I took. The attached photos were taken last spring in some of
the garden areas of Capon Springs, a resort our family goes to in West
Virginia, occasionally. The flowers were exquisite and the little signs and
garden art, delightful.

May God continue to bless you as you continue to serve Him with an Attitude
of Gratitude! Psalm 118:1

DSCF9086Thank you Mary again for sending these photos! 
Thank everyone for the beautiful Thanksgiving 
thoughts you shared with me....I appreciated it 
so much! 
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Blessings Be on This Home


Dear Reader:

When I watch young couples (on HGTV) trying to decide on their first home…I find myself sometimes yelling at the television…”Take Number 2….because it has a porch…believe me…you need a porch!”

When we moved from Briarwood to Miler when I was pregnant with Tommy I had a tough time adjusting to my (now) Happy Room.  Seems hard to believe. Our home in Briarwood had a beautiful front porch and when you came in the front door…there was a foyer and a living room before you made it back to the den (where all the living took place.)

The adjustment problem was that it felt like I had no privacy with visitors coming to the door on Rainbow Road and if the door was opened ….the visitor was right there looking in the den/living room/ dining room….there was no “barrier” to give one a moment to straighten up or put the fork down.

IMG_8443It took me a long time to get over that sense of a lack of privacy…today I don’t feel that way…because I have a porch to stop at first on the front and a deck on the back. When I added the storm doors a few years ago…it also provided that moment to halt and reflect upon entering my home.

In my latest novel I am reading… one of the characters has the same  deja vu moment that I experienced. …the importance of a porch. Her husband died suddenly in an accident and she realized later the problem lay with how she heard the call…. she didn’t have her personal “porch” to break the news a little slower…it was too fast…too quick…too straight forward. Just an emergency telephone call directly to her from the hospital.

“She wondered who the architect was who first understood that basic human need to have a place, a moment, to pause before entering, to shift from the person you were outside to the one you would become when you walked through the door.”

I love that thought…it is so true…it is like we need a moment to shed off our “work clothes- our other life” and become the person again family and friends love …our true selves

IMG_8446I know this Thanksgiving post is short…but remember last evening was my Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends- Wednesday, Thursday…the day doesn’t matter does it…just the gathering of all blessings coming together. . It is time to check on Mr. Turkey, put in the dressing, and “Get stuffed.”


Happy thanksgiving! May blessings fall like rain upon you and all your loved ones!


So until tomorrow….Let us give blessings for pauses in our lives thatprovide us the moment of grace we need to become who we are in God’s world.

“Today is my favorite day.”  Winnie the Pooh

*Mary Fennemore sent me some gorgeous pictures I will share with you tomorrow….thanks Mary!! What a Thanksgiving treat!!!

*We had fun!!!! Full moon and all…it gotta a little crazy but that is what family celebrations should be….you’re only two once!

The Dingles arrived first…5:30…an historical benchmark…Rutledge was ready to be here and he was hungry….Woo and little Roo.









Mollie looked great and she said she felt good but her voice was shot…she couldn’t speak….that brings back memories of me last Christmas!








Walsh has been on this detox health food program….he lost nineteen pounds in thirty days…and he said he really feels terrific…off sugar.


Kaitlyn’s parents- Butch and Susan were able to join us this year and we loved having them to share Thanksgiving.









Carrie’s birthday was Tuesday and Kitty Kat’s Wednesday….Kitty Kat couldn’t make it for the Pre-Thanksgiving dinner but will be home today. Happy Birthday wonderful nieces!






Vikki and her mother and grandmother…wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them.

IMG_8474Susan helped Mollie with Lachlan…little ones really do need a village of holders so everyone can eat.

Uncle Tommy and Uncle Ben enjoying a little beer and wine.

Rutledge is going to be my storyteller…he can tell a tall tale!IMG_8482


A game of football in the dark broke out….Rutledge saved his tackling for the porch….Uncle Lee and dad.


What happened to the football.…”Oh no…Uncle Tommy ate it!”


Aunt Vikki came to bring re-enforcements catching the ball! It was too cute…I took Rutledge out in the street to show him the full moon…he stood on the grass in the yard and then grabbed the hem of my tunic to pull me off the road so a truck wouldn’t run me over…so sweet!


Boo and the boys….! Look at all the lovely hostess gifts I received from the family….I love you one and all…I am a most blessed woman.


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Why Lowcountry Thanksgivings are Unique…


Dear Reader:

Certainly one of the most unusual experiences about a lowcountry Thanksgiving is the diverse variety of spring, summer, fall, and winter plants all blooming at the same time!

I moved my two natural poinsettias from the thick adjacent driveway foliage to the front porch. Both poinsettias have survived a whole year without any help from their owner…I think the extra rainy season and mixture of cool and warm days did the trick naturally.

Several fall mums are having their second blooming and even the summer impatiens are continuing to bloom and glow. The impatiens were actually planted in late spring…so all four seasons of the year are represented on my front porch on this Pre-Thanksgiving day. My day to cook and enjoy the company of family and friends!  I can hardly wait!!!!





