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Looking at Life Through a Fresh Pair of Eyes

Dear Reader: As Miriam, my assigned nurse, wheeled me out of East Cooper hospital Sunday morning…I felt like I had been given a “fresh pair of eyes”….( even with my shades!) Everything looked brighter, smelled fresher, and felt comforting to … Continue reading

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A “Heavenly” Cup of Coffee

Dear Reader: I wish I was a coffee drinker. I used to watch mom drink it through all my “growing up” years…loved the smell, the ambivance of coffee drinking…but never acquired the taste. After Brooke’s mother died and Brooke became … Continue reading

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The Marvelous “Imperfection” of Love

Daar Reader: One of the best days of our lives comes when that big, big “Ah-ha” moment comes to fruitation with the knowledge that love isn’t perfect…in fact it is the imperfections that make it so wondrous. In order to arrive … Continue reading

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Daniel’s Gloves

Dear Reader: Sherri sent me this story and when I pulled it on the internet there had been an update since the original story was published. So I will start with the update and background information followed by a very moving … Continue reading

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Becky’s Post Surgery Update #2

Becky is doing much better now that Eva Cate has come to see her!

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Good Friday…Funny Friday

Dear Reader: Hopefully since it is Friday…and I am still here (hopefully)…then it is a “Good Friday” for me. And even though I might not feel like laughing with lots of stitches and tubes protruding from me…I think I can manage … Continue reading

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Becky’s Post Surgery Update

I’m happy to report Becky’s surgery was a success and she is now recovering. Though still in quite a bit of pain, Becky is in good spirits and is very thankful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

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A Purple Day… or “Di-Urinal Day!”

Dear Reader: “Di-Urinial” day has arrived…and with little sleep (always afraid I am going to oversleep)….Ben and I are off to East Cooper. It is still dark now but I have no doubt that purple skies will break soon. I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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It’s Time to “Pony Up”…

Dear Reader: A couple of Sundays ago I was coming into town and noticed a tent in front of McDonalds….stating “Pony Pictures”-$3.00 – Money goes to the Ronald McDonald Home. I almost ran off the road for the memories that … Continue reading

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…”Coming Home to Roost”

Dear Reader: I remember my grandmother warning me that the choices I make in life are important because they “will come home to roost.” Since my grandparents had chickens on their farm in the upcountry of South Carolina…I knew a little … Continue reading

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