Hibiscus, the red poinsettia, a fall mum and yes, even “Big Red” are still standing proudly on the left side of the porch….the close freeze didn’t get our red geranium Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Gotta love “Big Red!

The four seasons of the year are applicable to the lowcountry….even though we live in a geographically designated semi-tropical terrain. Our springs, summers, and early falls are longer seasons than other areas in our country…with winter being the shortest in intensity. *Residents from other parts of our country (who move here) sometimes complain about the long, hot, humid summers and short, late falls….but the complaining stops (I notice) with our, also, short winters. It is why people move to this area.

I don’t think I would like to live in an area that had no seasons….it is something about the four changes that keep us humans in sync with God’s time. I always feel energized as one season gives way to the next.

So on this almost Thanksgiving Day…I want to stop and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with the ones we love and if we can’t be with all the ones we love…let’s love the ones we’re with! After all…we are all connected in God’s eyes as “children of God.”

So until tomorrow: For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
images (1)

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh

*And last night was my favorite night…I was taking my garbage out since our neighborhood has pick-up on Wednesdays and the bright light filtering through the tree branches made me stop mid-way to marvel at the delicious Harvest Moon in all its beauty. “Shine on…shine on Harvest Moon…up in the sky…”


John, Mandy, Eva Cate, and Jakie flew home to John’s parents in Huntsville, Alabama for Thanksgiving…I know they are having a marvelous time! Mandy texted to let me know everyone had arrived safe and sound. I told her to take the kids outside and check out the moon…Tell Eva Cate that Boo is watching the same moon she is and sending her love from it.


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The Days of Thorns and Roses


Dear Reader:

The symbol of a rose….how many fairy tales, legends, and myths all begin with this beautiful symbol? (Today the symbol lives on in “reality” shows…with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.)

You might have observed from the photo (above) that the gift of this special rose sent Eva Cate floating off into her own little happy zone. It took her until intermission to snap back out of it.

Mandy, Eva Cate, and I were at the Disney on Ice (Let’s Celebrate) show Sunday afternoon for its final performance. During one of the celebrations…all the Princesses and their ‘Prince Charmings’ skated out on the ice performing elaborate and breath-taking romantic dance duets.

At the end of this part of the program the famous Disney couples started circling the rink….looking at all the children. (Mandy ordered our tickets back in September and we actually ended up with front row rink seats -to our surprise!- So cool…both figuratively and literally!

As Aladdin and Jasmine skated by ….they slowed down and nodded at Eva Cate in unison…then Jasmine extended the “Princess Rose” to Eva Cate and asked if she would like to keep it…thus becoming a selected member of the Princess Hall of Roses!!!. For the first time in Eva Cate’s life she was a complete mute. Her eyes grew wide and starry. She could only nod. She had been given a Princess Rose by Jasmine!!!!!! (Her favorite princess)

Her eyes stayed glazed over the rest of the night.


IMG_8415 (1)

Unfortunately for our little boys in the family….everything has not been coming up roses…more like prickly thorns.

Because of Jakie’s recent diagnoses of severe allergic reactions to nuts, eggs, and milk his primary doctor has had to wait until he has completed all the tests to find out the degrees of severity before giving him his one year vaccinations.

He was finally given the okay….as long as he was monitored for reactions and he got his immunizations yesterday….much to Mandy and John’s relief and Jakie’s chagrin. These thorns were definitely a little painful. But the good news is…he had no reactions to the ‘shots’ so he is good to go with all his vaccinations now…he came out smelling like a rose. (And a hungry one…the shots didn’t slow down his appetite for lunch yesterday!)









Little Lachlan has found himself in the briar patch too….his “thorns” yesterday were two tubes in his ears. He is definitely following in his big brother, Rutledge’s footsteps, with the bad ears…Rutledge has suffered from ear infections since soon after birth…and he, too, has to go to MUSC next Monday to get one (that fell out) replaced. The poor Dingle boys and their bad ears.

Mollie picked me up at Mandy and John’s house at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning to help with little Lachlan… getting him ready for his minor “surgery.” Everything went like clockwork until we were called back to get vitals taken….(Lachlan hadn’t had any food/milk since 2:00 am and we thought he would be going right in for the procedure)….instead we had to wait on a  surgery that lasted an hour and a half…while the tubes in children take about ten minutes. Really?

Lachlan was really a champ during the long wait…he did better than I would have…it was after nine o’clock before he got his tubes inserted. He woke up confused, disoriented, and hungry but too sleepy to eat and thoroughly disgusted with the whole procedure. The nurse gave him some Tylenol and he promptly fell asleep in mid-cry. He was out like a light.

During the  high’s and low’s of waiting, waiting, waiting…he showed everyone his two new teeth for Christmas…bottom ones.

IMG_8418 (1)IMG_8419

Hurry up and wait….hurry up and wait….and then get hooked up.


Rutledge managed a reassuring smile for mom before leaving with the man in the mask…(which he was trying to pull off.)

IMG_8427 (1)

Lachlan returned (initially upset) but a little Tylenol was all it took for him to give up the fight and finally fall asleep.




Another hour of observation and Lachlan was released from his first “surgery” ….we pray it is his last. I hope Lachlan had wonderful dreams of milk, and milk, and more milk. Deep breath…we are all gearing up for Rutledge for next Monday -unfortunately he knows the “procedure”…sometimes “ignorance is bliss.” But…I have no doubt…he will emerge smelling the roses too!


So until tomorrow…life is a balancing act….the highs and lows teach us different lessons…but mainly to savor the moment when a magical rose comes our way. Sometimes in life that memory is what keeps us forging ahead when the thorns take over our lives temporarily.

“Today is my favorite day”  Winnie the Pooh


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Letting Unicorns Believe in You…


Dear Reader:

One of my favorite quotes from Madeleine L’ Engle reads: “The real question is…not if you believe in unicorns…but do they believe in you?”

I think the greatest accomplishment we humans can obtain (during our lifetime) is never letting the wonder of the child within us disappear from our lives. This is the part of us who still loves Christmas, the first snowflakes on the tongue, Santa’s arrival at the end of each Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade, snuggling with grandchildren, and planting the seeds of imagination in each of them… to last a lifetime.

Gloria Houston, my friend and beloved children’s author, sent out an update on her health a couple of days ago and my admiration for this extraordinary woman intensified with each sentence….with each health challenge she has and continues to face.

L”Engle says: “We have to be braver than we think we can be, because God is constantly calling us to be more than we are.”

Gloria exemplifies this quote perfectly. When she first told me about this rare cancer (over a year ago) she said that no one to date has survived it…so it is up to her to be the first one to do so. Unicorns still believe in Gloria.

I will share with you her message she sent to those who have contacted her and understand her journey she is on…she wants us to fully understand the challenges she is facing but also her renewed determination to overcome it.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your concern, prayers and positive energy over the past  months I have neglected to communicate.  I have spent more time in hospital than out during that time, with side effects, infections and other delights of cancer treatment.  I am “home” at the marsh house and hope to be here through the holidays.

I had the side effects of two chemo treatments at one time, but they were necessary.  I had localized chemo to the largest tumor in my liver, which was successful in destroying that beastie.  I also started a systemic chemo which has shown some success.  I must finish that protocol before we begin the newly FDA approved drug with the highest success rate. 

We have been waiting a year for this one, Yondelis, with the greatest success in treating all soft tissue Sarcomas- it has been approved for use by the FDA for leiomyosarcoma!  While waiting for that approval, we started a round of another chemo with some success with leiomyo. . . It was developed for one specific type of breast cancer, but has worked for leiomyo. . .often enough for us to try it. 

Spent most of September and part of October in hospital with Sepsis and edema, but I’m “home” again, working hard to build myself back to strength to fight the beasties with all I have. I survived the Sepsis with numerous antibiotics and was on my way home when the most incompetent doctor in my experience continued to feed me IV’s of fluid until my legs would not bend, I had trouble breathing and no food would go down. 

The edema specialist told me that I was filled with water!  I am overcoming that situation–slowly–albeit angry that it happened.  It cost me an extra week in hospital and numerous epensive tests to prove that I do not have congestive heart failure!  Right now, I’m praying that no permanent damage to my body was done.  Medicare is investigating the situation.

My daughters want to bring me to NC to see the new production of Virginia Satcher’s adaptation of The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree by the Parkway Playhouse in Burnsville.  I have seen this excellent adaptation by large theatre organizations twice, so, at this point, I don’t want to face the cold, especially now that my newly black hair went down the drain, and I am again bald.

All recent events have made me very fatigued; too tired to undertake the trip.  If I could breathe and fly, I would be able to attend perhaps… 

The performances are on Friday, December 4 evening performance, Saturday evening performance, and Sunday performance at 2 or 3 pm.  I worked with Virginia on accuracy for the culture and the time to avoid negative stereotypes.  I hope that you will be able to attend for me.

There is little more to tell you, except that I’m still here going into the fifth year since the first symptoms appeared in my right arm.  This for a cancer which has a survival rate of only a few months as the goal.

*I will  continue this fight even when there is no hope, if that occurs.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever you celebrate!

With gratitude, love and all blessings to each of you,



I am going to write Gloria and tell her that I am giving her a nickname “True Grit Gloria.”  This amazing woman continues to believe in the power of God and the magic of unicorns.

  • 51kBU3TzVrL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_I always thought in the story (The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree) that the mother was the real heroine throughout….keeping the farm going, food on the table…while her husband was away in France fighting during WWI.
  • And then on the night before Christmas Eve the mother awakens little Ruthie….With only a hatchet and a lantern…they trudge to the top of Grandfather Mountain to find the perfect Christmas tree and deliver it to the church right before sunrise on Christmas Eve. Amazing feat….If anyone can conquer this “beastie” my bet is on Gloria!

So until tomorrow….Father give Gloria and all Your Children the strength to fight the tough adversaries in life when “we have to be braver than we think….and be reminded to “be more than we think we are.”

“Today is my favorite day.”  Winnie the Pooh


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